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Refrigerator Review Considerations

When it comes time to buy a new fridge freezer for your home, it is important to thoroughly review refrigerators you are contemplating for purchase. You cannot simply go out and buy the first refrigeration option you see in stores, there are many factors to be considered first. Something as simple as buying too large a fridge could mean it doesn’t fit in your kitchen!  Here I list a brief checklist of some the more important items to consider.
Refrigerator Size
How large is the refrigerator you are looking at?  The first factor to consider is if you will be able to fit it into your home and your kitchen. A full set of measurements of the desired install space should be collected before going refrigerator shopping.
Also, take note of any access restrictions that might cause issues during delivery. Is your hallway narrow? Are there tight stairwells between the street and your apartment?  While have a large fridge freezer is great, they are of no use if they cannot fit into your home.
Ratio of Fridge to Freezer Space
Analyze your current refrigeration solution. Where do you currently find yourself space constrained?  Is your freezer always full, but your refrigerator half empty?  This suggests you need to purchase a replacement model that has a larger proportion of freezer versus refrigerator space than your current model.
If you purchase – or hunt for – bulk meat then a large freezer is going to be critical for you. If your diet consists largely of fresh produce, then the freezer may not be important to you. You will instead be interested in generously sized vegetable crispers.
Refrigerator Configuration
Stylistic preferences also come into play. Some people are happy with the traditional top freezer mounted devices, while others will accept nothing than the latest trend of French Door Style fridge freezers.
Do you prefer the freezer at the top or the bottom of the fridge?  Do you prefer them to be side-by-side?  What about color and finish?  There are options available in white, black, stainless steel and more.
Refrigerator Freezer Functionality
All fridges work a little differently. Before buying a new appliance, take some time to check out the controls. Is the thermostat easily accessible and easy to adjust? If not, consider if that matters to you.
Many modern – and more expensive – refrigerators have multiple temperature zones that claim to help preserve foods better. Do useful sounding features like this sound beneficial to you? If so, they may be worth looking for.
Refrigerator Energy Usage
Often overlooked is the energy usage of a modern refrigerator. While a not more efficient than fridge freezers of old, they still do consume quite a bit of electricity. Investing in an Energy Star rated model can help reduce the operating cost of your unit over the years that you will own it.
Refrigerator Pricing
Of course, no refrigerator review would be complete without factoring in the units cost. Sometimes a particular model may seem great for you, but it is just too expensive to be a rational purchase.
However, do not be tempted to compromise on must have functionality simply to save a few dollars on a cheap refrigerator. It is important to take the price of the unit into account with the other factors discussed above, and not focus solely on the dollar number.

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Looking for the Best Ice Cream Freezers?

An ice cream freezer is a very popular appliance, but there is often a little bit of confusion when shopping for them as more than one type of appliance might be called this. Part of the reason for this is that many people refer to an ice cream maker or an ice cream machine as being the same thing as an ice cream freezer. While the first two certainly have a part of the machine that acts like a freezer (otherwise they wouldn’t be able to make ice cream at all), normally when someone is thinking about an ice cream freezer you’re talking about a business appliance for an ice cream truck, convenience store, or ice cream shop. However technically the freezer that helps produce soft serve ice cream can also be referred to as an ice cream freezer, so this article will cover both common types.
The commercial display ice cream freezers
These are the kind that many people are used to seeing. These are box freezers specifically designed to hold ice cream and other frozen products, and include glass tops to allow customers to see what’s inside. These are very common in convenience stores, gas stations, and ice cream stores. Several different styles are also offered depending on the specific needs of the retailer. For example, in a convenience store normally the freezer will be a simple rectangular box model with sliding doors at the top which allows a customer to see what they want, then open those doors and grab whatever tickles their fancy.
On the other hand, the kind you see in an ice cream store like a Cold Stone’s or a Baskin Robins are going to be different. These will be set up in a similar way, but with an additional glass shield so customers can see what is on offer, but then the worker behind the counter is the one who has to scoop out the ice cream from their side. There are even some ice cream stores that may have both types of freezers on hand and many different businesses find these useful.
Soft serve ice cream freezers
One way to think about this type of ice cream freezer is to imagine it as more of an ice cream maker slash ice cream freezer. These machines are very commonly seen in ice cream stores as well, and even in general restaurants who also serve ice cream. These freezers are generally silver in appearance and look like a long rectangle shape. The ingredients are mixed in the back, the freezer does its work, and soft serve ice cream ends up being the result. These sometimes appear as much larger “bulk freezers” where a lot of ice cream can be mixed at once. This is a common practice for ice cream shops or stores that specialize in blizzards, flavored ice cream, or any other type of set up where a lot of vanilla has flavors and additions added in to create the complete project. These can come in very small sizes or in very large sizes, depending on the specific need of the business.
Other types of ice cream freezers
Most of the other ice cream freezers are one variety or the other of those two types, and can include the large shelved units you see in grocery stores that sell ice cream, although those are usually just referred to as large or walk in display freezers and not specifically as ice cream freezers.
For large display ice cream freezers the prices can start as low as $1,300 and run as high as $12,000 for the newer and most top of the line models, while the smaller ice cream freezers that also provide soft serve ice cream often start up around $4,500 and can go upwards of $16,000 or even higher.

