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Whirlpool Water Filters – 4396710 and 4396841

The 4396710 and 4396841 Whirlpool water filters are used in a variety of different fridge freezers from several manufacturers. These filters should be change out every six months or so in order to maintain the quality of the water that is dispensed from your kitchens refrigerator.
These models of refrigerator water filter fits a large variety of refrigerators from Kenmore, KitchenAid, Amana, Maytag, Viking and of course Whirlpool. It is ANSI/NSF certified to standards 42 & 53 for the reduction of a variety of contaminants.

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The Whirlpool 4396710 Water filter boasts a 97% reduction in Chlorine, 99.7% reduction in Class I Particulates, and also greatly reduces the quantity of Lead, Mercury and Absestos. The Whirlpool 4396710 readily replaces the existing water filter in any of the following refrigerator models:

  • KSBP23INSS00, KSBS23INBT01, KSBS25INSS01, and others.

And for any of the following filter numbers:

  • 4396710, 4396710B, 4396711, 4396710P PUR Ultimate
  • 9020, 9030, 46-9020, 46-9030, 469020, 469030
  • T1RFWB2, T1WB2, T1WB2L, T1RFKB1, T1KB1, T1KB2, T1RFKB2
  • 2260538, 2260515, 2260538
  • W10121145

If you own one of the refrigerators/water filters listed above then you need the 4396710 replacement water filter.

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Another commonly used Whirlpool water filter is the 4396841. The Whirlpool 4396841 is used in a variety of refrigerators that feature PUR Measure or Fast Fill functionality. The Whirlpool 4396841 will replace any of the following water filter models:

  • Whirlpool 4396841B
  • Whirlpool 2305267/Whirlpool 2305222
  • Whirlpool 95357630
  • Whirlpool T2RFWG2/T2WG2/T2WG2L/T1WG2/T1WG2L
  • Whirlpool P2RFWG2
  • Viking RWFFRSXS
  • KitchenAid 4396842/43967842B
  • W10193691

Buy some extra 4396841 water filters today if you currently use one of these filters in your refrigerator. No matter which model your fridge freezer needs, I recommend that you buy a combo pack so you will have spares on hand six months down the road when it is time to replace the part.


Finding the Right Ice Cream Maker

When it comes to finding the right ice cream maker, you have many choices to look at. In fact, the number of options can be a little overwhelming.
While you might think of restaurants and ice cream parlors as the main customers for these appliances, the truth is that there are dozens of homemade ice cream makers to choose from and they can range from as low as $50 or even less up to several hundred dollars for a new model. One of the best ways to begin your search is to find the companies with the best reputation for making ice cream makers for the home and comparing prices and ratings of each.
Cuisinart ICE-30BC Icecream MakerCuisinart ice cream makers
The Cuisinart ice cream maker line is renowned for making homemade ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt all from one machine. Their average line ranges from $50 for a very basic Cuisinart ice cream machine and yogurt maker all the way up to $300 for the advertised commercial quality homemade ice cream maker. Depending on which machine is being used and what treat is being made; time can range from a light 20 minutes to a still extremely reasonable time frame of one hour for enjoying frozen treats. The average warranty for Cuisinart ice cream makers vary from 2 years to 3 years depending on the machine.
Rivals ice cream makers
One of the major benefits of looking at a Rival ice cream maker is that there are so many inexpensive models, ranging from $25 to $50. Many of the designs produced by Rival are not fancy or “commercial grade,” but they are simple, easy to use, and get the job done 1 to 6 quarts at a time. As with their Cuisinart competitors, the users manuals are available for download online. The Rivals homemade ice cream makers might look simple with an outside blue bucket and the mechanics located within, but they make delicious ice cream and have a strong reputation among happy consumers.
Krups ice cream makers
Krups International enjoyed a strong reputation for making high quality ice cream makers, so much so that you can still find people searching for these appliances online despite the fact that Krups discontinued these appliances back in 2007!  A Krups ice cream maker even included a little LCD screen to keep track of the progress and let the user know when the ice cream was actually ready, eliminating the guess work. These included feeder bowls to add ingredients during the process, and it was a little bit of a surprise when the Krups homemade ice cream makers were discontinued.
These are some of the major names out there for homemade ice cream makers, and while they differ widely from one another, all of them have earned a reputation among consumers as companies who create a quality ice cream maker.

