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Minus 80 Freezers

A minus 80 freezer is a style of freezer designed to keep its contents at an ultra low temperature. This type of freezer is usually utilized for medical or scientific purposes, and thus the temperature is referenced in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit.
Contrary to the name, a -80 freezer – frequently referred to as a minus 86 freezer – does not necessarily have to maintain a temperature of this level. Depending on the model they have temperature ranges from as high as -46C (still very cold) to as low as -86C.
Minus 80 Freezer Brands
There are many different manufacturers of -86 freezers. They largely service a different market to more traditional freezer makers, and thus there is minimal overlap. Examples are Denville Scientific, LABREPCO, MIDSCI, New Brunswick Scientific, SANYO Biomedical Solutions, NuAire and Scilogex.
-80 Freezer Form Factors
Minus 80 freezers – like other models – come as both upright and chest freezers. Ultralow upright freezers offer easy access, while chest freezer models are a better choice for long-term storage.
Ultra Low Freezer Reliability
Since most applications for these freezers are of high importance, reliable operation is necessary. Many units come with alarms that will trigger if the internal temperature starts rising, or if power failure. When failure is not an option, many of the more expensive models can be equipped with an additional CO2 cooling system that lowers the risk of a cooling failure.
Ultra-Low Freezer Insulation
Ultra cold freezers require very effective insulation. Many models use high tech insulation with very effective heat retention abilities in order to cut down on the quantities needed. No matter what type of insulating material is needed a minus 80 freezer is going to have a rather large volume – when compared to its capacity – to permit the insulation to fit.
Other Features of -80 Freezers
Some models feature temperature recorders. Temperature deviations can be disasters for lab samples, but even worse is ignorance of such occurrences. Temperature recorders allow the user to periodically review the temperature history, and be assured that the contents of the freezer are still good.
Dual compressors are another feature of higher end minus 80 freezers, and feature separate but parallel refrigeration circuits. These permit continued operation and preservation of ultra-low temperatures even if a compressor should fail. This allows time for repairs to be performed to the device without a failure in the integrity of stored samples in the freezer.
Minus 80 freezers are devices designed to meet and exceed strict cooling standards, and are necessary when preservation of valuable samples is the number one priority.

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Whirlpool W1TXEMMW Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator seems to be perfectly geared towards small families or couples that need a reliable fridge but is still budget friendly. It has all the essentials that anyone expects in current refrigerator models these days, but if you’re looking for some premium features like a water dispenser, dual cooling systems, and air/water filters, then you’re going to have to do without those (or else upgrade to a higher end model).
When it comes to storage options, it is safe to say that most users will be satisfied with the variety of this model. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator comes in with a gross 20.9 cu. ft. capacity which it divides between the main food compartment (14.5 cu. ft.) and the top mounted freezer compartment (6.5 cu. ft.). There are several bins and shelves on the door to accommodate an assortment of bottles, cartons, and other food or drink containers.
In addition, there are four SpillMizer glass shelves in the main compartment to carry more of your food items. These spill-proof shelves are winners in minimizing spills and leaks from your jars, cans, and bottles, and it makes cleaning up a breeze as compared to mopping up all sorts of dripping stuff that has puddled up at the bottom of the fridge.
The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator also has a meat pan included inside the main compartment, and there are two crisper bins at the bottom to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, safe, and perfectly delicious for days. Fruits generally require a different environment as compared to vegetables, so you will appreciate the dual humidity controls for each crisper drawer. Keep in mind that most fruits prefer a low-humidity environment, while veggies need higher humidity levels to stay crisp and fresh.
You will find two storage shelves inside the freezer compartment itself, plus two more shelves on the door for additional food or drink storage options. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW also has an ice maker (installed at the factory) which is sure to be a hit with users who love mixing cold drinks.
You will also be glad to know that the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW fridge freezer is Energy Star certified. This means that your energy consumption and expenses will be reduced by as much as one-third, without sacrificing features, style, and comfort, as compared to using a refrigerator model that does not carry Energy Star certification.
With regards to appearances, the model looks and feels clean and smooth to operate, but if you want a model with counter-depth style, you need to look somewhere else. The protective coating on this model is very durable, although it is not made of stainless steel. This is probably an effort to prevent raising the costs and therefore the price of the appliance.
Overall, the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator is a budget-friendly model that carries all of the essentials that you will need. Some premium features are sacrificed in exchange for affordability, but if you belong in its target market, it’s not likely that you’ll be missing such features like a water filter, an air filter, or a water and ice dispenser.

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Black and Decker BFD53 Chest Freezer Review: Is It All It's Cracked Up To Be?

