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Admiral Refrigerators: What's the History Behind the Brand?

Admiral Refrigerators enjoy a strong and devout following of consumers who have stood by this brand over the decades as they produced many quality refrigerators. Many of these consumers might be interested to know that fridges were a later addition to the Admiral line and that this company actually started out producing radios in the 1930s. This brand has a long history and one that is interesting. It helps explain the movement to where these appliances are in the modern day, and why entire sites are dedicated to selling replacement parts for Admiral Refrigerators.
A Brief History
In the 1930s the Admiral Company was known as one of the largest producers of electronics, which in those days meant radios and phonographs. Sales were a stunning $2 million a year back in those days, and the Admiral brand produced radio and electronic equipment for the United States military during World War II.
The 1950s would be a decade which ushered in a major era of change, and as the invention of television really began to catch on Admiral was there as a major early producer of the black and white TV sets. It was actually this success of early TV sales which convinced the executives of the company to expand into other household appliances.
This is why the 1950s became the decade when Admiral Refrigerators were first produced. Since that time, the Admiral line has changed many hands and moved through many different sponsors. Rockwell International bought the line in 1973 and sold the appliance section to Magic Chef, which then was sold to Maytag. Maytag was eventually bought out by Whirlpool and now the Admiral line of appliances is only featured in Home Depot stores.
Finding Parts
Since the full sized Admiral line is only offered by Home Depot, finding parts for older models becomes even more important since there are not a wide variety of stores to choose from. Because of this, using online sources is one of the best ways to find replacement parts for Admiral Refrigerators ranging from light bulbs to actual cooling motors. The demand is high enough from loyal consumers who want to continue to use their old reliable Admiral model fridges that there are many sites dedicated to collecting and selling various parts for these models.
While there are other options, this is the best way to price shop for various parts, and to keep a high quality model of refrigerator running. The Admiral line has a long and interesting history, and there’s no reason not to keep a good appliance running.