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Sub Zero Wolf E Series Wall Ovens

Wolfs most recent product offering (circa 2012) is there stunning black glass E series wall ovens. These appliances are being released in both double and single oven models, making them ideal for almost any installation.
All model types in the E Series oven range feature dual convection fans along with a generous 10 different cooking modes. Install for these appliances is very classy, as the built in design ensures the ovens front is flush with the surrounding wooden cabinetry, providing a truly integrated visually appealing look. If you have a Sub Zero integrated refrigerator, these new Wolf ovens are a perfect match.
The SO30-2F/S, SO30-2U/S and SO30-2G/B collection of single ovens weigh in at 270 pounds – so installation is definitely not a do it yourself job. If you opt for the double ovens – DO30-2F/S, DO30-2U/S or DO30-2G/B then you are talking 460 pounds of heavy duty cooking appliance.
Amongst the cooking modes offered with these Wolf ovens are the traditional – roast, broil, bake – more modern – convection roast, convection broil, convection back – and unique. With an optional accessory, these stoves also offer a bake stone cook mode, dehydrate, and also proof. The convection modes are very popular, as they make use of air movement inside the oven – and around the food – to speed up cooking; convection heating also encourages browning of the food, something very desirable when you are roasting a chicken (for example).
The interior of the oven is lovely and easily maintained Cobalt blue porcelain, and they feature a healthy selection of adjustable oven racks. Halogen lighting enables easy monitoring of the contents of the oven through the large double paned viewing window (or windows in the case of the dual oven models).
As you would expect from a manufacturer of Wolfs’ standing, features such as delayed start, self-clean and Sabbath mode are all included standard. Not only this, but the door hinges are designed with balance in mind to ensure easy opening and closing of the oven doors.
Pricing for these units is not cheap, and you will need to contact a dealer once they are released to get an exact quote.   For examples of the types of prices Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances generally go for read this article.
Wolf is famed for its high quality cooking appliances, and these new E-Series wall ovens are sure to further establish this manufacturer as one of the leaders in premium cooking solutions.

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Dacor Refrigerator Ranges and Kitchen Styles

When it comes to choosing Dacor Refrigerator Ranges, the question is all about the style. Dacor is a little unusual in that they create designs for both the actual refrigerators as well as the oven ranges in a kitchen to make sure that the whole kitchen set up matches. Because of this, often times when someone looks to buy a kitchen set up from Dacor, it comes with at least a fridge and a range. Beyond these combos, it’s all about the style. There are five major styles commonly offered by Dacor, which can vary greatly. If you want to know all about what this company can offer, then you need to learn about dacor, distinctive, epicure, integrated, and millennia styles.
Dacor Style
This style is the basic standard that comes with the Dacor company, and the early Dacor Refrigerator ranges are energy star efficient and come with a stainless steel appearance. There is an external ice and water dispenser, and this style displays a double door fridge style on top with the freezer on the bottom. The shelves on both doors are more than big enough to store liters of soda or other large containers.
Distinctive Dacor Style
The distinctive style of refrigerator range set ups not only include these two appliances, but also microwaves, cook tops, and wall ovens all in matching stainless steel design. There are even dishwashers offered in the matching Dacor style. If you’re looking for a complete kitchen aesthetic set up then the distinctive Dacor style of fridges, ranges, and other appliances might work perfectly for you.
Epicure Dacor Style
There are three different types of refrigerators offered in the epicure style offered by Dacor, and that’s not even including the wine cooler or beverage cooler. A 36 inch French Door style comes in both stainless steel and black while the 48 inch built in refrigerators follow the stainless steel aesthetic. Epicure style Dacor fridges emphasizes stainless steel building with chrome, copper, and brass accentuation. The company describes the epicure style as emphasizing bold lines and elegant curves in their design.
Integrated Dacor Style
The integrated style offered by Dacor emphasizes custom paneling to allow all the ordered kitchen appliances to fit in with any kitchen by blending in nicely as opposed to sticking out. For a wood based kitchen, this would mean wood paneling on the fridge, the warming drawers, or even a dish washer. The refrigerators following the integrated style come in both 42 and 48 inches. These also come with electronic controls which allow for easy access to coolness settings and monitoring.
Millennia Dacor Style
The Millennia Dacor style refrigerators emphasize stainless steel background off set aesthetically with black glass panel for additional beauty. The idea here is to have a modern design without the coldness that some people complain about with many modern designs and set ups. The Millennia style perhaps offers the most options with fridges, wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, warming drawers, microwaves, and ventilation all offered in this style. An entire dream kitchen can be created all following the Millennia style by Dacor, which makes it an attractive choice among many consumers. The refrigerators themselves are 36 inch models in the vertical standing style, with the freezer at the bottom. These fridges also boast “intelligent drawer storage” meaning that different drawers can be set to different levels of humidity and temperature to be ideal for whatever food is being stored.
In Conclusion
When it comes to Dacor refrigerators, ranges, or other household appliances, there’s no question at the high level of quality being offered. Even knowing that, consumers need that information on the various styles available in order to make the best decision for their home.