While this might seem very strange at first, the Black and Decker BFD53 Chest Freezer shows that the Black and Decker Company isn’t just limited to power tools and lawn mowers. While the chest freezer division of the Company isn’t huge, they still work to put the same level of quality into the Black and Decker freezers as they would with any other product representing their brand name. While these are not the ultra expensive commercial grade level of freezers, many people don’t need to pay the extra money for commercial strength appliances as a normal well built chest freezer will be more than enough.
The BFD53 is a smaller model of chest freezer, which is very convenient for many families who don’t have a ton of space for a giant box freezer but whom still need the extra space for frozen food. This particular model is approximately 29 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 32 inches tall. This amount of space allows for an average of up to 150 lbs of frozen meat, which is going to be necessary for many deer hunters. That might not put a huge dent in the problem for moose hunters, but it’s at least a start as far as getting the extra meat frozen and properly stored. The freezer itself weights 76 pounds, which is pretty reasonable for even a small chest freezer.
The Black and Decker BFD53 chest freezer reviews out as a middle of the pack chest freezer in that it doesn’t stick out as some overly expensive and great commercial strength unit, but it also doesn’t have any major flaws or weaknesses that would cut it down. This chest freezer also comes with all the little things that you would want from a high quality and modern design, including a power light to indicate when power is on or off, heavy duty spring hinges, easy access defrost drain, and a security lock and key. This is one of the most interesting features of the freezer, and gives an extra bit of security to make sure all your food stays your food.
At the end of the day an honest review has to look at the Black and Decker BFD53 chest freezer and call it a well made but average small chest freezer. It’s not going to be mistaken for top of the line, but it’s not going to fall to the level of some of those cheap pieces of junk which have broken down on so many people. This is a good inexpensive small chest freezer that works well and comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty just in case.
The Black and Decker line of refrigerators and freezers are aimed at people on a strict budget who need a new appliance, and in that regard the BFD53 succeeds admirably. It’s an affordable chest freezer that will provide years of service and give that much needed 150 lbs of frozen meat worth of storage. For many consumers this will be more than enough for their needs.

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Blood Storage Refrigerators and Freezers

One extremely important appliance that is held to a high standard are blood storage refrigerators and freezers. The medical profession demands only the highest quality, as they deal in literally the difference between life and death.
Blood bank refrigerators keep blood at the right temperature so it keeps until it’s needed for an emergency. Plasma freezers also serve a similar function for the storage of plasma. Many people don’t think a lot about these appliances, but without good blood storage refrigerators and freezers many more people would die each year from injury or during surgery. These are critical appliances to modern health care.
Blood Bank RefrigeratorsMedical blood storage refrigerators must be held to a much higher standard than cooling units for food storage. The blood has to be the perfect temperature, and that requires very precise temperature uniformity throughout the entire blood storage fridge. These fridges all come with various monitors and an alarm system which allows for extremely precise monitoring of temperature to make sure the blood or plasma supplies stay in the healthy range for use in an emergency situation.
These don’t have the appearance of a normal refrigeration unit, but open glass panels allow doctors and medical professionals to see the blood supply being stored in the medical fridges and freezers, and the appearance might even remind someone of the large bread holders you see at a Subway restaurant.  While they might look similar to the untrained eye, obviously there is a gigantic difference between the two. The design of a good blood bank refrigerator makes it easy for a doctor or nurse to quickly assess what blood types are in stock and easily and conveniently grab whatever is needed for a surgery or emergency situation.
The prices on these models reflect that specialty needs of these appliances. The low end prices on small blood storage refrigerators start at over $3,000 and can go as high as $15,000. Whether the blood needs to be stored for scientific research of some time or if you’re talking about blood storage at blood banks or hospitals, it’s extremely important for these appliances to be functioning at a high level.
Many plasma freezers are smaller, and appear more like a conventional freezer however they are specially made to store plasma at a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius, which is much colder than the 4 degree Celsius rate that most blood storage fridges stay at to keep blood ready for use. The temperatures in each unit must be precisely set and maintained based on whether it’s blood or plasma being stored.
Obviously these types of fridges are not going to be right for most people, as they three most common consumers for blood storage refrigerators and freezers are going to be hospitals, scientific laboratories, and blood banks. No one else really has a good reason to need to store that much blood, or reason to spend so much money for an appliance designed for that purpose.
However representatives of hospitals, blood backs, and laboratories should be happy with the large number of choices they have when it comes to storage appliances for blood. Helmer and Follett are just a couple of the respected manufacturers. There are many different types and styles of blood storage fridges offered, allowing for a design that should fit almost anyone’s needs.