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Nugget Ice Machine For Home

For people who prefer small cubelets of ice rather than the traditional cubes, the option of buying a nugget ice machine for home use appeals. These machines make small marble sized, easily chewable pellets of ice that are great for use in beverages.
Unfortunately finding nugget icemakers for residential use is very difficult, as most of the machines that produce this type of ice are designed for restaurant or commercial use. Firms like Scotsman, Manitowoc and Hoshizaki make plenty of nugget style ice-machines, but they are generally too large and expensive to be practical for most homeowners.
One of the smallest units available is the HoshizakDCM270BAH Cubelet Icemaker from Hoshizakii DCM-270BAH, which produces almost 300 pounds of ice nuggets per day for a purchase price of a little over $3000. This countertop unit could be used in a home at a pinch, but it would be serious overkill for most people.
The reason for the paucity of cheap nugget ice makers is that production of this form of ice is a relatively expensive process. It will be produced almost continuously by freezing water on the inner wall of a cylindrical evaporator. A rotating auger collects this ice as it forms on the wall of the evaporator, and extrudes the nuggets. This is clearly a much more complicated process than simply freezing ice cubes for future use.
If a homeowner has their heart set on one of these nugget ice machines, probably the most affordable route is look into purchasing used equipment from a failed restaurant or similar business. The food service industry is highly competitive and there will generally be a steady stream of restaurant quality refrigerators, freezers and icemakers available at bankruptcy auctions.
Some people report success with visiting their local Sonic Drive-in (a fast food retailer) and purchasing ten-pound bags of nugget ice. While a little inconvenient this is a very affordable solution if an amenable location is nearby.
Another low-budget solution is to purchase a hand-cranked ice grinder. This can be used – with some effort- to crush ice cubes into a shape that resembles the traditional marbled nugget. Another option is to obtain a commercial snocone machine and icemaker; this will cost less than a real nugget ice maker for home but can produce crushed ice for home usage.
Finally, the truly frugal solution is to simply purchase an ice cube tray that makes very small ice cubes.

Icemaker Industry

Ice Machines For Home Use

Buying an ice machine for home use is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Perfect for everyday use or just for special events, manufacturers include many well-known brand names such as Haier, Danby and EdgeStar; and come in a wide variety of styles and optional features.
Individuals who are looking for an ice maker strictly for home use can choose from the wide range of undercounter machines available. Are you looking for a product that is more versatile? Consider choosing a portable ice machine, which is ideal for use in the home or while traveling. With all of the options available, it is easy to find the right style to fit your everyday and party needs.
Undercounter Ice Machines for Home Use
Homeowners choose to install ice machines in the home for a wide variety of reasons. The most popular type of ice maker is the undercounter design. An ideal accompaniment for rooms that already have a beverage refrigerator or mini fridge, this product can have ice ready to use in a matter of minutes or hours. In addition, this home appliance will easily blend with your existing items – with most styles sold in black, white or stainless steel.
Portable Ice Machines – Ideal for Home and Travel
Large ice machines for home use are not practical for every living space and situation. In apartments, bigger models are not feasible as they consume too much space. For homeowners, they are practical as undercounter installation or freestanding units – but may not be conveniently located for your big events. So instead of leaving your party or get-together to get ice for your beverages, why not consider purchasing a portable ice machine?
These mini icemakers can go anywhere from the patio, countertop, boat, RV to the family picnic. While most units plug into to wall to operate, some models use battery power instead. Manufactured by popular home appliance brand names including Emerson, Haier, Danby, EdgeStar and Magic Chef, these products can be easily purchased online or in major retail and appliance stores. In addition to being practical, small ice machine are also extremely affordable – costing anywhere from $100 to $300.
Finding the Right Ice Machine for Your Home
Before you buy an ice machine for home use, several factors should be considered – including brand name, size and optional features. Some well-known manufacturers of under counter ice machines are Scotsman, EdgeStar, U-Line and Ice-O-Matic. They produce products that can suit any homeowner’s budget, with prices starting around $350 and range up into the thousands for deluxe models.
However, keep in mind that many factors that increase the price. Large model under counter ice machines can make and hold 70 pounds of ice or more, which can significantly increase the cost. Before you buy, choose a style that will not only fit the available space, but will make enough ice to suit your needs. Unless you regularly host parties these oversized icemakers are too large, and impractical for occasional use. In addition, you should check the rate that ice can be produced. Depending on the unit, small amounts of ice can be produced in minutes to hours – making this product ideal for everyday use or just for special events.
Crushed Ice Machines, the Perfect Ice Maker Accessory
If you already own an inexpensive ice machine, you may not have the feature for making crushed ice. These small countertop appliances are a perfect accessory that is not only practical but also affordable. Ranging in price from $30 to $100, it is ideal for breaking ice cubes for beverages, icy snacks and other cold treats.
Ideal for homes that already have a beverage or mini fridge already installed, portable and undercounter ice machines are the perfect accessory for any home. When placed in the kitchen, game room or patio space, they can be used everyday or just during special occasions or parties. However, before you buy, make sure to choose the location for your ice machine and set a budget. By keeping the above guidelines in mind – and you will find the perfect product for your living space.


