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Refrigerant Gas

Refrigerant gas is used in various applications. Freezers, refrigerators, air-conditioners – and yes, even many heaters – make use of refrigerant gas to operate.
Refrigerant gases are chemicals – sealed within appliances such as fridges -which are condensed at relatively high pressure but have low evaporation points. By continually passing through a cycle of evaporation and condensation of the gas – all within a sealed loop – heat is removed from the air where the refrigeration cycle is occurring. This results in a net cooling of the fridge, freezer or air-conditioned area.
Many refrigerant gases are rather controversial as they have been implicated first in releasing ozone destroying chlorine, and more recently is being contributors to global warming.
Different Refrigerant Gases
Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) such as R-22 – more commonly known as Freon – were long the go to choice for refrigerant for heat pump and A/C systems. In recent times however R22 is being phased out in favor of products that contribute less to ozone depletion. Today purchasing HCFC-22 (another name for R-22) is very expensive, and it may only be used for servicing old equipment.
R-410A is one of the more common A/C refrigerants that have come to replace R-22. This hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) is ozone friendly, but still -like R22 – does contribute chemicals which are net contributors to global warming. R410A is easily available these days, and is frequently sold with branding names such as Puron®, Forane 410A®, SUVA 410A® or GENETRON AZ-20®.
Another commonly used refrigerant outside of the United States is R-407C. This refrigerant gas sees a lot of use in Europe, and unlike R410A – which operates at much higher pressures – is suitable for R-22 retrofits.
R-12 was another chlorinated refrigerant – primarily used in automotive A/C and in small refrigerators – that has also been phased out due to the negative effects it had on the ozone layer. Phased out in the late 1990s, it has largely been replaced with R-134A. Tetrafluoroethane – the chemical name for R134A refrigerant – is often referred to as Suva 134aA, HFC-134A and Genetron 134A.
Ammonia (R-717) is another common – if old school – refrigerant. R717 has been used in industrial scale refrigeration plants for well over 100 years, and is considered relatively efficient and environmentally friendly. Many low budget automotive refrigerators make use of Ammonia absorption cycle technology.
Propane is another refrigerant gas that has gained popularity in recent times. Very pure propane has a lot of potential as a substitute in older systems originally designed for use with R22 refrigerant gas. It does have limitations however, as it can be flammable in the wrong conditions.

Freezers Fridges Heating Industry Refrigerators

United Refrigeration

United Refrigeration is one of the largest suppliers of HVAC/R equipment, with branches all over the United States. URI even has an international aspect with additional branches scattered throughout France, Canada and The United Kingdom.
With a vast catalog covering everything from Food Service and Refrigeration to A/C and Heating, this provider is one of the go-to sources for buyers of heavy duty climate control equipment.
Food Service and Ice Machines
The URI catalog lists a vast selection of commercial refrigeration, water filtration and ice manufacturing solutions. Featured brands include Manitowoc, Scotsman, Continental, Bally and Servend.
Refrigeration Equipment
Trenton, Larkin, Copeland, Tecumseh and Bohn products are all listed in the Refrigeration equipment portion of the United catalog. Along with this, they offer compressors from Tecumseh, Copeland, Hermetics and Maneurop.
Refrigeration and AC Accessories and Lubricants
Featured also are a large selection of products – such as valves, regulators, water pump and separators – often required in large scale cooling systems. The manufactures Emerson, Superior, Watts, Henry, Hartell and Sporlan are all represented in this portion of the catalog. Along with accessories, a comprehensive selection of oils, refrigerants and testing kits is listed from National Refrigerants and Nu Calgon.
Air Conditioning Equipment
Contractors or builders seeking quality Air Conditioning equipment need look no further than the United Refrigeration catalog. It features units from Thermal Zone, Unico, National Comfort, Arcoaire and Sanyo in sizes ranging from small window units, to those suitable for apartment or residential use, to units designed for large scale commercial or industrial applications.
Heating Equipment
Purchasers needing equipment for heating installation are also well served by United. Their catalog lists a large selection of heater units from Slant Fin, Crown Boiler, Bradford White and Reznor; including equipment for heat recovery systems. Heating accessories such as blowers, gas connectors and nozzles are also available in the URI range from well regarded brands including Beckett, Amtrol, Bell and Gossett, Carlin and Field Controls.
Controls and Motors
Essential in any installation, quality electrical accessories and controls are also well represented. Product listings include Thermostats and other control mechanisms from Honeywell, PSG, W/R, Johnson Control and Invensys. They also offer an extensive selection of motors from NRP, GE, Fasco and A.O.Smith.
A tradesman is only as good as his tools. The United Refrigeration catalog offers all the tools HVAC/R professionals need. From electrical measurement, to refrigerant reclaiming and recharging, they list the right tools for it. Manufacturers such as Fluke, Supco, NRP, Malco, Uniweld, Klein Tools, Imperia and UEI are all represented in their product line-up
United Refrigeration Inc. is the professionals’ one stop shop for all their HVAC and Refrigeration products. They offer many purchasing solutions including ecommerce via their website , or convenient branch locations in most major population centers. During business hours they also offer a customer service center to address questions at 1-888-578-9100.