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Sub Zero 736-TCI Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Sub Zero 736-TCI bottom freezer refrigerator comes with a variety of options which makes it popular with many consumers. This combination refrigerator freezer is designed with a pull out freezer on the bottom, and the fridge can come with the door hinged on the right or the left depending on the personal preference of the buyer. The 736TCI is considered a high end model and offers several unique features that make it especially popular among many consumers.
This model comes with a total volume of 20.6 cubic feet, and includes 13.7 cubic feet for fresh food, and 6.9 cubic feet of freezer space. The inside refrigerator shelves are made from glass, and there is a specific shelf just for eggs. This model does come with an automatic ice maker for convenience, and the base design is a classic stainless steel appearance, with the door hinges hidden to increase the aesthetic beauty or make it easier to match with a kitchen set up through the use of panels.
This strikes at the single detail that most sub zero refrigerator reviews agree is one of the best and most popular features of the 736-TCI: panel ready set up. While at its most basic design this refrigerator freezer gives a classic stainless steel look, this Sub Zero refrigerator freezer is designed to accept paneling which means you can custom design a panel to make the fridge fit in completely with any kitchen set up. This appliance can match the cupboards, match the woodwork in the house, and fit in as if it had been customized just for your own kitchen and home.
A few other really important points that a good Sub Zero 736-TCI bottom freezer fridge review should include would be that these appliances are Energy Star rated and Star-K certified. In addition, the automatic defrost on the freezer makes maintenance much easier, and the refrigerator section even has temperature zones, allowing for colder sections for foods that need a little bit more. Because of this the vegetables and leftovers can stay fresh without the annoyance of seeing a thin layer of ice form on the Kool Aid or milk.
These are not commercially rated appliances, however they are considered pretty high level for consumer strength fridges and freezers. If you’re not working on a strict budget that requires you to find a diamond in the rough type of deal, then the 736-TCU Sub Zero model might be out of your price range. However if you are looking for a very high quality appliance and can spend the money on the best available to consumers, this is definitely a refrigerator freezer worth checking out.

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The Basics on Frigidaire Parts

Frigidaire is a manufacturer of kitchen and laundry appliances as well as air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Based on repair calls they have coined themselves “The most reliable brand” – but what do you do when something does goes wrong? Where do you find replacement parts or who do you call to service your Frigidaire refrigerator or other machine?
The Most Reliable Brand
All Frigidaire appliances include a comprehensive warranty. It’s best to register your product right away and keep the original purchase receipts to be sure that the warranty will be honored. The extended service agreement offers additional peace of mind by going so far as to replace a covered appliance with brand new one with comparable features should the extent of repairs give reason to. That would be the worst case scenario, otherwise they will help you locate the quality components you will need to keep your appliance running like new, or help you find a factory trained expert to do it for you.
Finding a Parts Distributor
So you’ve decided you are going to give it a go yourself. How do you go about finding the parts you need? The easiest way to start is with the Parts Distributor Locator on the official Frigidaire website. Simply type in your zip code to be routed through a directory of hundreds of trusted distributors to find the closest one to you. This is also the best route to take especially if you are still under warranty, to ensure the purchase will be covered. Purchasing from other discount websites can be risky unless you are absolutely sure you are buying Frigidaire brand replacement parts. Sometimes no name generic parts that claim to be compatible can have slightly different dimensions or a lower quality of material, making the pursuit of saving a dime or two futile.
Finding a Service Tech
Service is best found the same way as parts, through the Service Locator on the official Frigidaire website. There are a couple of options from there. If you are still under warranty you can call Frigidaire directly to get a diagnosis based on information you can provide over the phone to a skilled associate. From there they will either walk you through it if it’s something easy, or they can set up a service appointment for you. Extended service agreements can also be purchased here. Frigidaire offers protection plans for up to three full years. If you are no longer under warranty Frigidaire will direct you to an authorized service provider. It’s always good to go with someone who is certified to work on Frigidaire so you can be sure the parts are legitimate and the repairs done with the correct knowledge.
In the rare case you do need to find Frigidaire parts or hire someone to service your Frigidaire product, Frigidaire will want to help. Go through them directly to be sure the work is done right and no corners have been cut.