UC-15I Sub Zero Ice Makers

One little appreciated product from the Sub-Zero line-up is the 15-inch undercounter Subzero ice machine. While everyone is familiar with the high-end Sub Zero fridge freezers, many people do not know about their other attractive and functional chilling appliances.
The Sub Zero UC-15I comes in four different configurations. It is designed for installation beneath a counter top to be discreetly out of the way, but readily accessible. Purchasable with a stainless steel panel, you can also have a custom cabinet panel installed to match the trim and look of your existing cabinet woodwork.
Sub Zero UC15I Ice Maker
With a production capacity of 50 pounds of ice per day, these small ice machines are suitable for most residential requirements. Combine with a storage capacity of 25 pounds; you can have sufficient ice on hand to keep drinks cooled for a large group of family and friends. The ice produced by these icemachines is clean – due to the built-in water filtration system – and has an appealing octagonal shape.
Available with a gravity drain (the UC-15I and UC-15I)) or a drain pump (the UC-15IP and UC-15IPO) these 15″ inch widths units are available in both indoor and outdoor ice-maker configurations. The outdoor UC-15IO and UC-15IPO models have a stainless steel door with the option of the pro handle, designed to match the look of a Wolf outdoor grill.
Other appealing features of the Sub Zero ice machines are the ice scoop that is stored within the door, and its high power ice making solution can function successfully in temperatures of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The ‘change filter’ light and bin light make for ease of maintenance and ease of use.
While not as heave-duty as commercial type Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines one of these Sub-Zero icemakers, once plumbed to a reliable water supply, can produce amounts of high quality filtered ice sufficient to meet all your residential ice-manufacturing needs.

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Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Hoshizaki America Inc. manufactures a wide variety of icemakers suitable for many different applications. When you make the decision to purchase from the line-up of Hoshizaki Ice machines you are buying into their slogan – “A Superior Degree of Reliability”.
There are four different styles of icemaker available to select from when purchasing an ice manufacturing solution from this firm. These are the Cubelet, the Flaker, the KM Crescent Cube and the AM Top Hat Cube.
Hoshizaki Cubelet – Chewable Ice – Thousands of Products for Restaurants and Home Kitchens! Click here!

