Freezers Industry

Minus 80 Freezers

A minus 80 freezer is a style of freezer designed to keep its contents at an ultra low temperature. This type of freezer is usually utilized for medical or scientific purposes, and thus the temperature is referenced in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit.
Contrary to the name, a -80 freezer – frequently referred to as a minus 86 freezer – does not necessarily have to maintain a temperature of this level. Depending on the model they have temperature ranges from as high as -46C (still very cold) to as low as -86C.
Minus 80 Freezer Brands
There are many different manufacturers of -86 freezers. They largely service a different market to more traditional freezer makers, and thus there is minimal overlap. Examples are Denville Scientific, LABREPCO, MIDSCI, New Brunswick Scientific, SANYO Biomedical Solutions, NuAire and Scilogex.
-80 Freezer Form Factors
Minus 80 freezers – like other models – come as both upright and chest freezers. Ultralow upright freezers offer easy access, while chest freezer models are a better choice for long-term storage.
Ultra Low Freezer Reliability
Since most applications for these freezers are of high importance, reliable operation is necessary. Many units come with alarms that will trigger if the internal temperature starts rising, or if power failure. When failure is not an option, many of the more expensive models can be equipped with an additional CO2 cooling system that lowers the risk of a cooling failure.
Ultra-Low Freezer Insulation
Ultra cold freezers require very effective insulation. Many models use high tech insulation with very effective heat retention abilities in order to cut down on the quantities needed. No matter what type of insulating material is needed a minus 80 freezer is going to have a rather large volume – when compared to its capacity – to permit the insulation to fit.
Other Features of -80 Freezers
Some models feature temperature recorders. Temperature deviations can be disasters for lab samples, but even worse is ignorance of such occurrences. Temperature recorders allow the user to periodically review the temperature history, and be assured that the contents of the freezer are still good.
Dual compressors are another feature of higher end minus 80 freezers, and feature separate but parallel refrigeration circuits. These permit continued operation and preservation of ultra-low temperatures even if a compressor should fail. This allows time for repairs to be performed to the device without a failure in the integrity of stored samples in the freezer.
Minus 80 freezers are devices designed to meet and exceed strict cooling standards, and are necessary when preservation of valuable samples is the number one priority.