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Types of Energy Star Qualified Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool is a well-known name brand for refrigeration, and various other major home appliances. They strive to attain the Energy Star qualification on all their products, and here we will discuss the different models, types or styles of refrigerator freezer combos that Whirlpool manufactures that have attained that Energy Star Qualification, which is basically all of them!
French Door Freezer on Bottom
All French door style units have a pull out drawer style freezer on the bottom and two equal sized doors on top that open from the outside hinges, one on the left and one on the right. The look is sophisticated and modern. All eight Whirlpool French door styled models are Energy Star Qualified. They range in capacity from 20 cubic feet to a whopping 27 cubic feet and range in price from $1,699.00 – $2,999.00 base msrp. Of course you can always shop around to find deals like this one, on the Whirlpool Gold GX5FHDXVY 36 24.8 cu. ft. French door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel.
Side by Side
Side-by-Side units are designed with two doors that run the entire vertical, with a smaller door, usually on the left, to house the freezer compartment and a larger door, typically on the right, that opens to the refrigeration area. They almost always have a water filtration system and ice dispenser on the freezer door side. Aesthetically, they are associated with the modern kitchen. The style was first introduced to the residential market in the late 1960s, but perhaps gained a more wide spread popularity in the 1980s. Dimensions for Whirlpool units range from 22 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet. The most basic Energy Star qualified Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator runs $999.00 base msrp, while the priciest tops off at $2,599.00. Of course, deals can always be found with a little bit of shopping around. Take this Whirlpool ED2KVEXVB 21.7 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator in Black as an example of an exceptional deal.
Freezer on Top
This is the one everyone knows, the classic and timeless freezer on top. The doors can be switched to swing in either direction, depending on which is more conducive to your kitchen’s design. Whirlpool manufactures twenty-seven different freezer on top models; thirteen of them are Energy Star Qualified. Their sizes range from 15 cubic feet to 22 cubic feet. Their prices range from $699.00 to $1,299.00 base msrp with cheaper deals to be found on Amazon, like the Whirlpool Gold G2IXEFMWS 21.7 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, which is listed as $1,349.00 base msrp on the official Whirlpool website.
Freezer on Bottom
The freezer on bottom is also pretty common, and self-explanatory. Some models are designed so that the freezer compartment on the bottom pulls out like a drawer, while others just swing the same as the freezer on top style. Same as the freezer on bottom, the doors can be hung to swing either left opening or right opening. Whirlpool offers four Energy Star Qualified freezer on bottom models ranging in size from 19 cubic feet to 22 cubic feet. The base msrps are set between $1,049.00 and $1,549.00, but here is the Whirlpool Gold GB2FHDXWB 21.9 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator in Black listed for a little less.
The options for Whirlpool refrigerators are numerous. There is the perfect design and style for everyone, be it French door, side by side, freezer on top or freezer on bottom. The Energy Star Qualification is integrated into every type of model Whirlpool has to offer, so whichever you choose you’ll be sure you’re making an environmentally conscientious choice.

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Used Refrigerators – Pros And Cons

New refrigerators can cost a lot more than many families can afford, so when the time comes to get a new fridge sometimes a family benefits from selling a used refrigerator while at other times a family needing a new appliance will be looking to actually buy a used unit. There are some definite advantages to going this route as opposed to shopping brand new at full retail prices, but there are also some potential negatives to going the used route. Knowing where to find the best used refrigerators for sale is also a large part of deciding whether or not going used is a good idea or not.
The pros of going the used route include price. Obviously any used refrigerators for sale, even if they are only mildly used, will be heavily discounted compared to a brand new fridge right out of the store. Depending on how well taken care of the fridge was, there’s a decent chance that it not only works as a stop-gap but it that appliance could last several years and work just as well as a brand new model, and without having to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars more.
The potential cons are also fairly easy to recognize. There’s always the potential that a used fridge will break down earlier than a new model, and worries about being conned into buying a “jerry-rigged” fridge which will then break down later. Quality can be an issue, and you will want to keep an eye especially on very old models. Most likely you will also have to handle the transportation yourself.
If you decide the pros outweigh the cons then the first step is locating ads for used fridges. Generally speaking, you don’t find too many used appliance stores.  Because of this, looking at local classified ads is often the best way to get solid leads on where to find some cheap used or even free refrigerators. This not only includes newspapers or local penny savers, but also online sources like Craigslist or even online sites which specifically focus on serving as local online classified ads. This allows you to figure out the best options available at a local level, which is critical since you should never agree to buy used refrigerators without inspecting those appliances in person.
If you have friends who have experience with these appliances, ask for their assistance and hit up several places in one day. While they are somewhat rare, taking the time to find a used appliance store could help out immensely as many of them offer warranties on any appliances they sell, and that extra piece of mind is worth considering when looking to purchase an inexpensive used refrigerator.