The smallest models in this product line are the self-contained Cubelets with built-in ice storage bins. These models – the C-100BAF, C-100BAF-AD, C-100BAF-ADDS and C-100BAF-DS – can produce up to 92lbs of ice per day, and have internal storage for 22 pounds.
This selection also offers the much larger F-330BAH-C with a production capacity of 320lbs per 24 hours and an 80-pound storage bin.
Cubelet Icemakers and Dispensers
These ice machine only components require the addition of an ice storage bin of appropriate size.    The DCM-270BAH and DCM-270BAH-OS can produce almost 300 pounds per day, and are appropriate for use with the SD-270 bin.
The Hoshizaki DCM-500B_H-OS and DCM-500B_H have a production ability of 560lbs/day, and 40lbs of built in storage. Either of these units’ pair with the SD-450 or SD-500 ice machine stands to provide extra capacity.
For a massive 800 pounds per day of production the DCB-750B-OS and DCB-750B_H pair well with the SD-700 and SD-750 machine stands.
The F-450M-C, F-801M-C, F-100M-C, F1500M-C and F2000M-C have ice production capabilities of 425lbs, 750lbs, 910lbs, 1335lbs and 1757lbs every twenty-four hours. These models are dispensers that require a pairing with appropriately sized ice storage bins.
The DF-1001M_H-C Slimline dispenser from Hoshizaki can produce 904lbs per day, and is a good match for soda fountains or other beverage related uses. Similarly, the Serenity Series FS-1001MLH-C offers a reduced noise solution for beverage service applications.
Hoshizaki Flaker – Clean Ice
The F-300BAF, F-330BAH and F-550BAF fully self-contained ice makers can generate 303lbs, 330lbs and 475lbs of ice in a day. They offer internal storage of 110lbs, 80lbs and 250lbs respectively.
Modular Flaker
The F-450MAH modular ice machine requires pairing with a Hoshizaki machine stand to store its 475 pounds of daily ice production.
Slim-Line Modular
Available in both air and water-cooled versions, this range of ice flakers has high volume potential; production capabilities range from 820-2200 pounds per day.
As with all modular ice making designs the F-801M, F-1001M, F-1001MLH, F-1500M, F-2000M, F-2000M3 and F-2000MLH need to be paired with an appropriate ice storage bin to create a fully functioning solution.
Hoshizaki KM – Crescent Cube
With ice production capacities ranging from 71 to 268 pounds – and internal storage from 38 to 100 pounds – this selection includes the KM-61BAH, KM-101BAH, KM-151B_H, KM-201B_H and KM-260B_H models.
Designed for beverage applications, the KMD-410M and KMD-450M can generate over 400 pounds of ice cubes daily. For higher volume applications the KMD-850M and KMD-901M have over 800lbs/day production capabilities.
Slim-Line Modular
The Crescent cube selection includes a wide range of slimline modular options. The KM-320M, KM-515M, KM-600M and KM-650M produce from 350 to 700 pounds of ice daily. For higher volumes the KM-901M, KM-901M3, KM-1340M, KM-1601M and KM-1601M3 can create from 900lbs/day all the way up to a massive 1500lb/day.
Low-Profile Modular
For applications where height is limited a series of low profile – the KML-250M, KML-351M, KML-451M and KML-631M – Hoshizaki ice makers are available. These fit well with the DB-200 storage bin.
Marine Series
Designed with cupro-nickel water cooled condensers ideal for corrosive salt-water conditions, these models are great for harsh conditions. The KML-700M has over 650 pounds of generation capacity, and the KM-1400SWH-M and KM-1400SWH-M3 can produce almost 1400 pounds of ice cubes in a day.
Hoshizaki AM – Top Hat Cube
Designed for applications where looks are important – such as for in home bar fridges – the AM cuber ice machine collection has a capacity of 55lbs of ice per day. The design of the AM-50BAE, AM-50BAE-AD, AM-50BAE-ADDS and AM-50BAE-DS under counter models had visual appearance in mind.
Hoshizaki refrigeration devices are known for quality. With all these different models to choose from, there are Hoshizaki Ice Machines suitable for every usage imaginable.

