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Choosing the Right Brand of Commercial Refrigerators

Restaurant owners, convenience store operators, and home owners alike have all come to appreciate the importance of commercial refrigerators for a number of different needs. Since home grade appliances can only do so much, many turn to the reliability and sturdy construction of a commercial grade machine. But how do you make the best investment for your business? What tips should you keep in mind to get the best fridge for your money?
Finding Brands of Commercial Fridges
Whether you’re loyal to a specific brand or simply looking for a quality fridge, finding a reputable brand to buy  is important. But how do you make sure that the brand you choose is the right one. When shopping for a large investment such as a commercial fridge, remember:

  • Consumer and customer reviews count
  • Look at fridges and freezers in kitchens around your area
  • Pay attention to warranty
  • Always be concerned with safety, energy, and inspection ratings
  • Ask your local appliance store for their opinion

Frigidaire is a leader in the commercial fridge industry, offering a wide range of different coolers for a variety of different needs. This company also offers appliances in all different price ranges, backing up their models with warranties (including service and parts). Just be aware that this refrigerator and freezer company offers more than just commercial items. When looking for a Frigidaire refrigerator for your business, always make sure that the specific fridge you are interested in matches safety and inspection specifications.
Summit commercial fridges also receive high reviews in the restaurant and food handling world. Meeting all safety and inspection standards, choose these fridges if you’re looking for a built-in fridge model, as this company produces many under counter and smaller installed coolers. Summit also offers a variety of different beverage merchandisers that can be used for a variety of cold items as well as drinks. All built in models are also tested for heat safety.
Delfield is a very diverse company that produces a number of different commercial kitchen appliances. From cooled prep tablesto under counter fridges, you can come to this reputable company for a number of different purchase needs. In the refrigerator and freezer department, look to Delfield for appliances ranging from merchandisers to walk in coolers. But while finding parts for a universal company such as Frigidaire will be easy, you’ll have to rely on an appliance company or store to order parts for this brand of commercial fridge.
Choosing Your Brand of Commercial Appliance
When looking out for the brand to choose for your commercial refrigerators and freezers, choose the right company by looking at customer reviews, warranties, and inspection ratings. As always, there are universal brand that can be a fairly reliable source to come to when making a large culinary investment, such as Frigidaire, Summit, and Delfield.

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Four Aspects of Medical Freezers

From extremely low temperatures to unique locking mechanisms, medical freezers offer many different features that a normal fridge cannot. Medical freezers can maintain extremely constant temperatures and can be installed with alarms to keep your most vital medicine and lab specimen safe. So how, exactly, do medical freezers differ from normal home coolers?

The major difference between regular and normal freezers is a variance in temperature abilities. For vaccines and tissue storage, a medical freezer must be much cooler to maintain a constant and sterile environment. Depending on needs and location, a freezer can be a variety of different temperatures, including:

  • Home: For the home, a freezer should stay around -17 degrees Celsius. This temperature can fluctuate greatly without harm to freezer contents.
  • Restaurant: While most restaurant freezers stay around the temperature of a home freezer, some specialty foods require temperatures that plummet to -30 degrees Celsius. These temperatures may also change slightly without harm.
  • Medical: These freezers must remain much cooler for vaccine and specimen storage. You can purchase vaccine freezers that maintain temperatures down to anywhere from -30 to -86 degrees Celsius (the lowest medical freezer storage capacity for labs.) Interestingly, some cool storage can dip down to an amazing -209 degrees Celsius in cryobanks.

The most important temperature feature of these freezers is the fact that they can maintain extremely precise temperatures that don’t fluctuate like most appliances do. In the medical field, it’s important to keep a steady temperature and humidity, a main component of most medical freezers.

Locking Mechanisms
Locking mechanisms and alarms are another specialized aspect of medical freezers that differ from normal commercial coolers. Often, expensive and vital specimens, evidence, and medicine are stored in medical grade freezers. Because of this, locks and alarms can be easily installed in most of these appliances. If security is especially important to you, it’s a good idea to inspect a model of the freezer before purchasing. If you can’t clearly see the locking mechanism, ask a sales representative about the engineering that goes into keeping your cold items secure.