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Viking Appliances

Many people just think of Viking Range Corporation as a cooking and ventilation manufacturer. The fact is Viking appliances encompass a wider range than one might think. Their brand is stamped on a wide variety of products including Viking refrigerators, wine cellars, dishwashers, garbage disposals, countertop appliances, cookware and cutlery. They also have extensive lines of outdoor and commercial kitchen equipment. It’s a lot to cover so we’ll just discuss interior residential appliance options here.
Residential Cooking & Refrigeration
By far the largest and most prevalent category of Viking products, Viking cooking appliances include freestanding ranges, range tops, cook tops, ovens, microwaves and warming drawers. All of these are available either as the professional series or the design series. The ranges are available as electric or gas with the fuel option of either natural gas or propane. All cooking appliances can be customized with desired features or accessories. The exclusive finishes available for some models (like the Professional Series 30” Gas Oven – VGSO) are so fun, ranging from stainless to iridescent blue to lemonade to racing red or a standard black and twenty three other colors in between. On the inside, all Viking ovens feature easy to clean racks, large capacity, ProFlow convection baffle and Courmet-Glo infrared broiler. The ranges have porcelainized cooking surfaces, and advanced burner technology includes TruPower Plus, SureSpark, VHS Pro Seals, and VariSimmer. Ventilation at Viking is extensive, and you can be sure top of the line. Choose from wall hoods, chimney wall hoods, island hoods, rear downdrafts and custom ventilator systems. The options here can almost be overwhelming, but really it just goes to show what expertise Viking has on the subject of cooking and ventilation, and ensures there is the perfect product out there for everyone.
Refrigeration & Wine Storage
The Viking family of refrigeration includes built-ins, freestanding units, beverage centers, refrigerated drawers, ice machines, and both full height and undercounted wine cellars. Like the Viking cooking appliances, the refrigeration units are available either as professional series or designer series. Viking boasts over twenty built in models alone, all available with the same exclusive finishes as the ovens and customizable with any specific features or accessories. ProChill Temperature Management, Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier, Adjustable Cold Zone and Humidity Zone Drawers, all stack up for the ultimate in refrigeration technology.
Dishwashers & Disposers
Coined “Kitchen Cleanup” on the Viking website, the disposals and dishwashers available from Viking are perhaps the most straightforward line of products. A total of seven dishwasher models, and two disposals, they all encapsulate the Viking aesthetic and technologically driven mechanical design. The dishwashers are available again in either professional or designer series, multi level power wash, Sure-Temp water heating, Quiet Clean performance, Sturdi-Built Racks, and a meticulous five-stage filtration and disposal system ensures spot free dishes with no redepositing of food particles.
Countertop Appliances
The countertop appliances manufactured by Viking include coffee makers, stand mixers, toasters, hand blenders and mixers. There are different color options and features available. Accessories or replacement parts like carafes, pouring shields, dough hooks, and whip attachments are all readily available online. If Viking brand is appointed everywhere else in the kitchen, why not go all the way and keep the aesthetic and high quality consistent with counter top Viking appliances too?