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Manitowoc Ice Machines

One of the largest names in the manufacture of Ice Machines is Manitowoc. While their equipment is not cheap it is certainly very capable. Even the most modest Manitowoc ice machine is capable of tremendous ice production. Some of the more popular Manitowoc icemakers are discussed below.
Manitowoc Self Contained Cube Ice Machines
SM50 – This unit looks more like a refrigerator than an ice maker, making it a great choice for situations where cosmetics are important. Coming preinstalled with a water filter it can produce 50lbs of ice per day, with storage for 25 pounds.
QM Series – These small units are at the low end of this firms’ selection. The QM30A and QM45A both retail for a little over 3000 USD. With outputs of 52 and 65 lbs/day, and a storage capacity of respectively 30 and 33lbs, these units are the perfect solution for where compact yet self contained ice production is required.
130 Series/210 Series/270 Series – A series of relatively large production ice-makers designed for installation under counters; these units are designed for use as backup ice-makers or for where space is limited.
Each model in this range is available in four configurations; two where the condenser is cooled by air and two higher production units where the condenser cooling is water based. Within these different models you have the additional choice of either dice or half-dice shaped ice cubes.
The 130 series line-up consists of the QD0132A and QY0134A air cooled units (90lbs/day, 80lbs storage), and the QD0133W and QY0135W water cooled options (123lbs/day, 80lbs storage).
The 210 series equivalents are the QD0212A and QY0214A air cooled condenser models (155lbs/day, 80lbs storage), and the QD0213W and QY0215W water cooled alternatives (190lbs/day, 80 lbs storage).
The 270 series models are the air cooled condenser QD0272A and QY0274A  (215lbs/day, 110lbs storage), and the water cooled condenser QD0273W and QY0275W units (245lbs/day, 110lbs storage)
Manitowoc Self Contained Flake Ice Machines
20″ Width Flake Ice Maker – The RF0244A and RF0266A flake ice machines produce up to 150lbs of ice flakes per day. They feature an included storage capacity of 40 and 60 pounds respectively. These models are suitable for small restaurants – or other applications – with modest ice flake needs.
30″ Width Flake Ice Maker – With air cooled condensers; the RF0388A and RF0399A are larger versions of the two twenty inch units discussed previously. These models have a production capacity of 270lbs/day, and can respectively store 90 or 120 pound of ice-flakes. When even this level of ice production is insufficient, the QF0406A is capable of creating 300lbs/day of flaked ice.
Manitowoc Ice Dispensers
For some applications appearance and sanitary concerns are paramount. This line is designed specifically for that market, and is appealingly styled with stainless steel to eliminate the industrial look. The Manitowoc “push for ice” dispensing system is designed to reduce the amount of ice that is spilled.
Floor Standing Ice Dispensers are available in both 22 inch and 30 inch wide models, Manitowoc offers a range of these types of ice dispensers that offer various means of securing access. They can be configured to dispense ice at the push of a button, insertion of coins, or by use of a hotel key room card. These units need to be connected to an ice machine, or else manually reloaded.
22″ Floor Standing Ice – The SPA160 (Push button), SCA163 (Coin operated) and SRA164 (Room card) models provide 120 lbs of ice storage capacity and are ideal for low volume solutions where appearance is key.
30″ Floor Standing Ice – The larger SPA310 (Push button), SCA330 (Coin operated) and SRA340 (Card key) models allow a total of 180lbs of stored ice for higher volume applications.
Floor Standing Ice and Water Dispensers – The SFA191 and SFA292 offer 120lb and 160lbs of capacity, but apart from the basic ice storage capacity also offer a water dispensing valve. As per the units above, these units need to be manually reloaded if an ice machine is not attached.
Countertop Nugget – These models combine an ice machine and dispenser in one. Designed for use with large cups they can dispense nugget ice, water, or a combination of the two. The SN12A (lever operated) and SN12AT (sensor operated) product up to 325lbs/day and have 12lbs of ice storage. The large SN20AT can store 20lbs of ice.
Manitowoc Modular Flake Ice Machines
Flake machines from Manitowoc produce small flaked fragments of ice ideal for rapidly cooling objects. These are ideal for presentations of items that need to remain chilled. All models of this type are modular, and bin units must be purchased separately.
RF300 Series – The RF0300A is a head only ice making unit capable of producing 259 pound of ice per day, and should be purchased in conjunction with a B400 or B570 storage bin.
RF600 Series – A larger version of the RF300, the RF0650A has a 540lbs/day production capacity; it also requires a separate bin for ice storage
RF1200 Series – These massive flake ice machines are paired with the B400, B470 or B970 ice bin units. The air cooled RF1200A and water cooled RF1200W have massive flake production rates of 864lb/day and 1004lbs/day respectively.
Manitowoc Modular Cube Ice Machines
Modular ice cube machines from Manitowoc offer the flexibility of pairing the desired ice production rate with a storage bin that offers the reserve storage capacity appropriate for a particular application.
22″ Width S322 Series – The SD0322A and SY0324A offer air cooled ice cube (of half dice cube) production of 250lbs/day. Similar units where the condenser is water cooled – the SD0323W and SY0325W – provide 290 pounds of daily output.
22″ Width S422 Series – The SD0422A, SY0424A, SD0423W and SY0425W offer roughly 30% higher throughput rates than the S322 series. Both these lines are recommended for purchase along with the B320 or B340 ice bins.
30″ Width S300 Series – Similar in capacity – but wider and shorter in size – to the S322 models the SD0302A, SY0304A, SD0303W and SY0305W are ideally matched with either the B170 or B400 Manitowoc ice bin.
30″ Width S450 Series – Perfectly paired with the B400 or B570, the S450 series offers roughly 400lbs/day of ice cube production. This range is available as the SD0452A, SY0454A (air cooled) or SD0453W, SY0455W (water cooled) units.
Clearly there is no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to Manitowoc ice machines. Their hardware is not cheap; but when reliable ice production is mission critical, it pays to invest in quality.