Installation versus Portability
There is a wide variety of models and installation types of medical freezers that tailor make them for a number of different situations. Chest coolers are common for bulk storage. If you know that you’ll be in and out of your freezer often (such as in a lab), consider purchasing an upright freezer. Multiple compartments will make sure that temperature is isolated and kept constant. Portable freezers are a good idea for tissue transport. Be aware that these smaller models can’t maintain as even of temperature.
Choosing a Medical Freezer
Often, medical freezers tout many different features that normal freezers do not. These aspects can include extremely low temperatures, mechanical locks, alarms and even portability and installation options. When choosing your medical freezer, you may also want to inspect the model before purchasing to make sure that all of your special features are up to par

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Choosing Delfield Refrigerators for Home Use

Delfield refrigerators have long been a staple in professional kitchens and commercial food handling companies. But in the home, a Delfield fridge is another story. Before purchasing a commercial refrigerator or cooler for domestic use, take a couple of important tips into mind which will help you decide whether or not a large fridge is perfect for your home.

About the Brand
The Delfield Company makes more than just refrigerators. In fact, this commercial kitchen manufacturer makes all sorts of products for restaurant use. From stainless steel prep tables to cooled food display cases, Delfield is the company that many commercial food companies turn to for their professional equipment. Many homeowners turn to Delfield refrigerators for this very reason. If you’ve been looking into a commercial grade fridge for your home, Delfield may be a good company to make your selection from.

Fridges for You Home
When choosing a commercial fridge for your home, there are many different considerations to keep in mind. It’s important to remember that buying a commercial refrigerator is much different than buying a fridge build for home use. When looking into and purchasing restaurant grade refrigerators remember:

  • Size Matters: Commercial fridges are larger, bulkier, and less streamline than some domestic counterparts. These coolers are also less attractive aesthetically, so putting them in the middle of your country kitchen may not be a good choice.
  • Noise: A refrigerator for a restaurant doesn’t need to be quiet, coolers and fans often much louder than a fridge for home use. So, if you do choose one of these commercial models, make sure that the noise won’t drive you crazy.
  • Power Consumption versus Storage Space: Are you going to use all of the expansive fridge space? Is this space worth the extra power that the fridge will consume?
  • Child Safety: Commercial fridges do not in any way take child safety into consideration, as restaurant kitchens are no place for children. If you have small kids, know that they may be in danger around these large, industrial appliances.
  • Bonus Features: You won’t have access to nifty drawers, door shelves, and ice and water dispensers with a commercial fridge. If these aspects are important to you, consider purchasing a domestic fridge.

Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Fridge
So how do you know if a commercial fridge is right for you home? For some people, a commercial fridge is a perfect solution for a food storage problem. For others, a commercial fridge is a waste of space, energy, and cooler potential. One of these industrial, nonsense-free cooler models might be an option for you if:

  • Your fridge is always full: If you have a large family and a family fridge isn’t enough, consider investing in a commercial restaurant fridge.
  • You need to freeze bulk: Don’t forget that Delfield makes large, restaurant freezers that are perfect for bulk meats such as wild came and beef.
  • Home businesses: Starting a business at home? Delfield fridges pass most food handling inspections.

A Commercial Fridge for Home Use
So, are Delfield refrigerators right for you home and needs? Consider purchasing a commercial fridge if you will be able to utilize the space and energy. Realize that larger fridges will be noisier and a little harder on the eyes. But for those who need to store a lot of food, these coolers are almost a must. If you don’t have a pressing need for a large, restaurant grade fridge, consider sticking with a roomier home model of appliance.