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Comparing Sharp Refrigerator Models

Shopping for a fridge can often be a worrisome and headache filled task. After all, a fridge is an expensive investment that your family will rely on every single day. Luckily, there are some brands of appliances that you can turn to when you do not know where to start looking for your next fridge. Sharp, a company that has been producing appliances since 1912, has been a trusted brand in households for almost one hundred years. Taking a look at Sharp refrigerators is a good way to begin your next appliance hunt.
Sharp SJF60 Models
This French door style refrigerator has been a go-to for many households who want the side by side feature. The internal shelf width of 77 centimeters means that you will have room to store anything from large party platters to jugs of milk. The tempered glass shelving is removable, allowing you to clean up messes easily. These shelves are also easy to adjust in height to accommodate larger items. The lower half of this fridge is divided into drawers that help maintain crispness and freshness of vegetables and fruit. The freezer is pull-out, with about half of the storage volume as the fridge. This model comes in brushed silver, white, regular silver, or stainless steel finishes.
Overall, customers seem happy with this model. They enjoy the ease and convenience of the shelving design as well as the ample space for food items. Users also love the separated freezer drawers that allow separation of meat and veggies. Do not worry about the ice maker, as customers have no problems. Some, though, comment that some door finishes are easy to dent and scratch, although this is common with all stainless steel appliances.
Sharp SJF602/SJF653 Models
For those who are looking to spend a little more on a fridge, consider looking into this model of Sharp fridge. This four door fridge contains more features than the Sharp model listed above, many that are a perfect solution to many household problems. For example, a child lock will help keep wandering hands out of your food. The “holiday” mode can help cool food more efficiently while you go in and out of your fridge often during the holiday season. This fridge is also a little larger than the previous model, the fridge and freezer sections both larger. This model comes in a basic black finish and also a black stainless steel, which customers explain is easily cleaned with a vinegar solution.
According to Sharp refrigerator reviews, users seem very pleased with this model of fridge. Many customers claim their food is kept fresh longer with the ionizing system built in to this model. Although this fridge costs more than other models, “it seems like money well spent” one mother commented. Shelving, though, is not so easily removed for cleaning. Another user had to replace the LED lights after about three months, a service that requires a professional. This was covered by a two year warranty, though, but could be a problem in the future.
The Sharp Name
Overall, there are some considerations to keep in mind when dealing with any Sharp products. First and foremost, customer service and support in some areas is almost non-existent. Thus, before purchasing any model of Sharp refrigerators, look and see if there is a certified dealer and repair shop in your area. Even if you do have a repairman nearby, some customers still complain of parts and services taking a long time. If you do have a service shop nearby and do not mind waiting a while for service, feel good investing in these refrigerators, as customers seem happy with a quality investment.

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Looking at Models of the Daewoo Fridge Freezer Combo

If you have been looking for an economical, low priced food cooler, you may have come across some the Daewoo fridge freezer combo models. But are these appliances to be trusted? Is the low price a great deal or an indicator of future mechanical problems? Below, two models of relatively inexpensive Daewoo fridge freezers have been compared and scrutinized for quality and reliability. So before purchasing your Daewoo fridge, take a look at some of these customer reviews.
The Daewoo FR-640
With almost 525L of storage capacity, this refrigerator is a good choice for those interested in quality bulk storage without the hassle of extra features. This fridge/freezer combo contains safety glass shelving, a 4.5 energy rating, and frost free technology. The freezer is also large for a fridge of this build, holding around 160L. Lots of shelf space and two vegetable crispers also mean that you will not be at loss for storage options. This model also comes with a two year warranty on electronics and a five year warranty on the compressor. For around $900, this fridge is a good size, operates quietly, and consumes little energy.
Customers also seem happy with this model. One user purchased this Daewoo fridge as overflow storage cooler for his basement (to hold drinks, store meat, etc.) This customer remarks that the fridge is very quiet and is energy conscious choice. This fridge is also a good size for the price.

The Daewoo FR-4501

The Daewoo FR-4501 has been touted as the cheapest fridge for the space it provides. With a 405L fridge capacity and a 125L freezer space (top mounted), you can cool a lot of food for around $800. Although this model does not contain many of the bells and whistles that some more expensive fridges have, it is marketed at the “basic investment” for your kitchen. This fridge also has a four star energy rating and is CFC free.
But problems arise when you take this fridge home. One customer complains that this model of fridge broke down four times in one year after purchasing it. After demanding a new replacement fridge, these homeowners experienced the same problem with the new model. Another customer said the exact same thing; after a couple of months of use, the freezer starts making an unbearably loud “airplane” noise while cooling. The fridge compartment controls also fail, freezing all food in the cooler. Needless to say, customers do not recommend this fridge.
History of the Daewoo Name

A variety of different Daewoo companies survive today as one of the largest, most diverse company conglomerates in Korea. Amongst the heavy machinery and industrial supply corporations of the Daewoo subdivisions, Daewoo Electronics was born in 1971. This company has risen to the top as the number three largest electronics firm from the region, just under Samsung and LG
Purchasing from Daewoo
If you are looking in to purchasing a Daewoo fridge freezer combo, make sure to read some customer reviews before opening your pocketbook. Customers claim that the lower grade appliances made by this company are not worth purchasing, but that the more expensive models work well and are reliable. Also, make sure that you have an appliance store in your area that will deal with Daewoo parts and repairs.