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LG 5231JA2006A And 5231JA2006B Water Filters

The LG 5231JA2006A water filter is used in a wide range of LG and Kenmore refrigerators.
It is recommended that you replace your fridges water filter every six months to best ensure high water quality.
For this reason keeping some of these units on hand is a good idea if your refrigerator uses this model.

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If you own an LG bottom-freezer refrigerator or an LG side-by-side fridge freezer then odds are you use an LG 5231JA2006A Water Filter. Surprisingly some non-LG refrigerators make use of this filter. The main example is the Kenmore 795 series of refrigerators; but even the Kenmore French door Trio models that have a water dispenser on the outer panel of the refrigerator door utilize the LG 5231JA2006A.

The LG 5231JA2006A removes over 93% of Class I particulates and 97% of chlorine. For those willing to pay a little extra for a premium filter, the LG LT600P Cyst Reducing Refrigerator Replacement Filter, 1 Pack (Part Number 5231JA2006B) is an updated version capable of removing a lot more contaminants than the older model A water filter. It filters over well over 99% of Class I particulates as well as removes most Mercury Lead, Benzene and other undesirable chemicals from your water supply.
This water filter can be easily replaced by any homeowner, and requires no special tools or training to swap out. Capable of filtering up to 300 gallons, these filters should be exchanged every 6 months or whenever the filter change light comes on – whichever comes first. Many people find it convenient to purchase several of these units at once, to ensure they always have one convenient when needed; to this end the LT600P also comes in multi-packs of two, three or even six water filters – LG LT600P-3 Water Filter, 3 Pack.

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Be sure that you replace your refrigerator freezers water filter as recommended by the manufacturer in order to ensure the highest possible quality of water gets dispensed from the refrigerator for both drinking and the creation of ice cubes.
To shop for other refrigerator water filters please click here.

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GE Refrigerator Parts

If you are seeking GE refrigerator parts for your fridge freezer then odds are you have one of two items in mind – either replacement GE water filters, or else parts to repair or replace damaged GE refrigerator components.
Either way they are both readily available from online retailers, including the ever reliable Amazon.
GE Refrigerator Water Filters

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There is a wide selection of GE water filters available. When shopping for a replacement filter for your refrigerator freezer be sure to purchase the appropriate filter type.
If your fridge uses one of these GE filter models – GWF, GFWA, GWF01, GWF06 or MWFA – or a Hotpoint filter model – like the HWF and HWFA – then select the GE SmartWater MWF Refrigerator Water Filter,. This particular GE water filter model is one of the most commonly used. It is available as individual units, or you can stock up for future needs by purchasing multi-packs of up to six MWF water filters.