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All About Thermador Appliances

Thermador has long been a leading name in the appliance world. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Thermador has been producing innovated kitchen appliances that have changed the way that many cook. Most know Thermador for its oven and food heating technology, but what experience does the company have with making refrigerators and freezers? Should they be trusted with the most vital part of your cooking experience?
A Historical Timeline of Thermador Appliances
1916- The Thermador company is launched by William E. Cranston, producing electrical items such as built-in and portable heathers.
1930- 14 years after the initial beginnings of the Thermador company, Cranston decided to merge his own business with another independent company lead by H.H. Fogwell. This merge created the Thermador Electrical Manufacturing Company.
1940’s- The new company pioneers in the market of cooking appliances and evaporative coolers, better known as refrigerators.
1943- Thermador receives the distinguished Army-Navy E Award for their innovations in the installation of cutting edge insulation that withstood drastic temperature and humidity changes.
1947- The first built in wall oven is released by Thermador, an appliance that is installed in many homes today.
1960’s- The company releases matching appliances including stovetops, ovens, refrigerators and freezers. Stoves contain self-cleaning technology and speed cooking features.
1969- Thermador appliances appear in the famous Brady Bunch television show.
1970’s- Thermador refrigeration model sales peak when Julia Child’s revolutionary cooking show uses the appliances exclusively.
1995- Professional stovetops created with sealed burners, the “Star Burner” a revolution in cooking. These heating elements cook evenly, compared to some other stovetop models.
2002- Oven time is reduces by up to 75% with new Jet Impingement Ovens.
2006- Separate refrigeration columns become a feature in new cooling appliances, allowing the fridge and freezer to be installed separately to suit the individual family’s needs. The Freedom Collection becomes a cutting edge fridge technology.
The Freedom Refrigerator and Freezer Collection
While you may have seen many models of Thermador fridges in appliance stores and home departments, the most revolutionary line of cooling appliances is the Thermador Freedom Collection. But why is this appliance line the most noteworthy? With these appliances, you don’t have to be buckled down to a fridge and freezer combo. All different sections of the appliance separate, allowing you to install them wherever works best in your kitchen. You are able to potentially purchase large individual components, which can be a great asset if you are into freezer cooking – a practice that requires a lot of frozen food storage space. With these models, you can even find customized wooden door pieces that can match any decor.
Thermador Kitchen Appliances
With a long history of innovation and a passion for cutting edge technology, Thermador might be the answer you’re looking for. Even though Thermador is famous for their heating appliances, don’t hesitate to turn to them for you fridge and freezers. Lots of models means options to choose from, but the Freedom Collection is a great choice for diversity and unique installation.

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Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer Review

When it comes to upright freezer models, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of different models to choose from out there. Deciding on the right appliance can be difficult, especially if you don’t know much about a company, its reputation, or its history. However, online resources make it easy to research the actual experiences many consumers have had with a product and finding a good Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review, for example, is probably easier than it’s ever been. While this might seem hard to believe at first glance, when you’re talking about a popular model from the Frigidaire Gallery series, it makes reviews even easier to track down because of just how many there have been.
Frigidaire freezers are among some of the best known and popular among consumers. Because of this, it’s not surprising to find that there are hundreds of consumer reviews online for many of the models of stand up freezers that Frigidaire produces. However, not everyone is going to be satisfied with just a few lines from a consumer. For a more extensive Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review you’ve come to the right place!
The appearance of the Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB upright freezer is simple but elegant with a black outside finish. The inside reveals a simple but functional set up with three baskets and three shelves.
Details or Specs
This model of freezer offers 16.6 cubic feet of storage space and the door features a small alarm that goes off if the door is open too long, helping to prevent anyone from accidentally leaving the freezer door open. The freezer is well lit, allowing for an easy search no matter how much frozen food is being stored inside of the unit.
Average Customer Reviews
One of the major selling points of the Gallery Series GLFH17F8HB upright freezer is that the average customer reviews for this model are extremely positive across many different review sites. As of 2011 this freezer had four and a half stars out of five from thousands of customer reviews across sites like, AJ Madison, Abt Electronics & Appliances, and Full House Appliances. The overwhelming consensus is that this is a very good model of freezer, with most complaints being relatively minor, such as “wish it was fingerprint proof” or “easy to smudge front requires cleaning.”
Average Price Range
No Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review would be complete without the average price range for these appliances. Retail prices can actually vary quite a bit on this model, with many advertised online retail rates varying from $535 on the low end up to $728 on the high end.
If this particular model does not meet your needs, do not forget that there is  a wide range of other Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers available.