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EdenPURE Reviews

Edenpure portable heaters are small appliances that have been getting a lot of press lately due to their extensive television advertising – they are even endorsed by the actor who portrayed the character Al in the old sitcom Home Improvement.
Before making the decision to purchase an Edenpure heater however, it is wise to take a look at some Edenpure reviews before committing. Whilst their advertising would have consumers’ thinks an Edenpure portable heater is the best thing since sliced bread, they do have some detractors.
Rather than using alternatives such as heating coils, kerosene or propane heating, Edenpure heaters utilized infrared heating to warm your home.  An Edenpure Infrared Portable Quartz Heater therefore heats using a somewhat different technology.
Many Edenpure reviewers are quick to point out the low operating temperatures of these heaters. Compared to traditional heaters – which have very hot surfaces – these devices provide a lot of heat to their surroundings while minimizing the temperature of the unit itself; this makes these infrared heaters less likely to cause fire.

Edenpure reviews often appreciate the wide model selection available from this firm. The low end EdenPURE Personal heater is well regarded for small rooms. The EdenPURE GEN3 and newer more efficient EdenPure Gen4 Quartz Heater are great sellers for larger areas. These units are expected to provide reliable service for 10 years or more, and the heating bulbs are easily replaceable.

The Edenpure signature heater with air purifier is their high end unit with built in humidifier. It is capable of heating up to one thousand square feet and is easily portable due to its rolling casters. With three power settings this model can be readily used in small or large rooms as a heat source. It also comes with a remote control for easy use from across the room when tucked up snug in your bed.
Some reviewers do some have negative things to say about Edenpure heaters. The major item is some concern that they produce insufficient heat for the price. On the other hand, the additional safety of the low operating temperatures more than makes up for this for some. If this item concerns you then you are probably better off choosing one of the larger Edenpure models.
Overall the Edenpure reviews out there are as a whole rather positive, with only limited negative comments about these infrared heaters.

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Camping Heating Reviews

Dyna Glo Heater

If you are in the market for a Dyna Glo Heater there are many different offerings in their model line.
From small portable Propane heaters through industrial strength Kerosene Forced Air, Dyna Glo Delux heaters are available to suit every need.

The Dyna Glo Delux, TT15DGD, 9k – 15k BTU Single Tank Top Heater consists of a heating element that attaches directly to the top of a liquid Propane tank using a standard P.O.L. tank connection. With an output of up to 15000 BTU – depending on the setting – this Dynaglo propane heater is great heating solution.

