Chillers from McQuay International

McQuay international is a member of the Daikin group, and is well known for its selection of chillers.
McQuay water-cooled chillers are available with a variety of compressor types, and are suitable for any budget and application. Their chiller sizes start as small as 30 tons – 35 kW – and range as large as 2700 – 9450 kW. Rely on efficient, reliable and silent McQuay chillers for your job.
The large Dual Compressor Centrifugal chiller ranges in capacity from 400-2700 tons. They offer substantial installation savings as they basically provide commercial customers with two chillers in one. By utilizing positive pressure R-134a refrigerant, this hardware requires much less install space than comparable R-123 dependent designs.
On the small end, a McQuay Scroll compressor is ideal when your needs range between the 30 and 200 ton range. These units are small enough that a 130-ton model can be taken inside through a standard door, which proves very hand for interior installs. Operating as low as 72dbA, these units also have the lack of noise necessary for indoors operation. As well as this, they have the advantages of modern R-410A refrigerant, which will never require retrofitting due to phase-out schedules.
In between these two models is the McQuay Single Compressor Centrifugal. With output between 200 and 125 tons Рdepending on model chosen Рthis is a good midrange selection  This range features unparalleled tonnage per square foot, which is ideal for optimizing usage of your equipment room. Also includes are variable speed drives which provide partial load efficiencies during operation. McQuay also offers Air Cooled Chillers. The Daikin McQuay Pathfinder chiller is noted for its innovative screw chiller design. With a capacity of 550 tons, it features the RapidRestore option allowing for quick restarts after brief power outages ; the compressor can fire back up in as little as 30 seconds. Available with three different efficiency levels Рpremium, high or standard Рbuyers can choose variable frequency drives, which allow lower energy usage when the cooler is operated at partial load.
As well as coolers, McQuay offers many other related products. They also deal in Air Handlers – both indoor and outdoor models, condensers, and water source heat pumps. Also worthy of note, for those in earthquake prone areas, is that many items in the McQuay equipment line have been granted IBC seismic qualifications by the International code council.