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Electrolux: The Company Behind the Refrigerator Freezer Brand

The Electrolux Group, often simply called Electrolux for short, is a Swedish appliance maker who specializes in home appliances for the average home and consumer. As of 2010, they were also considered the second largest appliance maker in the world, coming in behind only Whirlpool. This impressive fact only begins to scratch the surface of why Electrolux fridges and freezers have been so highly thought of by consumers. If you haven’t heard of this company, there’s a good chance it’s because they not only sell appliances under the Electrolux name, but this group also owns dozens of other brand names which they sell various appliances and products under.
While many people may think of vacuum cleaners, washers and dryers, or dishwashers when they think of the Electrolux, the history of this company making refrigeration units goes way back, all the way to 1925 when they produced their very first refrigerator. Currently, the company boasts of over 52,000 employees and making sales in the billions of dollars. While recent news stories on the company seem to pay attention to their “robotic vacuums,” there’s little doubt by the sales numbers that Electrolux freezers are selling just fine with or without any extra media attention.
In modern markets the specific Electrolux line of fridges and freezers focuses on the extremely high quality appliances which can be used either commercially or for an out of the world home set up. Don’t expect to find a refrigerator freezer from this manufacturer for less than $2,000 and many models go for as high as $5,000. These are extremely high quality, but you are going to have to pay for it.
Currently there are 17 models of refrigerators which are directly available from Electrolux, but the consumer has the option of minor customization on each one. All these models are available with 23 cubic feet or 28 cubic feet, with a choice between the trademarked Wave-Touch or IQ-Touch control panel. In addition, almost all of the full sized refrigerators come in three different colors or shades: white, black, and stainless steel. These options allow for a wide selection when it comes to Electrolux fridges. In addition, this company offers full sized refrigerators in French door style, side-by-side door style, or even one “built in all” model.
While they may not have started out with the intention of becoming one of the premiere high end names in refrigerators and freezers, it makes sense that a company so devoted to producing other household and kitchen appliances would naturally also make the transition to also take care of a family’s refrigeration and freezing needs.
The Electrolux fridge line isn’t for consumers on a budget but there’s little denying that between the options, quality of construction, and reputation for making great products that they are going to continue to give Maytag a run for their money. This company’s long history of creating various Electrolux appliances shows a constant theme of high quality and as long as the future continues that trend these will continue to be some of the best selling fridge freezers around.

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Maytag M1TXEMMWW Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

If you’re looking specifically for a Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator review then you’ve probably already heard good things about this particular model and are now looking for specific information. Maytag is one of the largest producers of home appliances in the world, and when it comes to the M1TXEMMWW, this particular Maytag refrigerator stands up as extremely high quality and outperforms most comparable models. On average this fridge falls anywhere from the $550 to $800 range and comes in a variety of colors and with some adjustable options that consumers will find helpful.
When it comes to specs, the Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator comes in with 21 cubic feet of storage volume, uses a mere 416 kilowatt hours of energy a year, and is Energy Star qualified. While white is the standard color there are options (at additional cost) for getting a model in bisque, black, or stainless steel as well. Gallon door storage allows for convenient placement of milk while the freezer volume comes in at 6.5 cubic feet. The shelves in the fridge are made of glass and this model does come with an ice maker, which is a definite perk. The manufacturer also backs up this top freezer refrigerator with a one year warranty.
While Maytag has experienced some stumbles in the past, this particular model seems to enjoy a fairly universal positive review from many consumer sites. Common comments from consumer reviews include special recognition for this model for being both roomy and quiet, and the old problems Maytag has had from time to time with breakdowns seem to not affect this particular model at all.
As with any refrigerator there are both pros and cons associated with this particular Maytag model. While these lists are hardly comprehensive, reading over the hundreds of online reviews and tests come up with these lists of the most common pros and cons.
Positives of the Maytag M1TXEMMWW: runs very quietly, Energy Star-compliant, reversible door for convenience, ice maker, very reasonable pricing, & adjustable door bins.
Negatives of the Maytag M1TXEMMWW: skipped spill-proofing the shelves, the gallon door storage only has room for one gallon and that’s it, and there’s no water dispenser to go with the ice maker.
This particular model has a lot to offer consumers, and hopefully this Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator review has really helped to open your eyes to everything that this particular top freezer fridge has to offer.
21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator in White M1TXEMMWW