A similar solution – but with two heating elements – is the Dyna Glo Delux TT30DGD, 18k – 30k BTU Double Tank Top Heater. This propane heating device offers double the BTU output, though gets mixed reviews from buyers. I would advise avoiding this particular model in favor of one of the others.

Those looking for more powerful propane heating solutions should consider the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA150DGD, 100k – 150k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater. This Dyna-Glo heater is great for use outdoors – in applications such as industrial workspaces, barns and construction sites – able to heat up to 2700 square feet for up to 5 hours on one 20lb propane tank. This Dyna glo propane heater model is also available in a smaller model – the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA125DGD, 70k – 125k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater.

A model suitable for even larger scale applications is the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA300DGD, 300k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater. This unit can be fuelled by a large 500lb propane tank for well over 36 hours, and includes a high powered 1800 CFM blower to circulate the heat. The 300000 BTU of heat this propane heater generates can warm up to 7000 square feet.

While all the models described above are Dyna Glo Propane heaters, there is also a sizable selection of Dyna Glo Kerosene heaters to select from. One such unit is the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-KFA75TDGD, 75,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater with Thermostat. This dynaglo Kerosene heater can produce 75000 BTU of heat – great for outdoor applications – and can run for ten hours on its five gallon fuel capacity.
Those seeking the ultimate in Dyna glo kerosene heating solutions also have the option of purchasing the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-KFA650TDGD, 650,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater with Thermostat, but this unit will be overkill for any but the largest heating needs.

Camping Heating Reviews

Dyna Glo Propane Heater

A Dyna Glo Propane Heater is a great piece of kit for anyone who regularly takes camping, caravan or RV trips in cold weather.
The ‘Dyna-Glo Tag-A-Long Portable Propane Heater’ – the official title on the box – will allow you to take an easily powered heat source with you wherever you go. If you are all familiar with the ‘Mr Buddy’ propane heater, this Dyna-Glo model is very similar. So what are the features of Dyna-Glo propane heaters that you should be aware of?
This Dyna glo heater is powered by your standard 16.4 ounce propane bottles. These are the regular Coleman type bottles you find at many stores, so finding fuel for your heater will not be difficult. Inside the end of the heater is a compartment for tucking the propane bottle neatly away. The compartment also contains a special swiveling valve that allows you to first hookup the bottle, and then lower it into place in the holder. Very handy!

Dyna Glo Safety Features
The Dyna-Glo Tag-A-Long has a few features to ensure maximum safety during use. First it features a tip-over sensor. This sensor will shut off the heater automatically if the heater falls over. Also included are low-oxygen sensors which are also designed to shutoff the heater if it senses Oxygen is being intended.
While this is a great idea, I would still recommend anyone using one of these inside to ensure they have a cracked window for ventilation – you can’t be too careful. Finally the manufacture boasts of the units’ heavy duty safety grills.
Dyna Glo Propane Heating and Runtime
This adjustable propane heater can put out between 4500 BTU and 8000 BTU of heat, depending on how you set it. One of the 16.4 Oz. Coleman canisters can power the unit for close to 5 hours, enough to provide heating – and residual heat – for a night.
Precautionary Note
Many people will buy a large 20lb propane tank and rig a hookup to power these type of heaters. This is done to allow for extended run time. It also reduces the cost of operation, as the small Coleman canisters are rather expensive.
If you choose to go this route, do so at your own risk, but please keep this caution in mind. Before shutting of the propane heater, shut off the propane tank. Let the heater keep burning until it uses all the remaining propane in the feeder house. This will prevent the high pressure propane in the hose causing any damage to any of your equipment.
Dyna Glo Two Models
The Dyna-Glo heater is available in two different models. The chief difference between the two being that the larger of the two dyna glo heaters is powered by two of the Coleman cylinders, and can produce a little more heat for twice as long as the smaller unit.
If your outdoor adventures require a mobile heat source in the form of a portable heater, then a Dyna Glo Propane heater may be right for you.