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Not all GE refrigerators take that type of water filter however. Owners of GE top-mounted and bottom-mounted refrigerator freezers will likely need a GE GSWF Refrigerator Water Filter; available individually of buy in bulk three packs to save a little money.
For the full selection of GE compatible water filters click here to purchase from Amazon.
GE Refrigerator Parts And Components

There are many different parts on a fridge freezer that can need replacing over the course of a lifetime of ownership. Components ranging from the innards of the fridge – such as the GE WR55X10942 Refrigerator Main Control Board are easily available online.

Even large components in a GE fridge freezer, such as the GE WR30X10093 Refrigerator Icemaker Kit can be purchased and replaced should they happen to malfunction.
Shop the full list of available GE refrigerator parts and components here at Amazon.
With a wide range of GE refrigerator parts available; tasks as simple as replacing a GE water filter to as complicated as repairing minor malfunctions can be easily handled.

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Maytag Refrigerators

Maytag refrigerators come in a wide range of different styles. The Maytag refrigerator range includes models in all the following different categories – Side-by-side, French Door Bottom Freezer, Freezer on Top, Freezer on Bottom and finally Maytag Specialty Refrigeration. Within this article I explore these various Maytag refrigerator niches.
The Maytag Side-By-Side Refrigerator
At the time of writing Maytag produced a total of twelve side-by-side models, making it Maytag’s most populated category. The MSRP of the American style side-by-side refrigerators in this group range from $1000 – a quite reasonable price for the quality of a Maytag appliance – all the way up to $2300.
The Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer
French door refrigerators have acquired a reputation in recent years as being a step-up from the more traditional side-by-side refrigerator freezer.   Maytag has been following this trend with an ever growing range of refrigerators of this type, the number of models they offer is currently ten. Maytag refrigerator prices for this selection range from $1500 up to $3000.
The Maytag Freezer On Top Refrigerator
Refrigerators with the freezer on top are timeless classics. This style has been around for many years, and it still great for small kitchens that do not have space for a side-by-side or French door refrigerator. Maytag offers models of this type for buyers, with prices from $900 to $1350.
The Maytag Freezer On Bottom Refrigerator
The freezer on bottom refrigerator is another option that has been with us for a while. These somewhat narrow refrigerators retain the benefits of freezer on top models – they do not require much space – but are considered more convenient by many as the refrigerator is easily accessed without squatting. Prices on Maytag bottom freezer refrigerators range from $1300 to $1500.
Maytag Specialty Refrigeration Options
Maytag also offers a few one off refrigeration type appliances. First is the MIM1554XRS Maytag Ice Maker which lists for $1500. This narrow ice maker is less than 15 inches wide, and fits conveniently into very small spaces. It is able to produce up to 50 pounds of ice in a 24 hour cycle for occasions when rapid refill is necessary. The storage compartment allows it to hold 25lbs of ice at one time.
Second in this group comes an upscale bar refrigerator, the MBCM24FWBS Maytag Beverage Center with an MSRP of $1000. This 5.8 cubic foot refrigerator is great for use as a mini-bar refrigerator, and can be used to store a combination of both cold drinks and appropriate accompanying foods. This bar fridge is feature rich, incorporating two temperature zones. This allows the 12 bottle angled wine rack and the regular beverage shelves to be chilled at different temperatures.
Finally is the MURM24FWBS Maytag Undercounter Refrigerator. This highly efficient energy star rated under counter refrigerator comes with an attractive stainless steel finish that ensures an attractive look when installed beneath the counter of any kitchen. The 5.6 cubic foot capacity allows for convenient storage of food and drinks close to your kitchen counters, saving extra trips back forth to your kitchens primary refrigerator freezer unit.
The extensive line of Maytag refrigerators ensures that they have models ideal for every application. As with all refrigerators be sure to maintain your appliance correctly – and remember to replace Maytag refrigerator parts like the water filter when the manufactured recommends.