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Open, Hermetic and Semi-Hermetic Compressors

Hermetic compressors are frequently found in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. This article explores the attributes of this type of compressor.
What does Hermetic Mean?
In order to understand what a hermetic compressor is the first thing to do is understand what hermetic means. Something that is hermetic has been made ‘airtight by fusion or sealing’. In the case of compressors, this is usually done by welding the shell of the device together.
Hermetic Compressors
In a hermetic compressor, the components are isolated from the outside world. The compressor – and often the motor – is integrated within the refrigerant system. These units present the disadvantage that they can be difficult to service.
Accessing a compressor for repairs when it is sealed within a welded system is obviously not practical in the field without serious equipment. This means that often times an entire compressor system needs to be removed and replaced in case of failure of one of the components.
Semi Hermetic Compressors
An alternative to the hermetic compressor is the semi-hermetic compressor. These are similar in design but have one significant difference. In semi hermetic compressors the casing for the unit is not welded, but is instead sealed gasketed covers.
The advantages for servicing of this design are obvious. When a component breaks, the unit can be opened up and individual pieces replaced; this is preferable to having to replace the whole unit.
Open Compressors
The advantage of hermetic and semi-hermetic compressor systems is that there is no way for refrigerant gases to escape or leak from the system – they are airtight. The alternate technology of open compressors however can leak. This is because they rely rubber or leather seals to keep the units pressurized; and if not kept lubricated these systems can leak refrigerants over time.
Unlike hermetic systems – which can sit unused for long periods without losing gasses – an open system requires regular use and maintenance to ensure proper functionality.
Many mass produced consumer goods make use of hermitic compressors. They make financial sense where the cost of repairing a unit is larger than simple replacement. Since they require minimal maintenance, they are great choices for residential cooling applications.
Open compressors are a more popular technology for applications utilizing non-electric power. Vehicle cooling systems using a gasoline engine are a good match for this type of technology, but they do require periodic maintenance.

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Avanti Refrigerators: What You Need to Know