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Polar King Walk In Freezers

Polar King walk-in freezers are some of the most well known in the industry, and for a good reason. The company has made a name for itself by building high-quality products that can meet all your refrigeration needs. Whether you need to own or rent, this company offers products suitable for your needs.
Perhaps you are looking for a refrigerated trailer for your next hunting trip to avoid meat wastage. Alternatively, maybe you already have a walk-in freezer and just need to have it remodeled? No problems with any of that, because there are a variety of Polar King walk-in freezers that can be built or customized to fit your exact specifications.
The primary purpose of a walk-in freezer is to store food in cold temperatures and let it stay fresh longer. Bacteria responsible for food spoilage thrive in warmer temperatures, but cannot prosper in freezing conditions.  Polar King walk-in freezers can store any food item you want — whether it’s cheese, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. — and have them all in cold storage ready for you whenever you need them.
Many people who want walk-in refrigeration applications like these are in the food industry, although there are a good number of clients from medical institutions as well. They own restaurants, cafés, delis, grocery stores, specialty food shops, and hospital kitchens or canteens.
These clients not only need to have a space to put their food items into cold storage, but they also need to turn that exact space into an organized area where the items can easily be displayed, kept, and accessed on high quality shelving.
It would be highly impractical to have a walk-in freezer where all the food is just piled up in boxes, bags, and cartons on the floor. Can you imagine the waste of time, money, and energy trying to find a cut of meat or a hunk of cheese among all that mess, every time you need it?
Furthermore, many stores nowadays do not only need quick and easy access to their wares, but they also need their customers to be able to see the items on display before buying anything. This usually happens in shops or delis that specialize in wholesale transactions, but there are some smaller establishments that now want similar capabilities as well. As a result, high-quality walk-in freezers now have modernized shelving units to allow clients easy access and enhanced display capabilities for their customers.
Clients that install the outdoor versions of Polar King walk-in freezers can also enjoy another huge advantage — they are able to save on construction costs, and avoid paying for the same space twice. If you really think about it, an outdoor walk-in freezer only needs a solid foundation (like a concrete slab) outside, and you now have extra space inside your building that you can use for other purposes.
Overall, efficient storage capabilities are a must-have for these customers, coupled with reliable cold storage capabilities. With that said, Polar King walk-in freezers are the go-to products for customers that need high-quality refrigeration solutions.

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Frost Free Fridge Freezers – What Are They?

Frost free fridge freezers are a recent innovation. In older days, freezers would acquire an enormous amount of frost around the edges and especially in the back to help create that “ice box” effect which keeps frozen foods frozen and gave the freezer its ability to keep food cool. Some early refrigerators would experience the same thing towards the back if it was set towards the highest level of cool. There are plenty of middle aged adults who probably remember having to break up the ice at the back of the fridge or the seasonal maintenance on the freezer.
Looking over reviews in search of the best frost free fridge freezers is an excellent way to save yourself a lot of maintenance and hassle. These newer models of combination refrigerator freezers are just that: frost free. By making sure that the freezers don’t accumulate frost, and that the frost or ice doesn’t spread down into the refrigerator, these appliances become much easier to keep clean and maintain. This is a huge plus, not to mention the fact that you get to maximize the space in your freezer. If you have an old model of freezer which creates frost and builds up ice, that growth keeps inching in from all sides, taking up space that could otherwise be used to store more frozen foods. By choosing to go with a frost free model, you avoid all of that hassle.
Integrated frost free refrigerator freezers are simply the models that include both a refrigerator and a freezer combination in one appliance. Most people who have a refrigerator use this type of a model. If you choose not to go for a frost free version, then that means every few months you need to take all the food out of the freezer and go to town on it with an ice scraper to remove almost all of the frost and then place all the food back in. This can be a difficult and annoying part of maintenance, and if you experience any power outage for any amount of time, a frosted freezer will cause a ridiculous mess that is not fun or easy to clean up.
Finding a cheap frost free fridge freezer can be a little difficult, as refrigerators in general are not extremely cheap. However as the technology improves to keep freezers frost free yet cold, the prices for these appliances are going to fall more and more in the average range that you would see for any type of new fridge. Searching online at comparison sites as well as classic online retailers like is a good start, but keep in mind additional shipping expenses which could easily erase any savings you find. Keep this in mind as you check out the prices of local retailers.
While it might not be huge news that many of the larger companies are moving towards making all major refrigeration and freezing units frost free, companies are even getting in on the process of making small frost-free fridge freezers in miniature size.  Whether for a man cave or for college dorm room, the ability to keep drinks, snack food, and even some frozen treats in a miniature fridge without worrying about frost is definitely going to win over many consumers.
Whether you’re looking at a full size frost free fridge freezer or simply looking for a smaller miniature freezer that won’t require the same maintenance as an older frost model, there are many options for consumers. The days of cleaning out a frosted over mess every few months should be over. Look for the new frost free freezer models and you won’t regret it.