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GE Refrigerator Prices

Information on GE refrigerator prices is critical for anyone shopping for an appliance of this type.
Thankfully, GE has such a wide range of fridge freezers available for purchase that they have models at every price point. Decide upon the appropriate category of refrigerator for your application, and review the prices for each as listed below.
GE Side-By-Side Refrigerator Prices
A staple of the modern kitchen is the American style fridge freezer. GE’s product line-up has a solid selection of these appliances. At the lower end, the MSRP of the GSH25JGBBB, GSH25JGBCC and GSH25JGBWW 25.3 cubic foot refrigerators start at $1150. These particular models are generously featured feature freestanding fridges.
The most expensive side by side refrigerator from GE is the PSB48YSXSS. This very high-end unit has an MSRP of just under $7000, putting it in the stratospheric range of expensive brands such as Sub-Zero price wise. This particular stainless steel GE refrigerator freezer is a full 48″ Side-by-side unit and is fully built-in for a seamless installation.
GE Top Freezer Refrigerator Prices
Top mounted freezer units are a modest design than side-by-sides, and the cost of these refrigerators reflects that. The cheapest unit – the GTS18ABBRWW – has a capacity of 18.1 cubic feet, and an MSRP of only $550; bump the price up to $600 and the GTJ18EBBBB energy star refrigerator is still a very reasonably priced option.
The cream of the crop in the GE Top-Freezer refrigerator selection is the GE profile PTS25SHSSS.  This 25 cubic foot unit is relatively large for the top mounted freezer form factor, and its recommended retail price is $2100. Note that these units – like many others – are often eligible for GE appliance rebates, especially when purchased as part of package.
GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Prices
Shoppers seeking an attractive bottom-freezer refrigerator from GE will be well served by the moderately priced GBSC0HBXCC, GBSC0HBXBB or GBSC0HBXWW models. At $1100 MSRP these Energy Star rated devices are the cheapest refrigerator of this style from GE.
The GE Profile PGCS1PJZSS, on the other hand, is considerably more expensive. This beautiful stainless steel fridge features an attractive stainless steel finish, beautiful freezer drawers, and ample high-end features. Being a counter-depth refrigerator is has a relatively modest capacity of just over 20 cubic feet, but for those who value that type of styling the $3300 MSRP may be appealing.
GE Compact Refrigerator Prices
When a good deal is important, GE compact refrigerator pricing makes them very competitive offerings. The GE Spacemaker – model GMR02BANWW – is a small fridge with only 1.7 cubic feet of capacity. With a recommended price of $144, this unit makes a great dorm refrigerator, home office fridge, or cheap mini bar fridge.
At the high-end, the GMR06AAZBB lists for $339. With 5.7 cu. Ft. of capacity, this refrigerator is the most expensive in the – admittedly limited – GE mini refrigerator selection.
Clearly, with the wide diversity of GE fridge freezers available for purchase, the cost of GE refrigerators varies greatly. However, no matter what a purchaser’s budget they will easily find GE refrigerator prices they can afford.

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Chest Freezers On Sale

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for great bargains, and shoppers seeking chest freezers are no exception.
Anyone who is in the market for one of these appliances is well served by seeking out chest freezers on sale. Thankfully there are plentiful sources of cheap chest freezers available for discerning buyers.
One great source for cheap chest freezers is the online retailer Compact Appliance. They offer 10% off Select Home Appliances + No Sales Tax (Excludes NY) + Free Delivery on $1199, the combination of which makes them a very competitive seller.
One great model on offer is the Haier HMCM106EA 10.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Chest Freezer in White but there also many other great deep freezers.
Home Depot also frequently has some great chest freezer specials. One advantage to purchasing from a local Home Depot is that it can eliminate expensive shipping costs that some of the less generous online stores impose on buyers.
Chest freezers are one of the most expensive purchases you can make if you are required to pay for the shipping yourself!
By buying locally you can save on that additional cost by picking up a model like the 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer in White (reduced from $449) from your local big box store.
This is a great value discount chest freezer selection.

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EdenPURE Reviews

Edenpure portable heaters are small appliances that have been getting a lot of press lately due to their extensive television advertising – they are even endorsed by the actor who portrayed the character Al in the old sitcom Home Improvement.
Before making the decision to purchase an Edenpure heater however, it is wise to take a look at some Edenpure reviews before committing. Whilst their advertising would have consumers’ thinks an Edenpure portable heater is the best thing since sliced bread, they do have some detractors.
Rather than using alternatives such as heating coils, kerosene or propane heating, Edenpure heaters utilized infrared heating to warm your home.  An Edenpure Infrared Portable Quartz Heater therefore heats using a somewhat different technology.
Many Edenpure reviewers are quick to point out the low operating temperatures of these heaters. Compared to traditional heaters – which have very hot surfaces – these devices provide a lot of heat to their surroundings while minimizing the temperature of the unit itself; this makes these infrared heaters less likely to cause fire.

Edenpure reviews often appreciate the wide model selection available from this firm. The low end EdenPURE Personal heater is well regarded for small rooms. The EdenPURE GEN3 and newer more efficient EdenPure Gen4 Quartz Heater are great sellers for larger areas. These units are expected to provide reliable service for 10 years or more, and the heating bulbs are easily replaceable.

