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Westinghouse WBM3700SB Bottom Mount Fridge Review

The Westinghouse WBM3700SB bottom mount fridge is one of the best fridges in its class available in the market place. Being a product of a company that has established a reputation for quality and reliability certainly doesn’t hurt, and this particular model does the job well of being up to standards. Bottom mount fridges are becoming more and more popular as time goes by, and if you had only one model to choose among the myriad of options available in the market right now, you cannot go wrong with the Westinghouse WBM3700SB.
The main benefit of models like these is convenience. Because the freezer compartment is located at the bottom portion, users will enjoy easier and quicker access to all their food items in the main compartment. You will no longer have to bend over to search for anything that may be hiding on the bottom, because the design allows you to see and grab everything while standing.
The Westinghouse WBM3700SB bottom mount fridge features a stainless steel finish designed to resist fingerprints, and has a capacity of up to 370 liters. That includes a 243 liter capacity in the main food and beverage compartment, plus a 122 liter capacity in the bottom freezer. Your food and drinks are kept in adjustable Spillsafe glass shelves and door bins, allowing you to control and arrange the interior layout according to your specific needs.
Flexible restraints on the bottle rack (located on the bottom door bin) make sure that large and small bottles, as well as beverage cartons, are held firmly upright and in place, while still providing easy access. There is also a removable ice cube storage bin that allows for easy scooping access should you need some “rocks” for your drinks. The dairy compartment has a swing door for keeping food fresh while preventing other odors and flavors from mixing in with your cheese, butter, or milk.
The deli compartment can also be easily rearranged, which provides a nice, practical solution for keeping meats, cold cuts, and anything else that are of varying sizes. Meanwhile, your fruits and vegetable are kept fresh in the humidity-controlled crisper bin, which also features a split width arrangement for separating food items. The bottom mount freezer also has telescoping bins to provide easy access to any items stored inside.
The “chill stream curtain” technology in the Westinghouse WBM3700SB bottom mount fridge directs cold air from top to bottom, allowing items stored in the door bins to be kept evenly cold. This works in conjunction with a multi flow delivery system to make sure that consistent temperatures are maintained all throughout the fridge interior. There are separate knobs for controlling humidity and temperatures in the crisper bin as well as the main food compartment and bottom mount freezer.
The only disadvantage of the Westinghouse WBM3700SB bottom mount freezer is that it may be a little bit out of the price range for most families who are just starting out. With that said, the technological advances that are featured in bottom mount models like these will make sure that you and your family get what you pay for.
The design lets you arrange the interiors to your liking, and to see and get everything you need in the main food compartment without kneeling or bending over, while the technology ensures a consistent, cold temperature for all your food and drinks.