The Avanti Company has been in the business of producing quality refrigerators, freezers, and other consumer appliances for almost 40 years. While this might not make them a new company in the business, Avanti refrigerators have made great in roads into the market by specializing in specialty appliances such as wine coolers, mini fridges for dorm rooms, and other compact refrigeration units. While Avanti still offers full sized fridges, they made their initial mark going the specialty route and that is what they are still the best known for.
Avanti full sized refrigerators
An Avanti full sized fridge will be quite different by definition than the full sized refrigerators that most other companies provide. Since Avanti focuses specifically on small specialty fridges, the largest models from this company are referred to as apartment sized refrigerators. These appliances are designed in the classic freezer top, refrigerator bottom design.
Avanti wine refrigerators
One of the major types of fridges which the Avanti company is known for are wine refrigerators. Many of the models are called wine coolers, and there are several varied designs between the various models available. Some appear like a regular three shelf mini fridge but with a nice wood finish on the outside to add a touch of class. Then there are the dual zone wine coolers which not only have room for bottles or cans in the door but also three shelves on the bottom with an actual designed wine rack on top. Other designs are taller with multiple shelves for bottles properly stored and no room for cans. With so many Avanti wine fridge designs to choose from, wine fans are sure to find one that suits them.
Avanti compact fridges
Compact fridges, also often referred to as mini fridges, are a staple of Avanti’s business. In fact, there are over 28 different Avanti compact refrigerators to choose from in three different designs. As of 2011 Avanti offered 13 counter high designs, 11 cube designs, and 4 mid-size designs. The sheer variety of compact refrigerators offered by this company reveals options for just about any and everyone who needs a compact fridge. These range from ideal set ups for wine and beer fans to perfect mini fridges for the dormitory and everything in between. Whether for an office, a dorm room, or a homemade bar (or man cave) there is going to be a great Avanti mini fridge that fits your exact needs.
Avanti commercial refrigerator & freezers
While there are very few commercial fridges or freezers offered by the Avanti Company, there is one main version of each this company produces. The Avanti commercial fridge is a full-sized beverage cooler like you commonly see in gas stations and convenience stores. This provides a full 12 cubic feet of storage space and has room for up to half a dozen different rows. The Avanti commercial freezer model CF208G is designed with clear glass doors to allow customers to peruse a wide range of frozen treats – also the type often seen in convenience stores.
As you can see Avanti might not produce a full line of regular consumer refrigerators, but when it comes to specialty fridges they are hard to beat.


Currys Fridge Freezers: A Popular UK Retailer

Not everyone is familiar with Currys fridge freezers. Currys is an extremely popular retailer in the United Kingdom well known for selling electronics. However, they don’t just sell electronics like computers and stereos and other electronics like that. They also offer a very wide range of refrigerators and freezers to the general public throughout the UK and Ireland.
Currys refrigerators and freezers are extremely popular nowadays, but the early history of this company started a long way from these appliances. The company was founded in 1884 by Henry Curry who started out by building bicycles full time out of a backyard shed and then eventually a street store front. From these humble beginnings they would eventually expand into a general retail store, even stopping the manufacturing of bikes in the 1930s and growing to over 500 stores.
The move to becoming known for sales on refrigerators and freezers was a natural part of growth and expansion, and as these technologies formed and became common place for every home. Currys carries multiple brands, although the majority of Currys refrigerators will be manufactured by Beko, Daewoo, Fisher & Payekl, Indesit, LG, Samsung, Sharp, or Whirlpool. While you might find a freezer or fridge that isn’t from one of these manufacturers, there’s no question that they will make up the fall majority (if not all) of a Currys store options for these appliances.
Currys offers over seventy fridge freezers to choose from, and from this variety you should have no problem finding one that meets all of your home needs. While popular models are going to vary from year to year, some are consistently among consumer favorites. One such model is the very inexpensive Essentials C155CW10 Fridge Freezer because it comes in as the only Curry fridge freezer that costs under 200 British Pounds. This is consistently the most popular model based on sales numbers.
What surprises many people is that the second most popular model of refrigerator freezers from Currys is the Hotpoint FF200LBP Fridge Freezer, which can retail for as high as 600 British Pounds. This is definitely a high end model which advertises using the most up to date refrigeration and cooling technology to keep food fresher for longer. Like the inexpensive Essentials model, this Curry refrigerator freezer combination comes in the standard freezer bottom refrigerator top design with simple white finish.
The most expensive brands offered by this company run at $1,300 British Pounds retail, and two models share this distinction: the Fisher & Paykel E522BRXU Smart upright model and the Liebherr CNESF5113 stainless steel fridge freezer. These are the highest level of consumer strength refrigerator freezers offered through Curry retail stores, and both come in extra large sizes that include room for individual eggs, a small rack for wine, as well as other similar perks which make these units attractive for many upper class families.
While the brands and models may change over time, Curry fridge freezers offer a wide range from the simple and inexpensive basic models for most people to higher end consumer models produced by Fisher & Paykel and  Liebherr for individuals looking for more out of their refrigeration units.