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Wolf Appliances

Many consider Wolf appliances to be the best residential cooking solutions for the upscale kitchen. Along with Sub-Zero refrigerators, Wolf ranges and cooktops can form the basis of a magnificent kitchen renovation.
Wolf Wall Ovens
Wolf 30″ single ovens come in two different options, the E-Series and the L-Series. Both ranges come with ten cooking modes and an LCD touch control panel. The dual interior halogen lighting displays the cobalt blue interior to good effect.
The 30″ E-Series is available in framed (SO30-2F/S-TH) or unframed (SO30-2U/S-TH). The 30″ L-Series is very similar, sold as the S030F/S (framed) and the S030U/S (unframed). These two Wolf ovens have mostly overlapping features, though the L-Series does cost a little more. The major differences – other than styling – between the two are the presence of door hydraulics on the Wolf L-Series.
Wolf also offers some 30″ double oven choices in both the E and L series. The built-in DO30-2F/S framed and DO30-2U/S E-Series models blend seamlessly into your existing kitchens cabinetry. Likewise, the dual-convection L-Series DO30U/S and DO30F/S offer very similar functionality with merely a slightly different look.
Wolf Appliances Wall Oven
For kitchens were space permits, Wolf also offers the 36″ built-in SO36U/S unframed single oven. Featuring a rotating control panel that is concealed when not in use, this stylish Wolf oven can fit the largest meal with ease.
Wolf Gas Ranges
Wolf offers a selection of several different gas ranges. These ranges come with stylish red control knobs – a Wolf trademark – and dual brass burners with automatic re-ignition. Combined with the large-capacity convection oven these units have many points in their favor.
Their collection of gas ranges consists of the 30″ (R304), 36″ (R366, R364C, and R364G), 48″ (R488, R486C, R486G, R484CG, R484DG, R484F) and 60″ wide models (R606DG, R606, R606CG).
Also available is a selection of Wolf Dual Fuel ranges that can be configured to run off either Natural Gas or Propane. This collection ranges in size from the 30″ DF404, all the way up to the 60″ DF604GF featuring four burners, a griddle and a French top.
Wolf Rangetops
Wolf rangetops come in two basic types, their regular gas models and their sealed burner models. The 36″ gas range tops (RT366, RT364C, and RT364G) and 48″ units (RT488, RT486C, RT486G, RT484CG, RT484DG, RT484F) let you take your grilling indoors.
The professional sealed burner Wolf range tops maximizes heat control using duel-stacked burners. This collection is available as the SRT304 (30 inches), SRT366, SRT364C, SRT364 (36 inches), SRT486C, SRT486G, SRT486CG, SRT484DG and SRT484F (all 38 inches in width).
Wolf Cooktops
Gas cooktops from the Wolf home selection are an appealing drop-in alternative to a stove top. The 36-inch CT30G/S and 30-inch CT30G/S provide a great cooking experience with their fined-tuned burner control and patented True Simmer feature.
If gas is not an option, Wolf also offers some fine Electric cooktops that come with a damage resistant ceramic glass surface. The CT30E/S, CT30EU (30″), CT36E/S and CT36EU (36″) offer exception control of cooking temperature for cooktops of this type.
Also available are some magnificent induction cooktops, which apply heat directly to the cookware and not to the cooktop, making them safer to use around children. These units are available in 30-inch (CT30I/S and CT30IU) and 36-inch (CT36I/S and CT36IU) widths.
All of these cooktops are also available in 15-inch models for installations where space is limited – the CT15G/S, the CT15E/S and the CT15/IS.
Wolf Microwaves
The first of the Wolf microwaves is the 24″ MWC24 convection microwave. This unit is available with either 30″ of 36″ trim kit to match them perfectly with the correspondingly sized wall ovens in a cooking tower. With 1.5 cubic feet of capacity and 900 watts of power, this unit is good for anything from popping popcorn to slow cooking.
The more traditional MW24 features a massive 2.0 cu ft. cooking area and 1200 watts of power. The trade-off in this model is the lack of a convection-cooking mode. As with the MWC24 convection microwave, this unit is available with trim framing designed to match the rest of your wolf appliances.
Finally, the Wolf drawer microwave models are the 24″ MWD24-2U/S and the 30″ MWD30-2F/S and MWD3-2U/S. These drawer microwaves can be readily installed undercounter or below a Wolf E-series wall oven.
While Wolf appliance prices are very high, attractive and feature rich cooking appliances from Wolf stoves and gar ranges make great additions to any homes kitchen.