The Edenpure signature heater with air purifier is their high end unit with built in humidifier. It is capable of heating up to one thousand square feet and is easily portable due to its rolling casters. With three power settings this model can be readily used in small or large rooms as a heat source. It also comes with a remote control for easy use from across the room when tucked up snug in your bed.
Some reviewers do some have negative things to say about Edenpure heaters. The major item is some concern that they produce insufficient heat for the price. On the other hand, the additional safety of the low operating temperatures more than makes up for this for some. If this item concerns you then you are probably better off choosing one of the larger Edenpure models.
Overall the Edenpure reviews out there are as a whole rather positive, with only limited negative comments about these infrared heaters.

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Frigidaire LGHC2342LF Deal

AJ Madison is selling the Frigidaire LGHC2342LF refrigerator at a pretty good price.
To buy the Frigidaire Gallery FGHS2342LF 22.6 cu. ft. Side By Side Refrigerator click here.
Frigidaire Gallery FGHS2342LF 22.6 cu. ft. Side By Side Refrigerator with 3 Glass SpillSafe Shelves, 2 Humidity Controlled Crispers, Energy Saver Plus Cycle, Ex
It is possible to get a great price on this Frigidaire side-by-side fridge freezer by utilizing their easily available 10% off ‘moving’ coupon. You can request one of these coupons at the Lowes website – you do not actually have to move.
Lowes has also been having another 10% discount on Energy Star appliances periodically through the year. As of today this does not appear to be active, but if it returns you may be able to stack it with the moving coupon for a 20% discount.
The refrigerator itself – its full name is ‘Frigidaire Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator’ is an attractive Stainless Steel model. It gets good reviews by buyers on Lowes website.
Frigidaire strives to foster a reputation as an upscale manufacturer. One great feature of this particular fridge is that it is a counter depth refrigerator, and as such does not really stick out into the kitchen too much. While not quite an integrated fridge – it does not support custom door fronts – counter depth refrigerators like this one are very similar in design.
Note that integrated style fridges are usually very expensive. So while at first glance this model may not seem cheap, it is very competitively priced in comparison to similarly designed models.
A nice touch on the exterior of this American style fridge freezer are a blue light that glows to illuminate the ice and water dispenser when in use, helping to prevent spills. Another handy feature is the temperature display on the front, which provides the user a reliable indicator as to whether everything is in order or not.

Buy a refrigerator from AJ Madison today!

If you have been eyeing the purchase of a new counter depth refrigerator, the Frigidaire LGHC2342LF is definitely a worthwhile contender at this discounted price – especially if you can get some coupons!

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Cheap Refrigerators

Advertisers and manufacturers would have their consumers believe that bigger is always better; but the truth is that more modest cheap refrigerators can be a great option for many people.
The fact is, there are literally hundreds of appliance options out there available for purchase, and each one will be appropriate for someone. Instead of always going for the most fancy and most high-tech piece of equipment, consider addressing your needs while staying within your budget. Below are some helpful advice and tips on how to locate a great cheap refrigerator without compromising either your requirements or your budget.

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In modern households, refrigeration is an absolute necessity. While most renters have their appliances taken care of by a landlord, homeowners are often faced with the challenge of fridge shopping. Whether you are purchasing your first discount refrigerator or upgrading an existing one, you will be faced with countless brands and features to choose from. They will all claim to offer the best option, so how do you finalize your purchase decision?
Before even beginning your search, it is important to identify exactly what type of cheap fridge freezers you are looking for. Remember that the term cheap refrigerator is a relative one. Some will prefer a small compact fridge, while others absolutely require a full-sized American style fridge freezer.
When shopping for a good price, it is important to analyze the features that you are getting in relation to the money you are spending. Consider elements such as size, capacity, style, features, and – of course – price range when purchasing cheap refridgerators.
By making a list of the above-listed items, you will not have to face the considerable challenge of being bombarded with absolutely every option, and feeling overwhelmed or pressured to buy a unit that is beyond your price range and not the best fit for your needs.
Before embarking on your search, know the space you are shopping for. Take measurements of your kitchen area and know exactly where the fridge is to be placed, in order to find a unit that fits properly into the intended area. The size of your fridge should not only be a consideration of the relative kitchen space, but also of the number of people within your household and accordingly, how much your cheap refrigerator will be required to hold. A cheap small refrigerator can be a false economy.
Identify which way you will need the fridge door to swing, to avoid awkward maneuvering during cooking and cleaning. Also, identify whether you will want your freezer to be above, below or beside the fridge compartment.
Is your kitchen finished or unfinished? Regardless of whether you are remodeling or simply replacing an out-of-date appliance, your low price refrigerator will be an investment. Be sure that the style and design that you are purchasing is not only practical, but also fits in with the overall intended design and decor of the kitchen. Ensure that the cheap refrigerator you buy is a good match for your needs.
If you are going for a modern look, stainless steel is currently one of the most popular styles, but if your kitchen is more traditional, you may choose a slightly less flashy design. Remember that different trends in appliances will be priced according to popularity and demand, so be wary of heightened prices on very basic units.

Once you have addressed all of the above-listed considerations, you may begin your search for discount refrigerators. Once your research has begun you may find that you need to adjust your requirements or price range accordingly, but being aware of exactly what it is you are looking for and exactly how much you are willing to spend will make it much easier to find the perfect refrigerator cheap.