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Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Reviews

Kenmore Elite refrigerators are an extremely popular range of appliances which get a wide array of review scores depending on the exact model or website you visit. This is one case where the general brand might be well known and has a strong following, but when you’re looking at a specific model of Kenmore Elite fridge you might want to take special note of the specific model number as some models score especially high while others don’t do quite as well.

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This huge difference can be easily noticed simply by looking at the difference in consumer reviews from major review websites. The Sears website has them ranked with a score of 3.87 out of 5.00 which sounds pretty darn good, but Viewpoints has them ranked them lower around 3.5 and if you trust epinions instead, the score is much lower at only 2 and a half stars out of 5. Because of this, you can see that the difference in final scores among Kenmore Elite refrigerator reviews has to be based somewhat on the differences between the various models available. The Kenmore Elite 23 cubic feet side by side refrigerator is not going to be the same as the Kenmore 73503 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, for example.
While each individual model is going to differ, when it comes to reviewing Kenmore Elite refrigerators some trends do seem to pop up when it comes to general pros and cons. Going over each section briefly:
Pros of many Kenmore Elite refrigerators
Some of the most common positives mentioned about the Kenmore Elite line is that these fridges tend to be plenty large with a lot of storage space and long lasting to boot. These two positives are enough for most people, as everyone wants a fridge that is going to have plenty of space and last a long time. In addition, they are noted for being easy to clean, easy to use, and affordable compared to many comparable models offered by other companies.
Cons of many Kenmore Elite refrigerators
While the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to the Kenmore Elite brand, it’s important to know that some consumers haven’t had as good an experience as all the positive reviews might indicate. A few individuals have complained that some models of the Kenmore are noisy, particularly when the motor kicks in to decrease the temperature. Others have argued that their fridge was not as energy efficient as advertised, and while this last point is minor: some surfaces are not magnet friendly. If you put a lot of important family notes on the fridge, this can definitely become an issue. Whether or not that’s enough to be a deal breaker will depend on each individual.
The verdict from Kenmore Elite refrigerator reviews?
When it comes to Kenmore Elite fridges and freezers, the general consensus from the majority of reviews is that this is a solid brand with many good individual models worth taking a chance on. They are not commercial grade and thus are affordable, and the benefits of a well organized, spacious, and long lasting refrigerator should not be ignored.