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An Introduction to Foster Refrigeration

Foster refrigeration is the forerunner in European commercial appliances, offering products that range from walk in coolers to drinking fountains. Exactly which appliances does the company offer? Does Foster manufacture the piece of equipment that your company needs? Take a look at all of the different cooling and freezing options available from Foster – they may have precisely what you’re looking for.
About the Brand

Foster Refrigeration Company is Europe’s leading brand in commercial refrigeration appliances, priding themselves on competitive pricing and quality mechanics. Specifically designed for commercial kitchens, many different sectors of the economy have come to purchase their appliances from Foster. This company provides government approved models for use in colleges, hospitals, and even in military applications. Though they mainly deal in the United Kingdom, Foster appliances are available overseas and abroad.
Different Models of Foster Appliances

If you’re wondering whether or not Foster makes an appliance that works for your kitchen, take a look at the following models that the company manufactures. With a variety of different cooling mechanisms, features, and even warranties, there is sure to be a model to fit your needs.

  • Cabinets and Counters: Cooling cabinets and countertops from Foster can reduce operation’s cost by up to half. You can even choose designs with several different size and cooling options. From under-counter cabinets to cooled prep stations, there is a cabinet or counter to fit your needs.
  • Cold rooms: For those who need walk in coolers or freezers, Foster offers structural coolers that can maintain temperature and save money by being energy efficient.
  • Display Cases: A number of different styles of display cases are available to suit any situation. These can include lighting, mechanized display, and even multi-temperature cases.
  • Blast Chilling and Freezing: Choose these units for items that require rapid temperature reduction.
  • Bakery Products: Foster provides a number of dough retarders, proofers, and storage refrigerators for the needs of bakers.
  • Drink Service Items: Water fountains and countertop water dispensers can all be purchased from this company.
  • Ice Makers: Choose from a number of different styles of ice makers that can produce anything from flecked ice for fish display to cubed ice for beverages.

Foster also supplies a number of different supplemental items to keep you food cold and safe. One of these items is Foster’s temperature monitoring system, Icespy, that provides continuous temperature and operating condition monitoring for specific regulation standards. You can also purchase a two year labor and parts warranty on almost all Foster parts. Just be sure that if buying overseas that you are aware of different dealers in your area who can supply parts and services.
Choosing a Foster Product

The Foster Refrigeration Company, the leading producer in commercial cooling appliances in the United Kingdom, offers a wide range of different commercial kitchen appliances and technologies. From under counter coolers to blast freeze appliances, this company will more than likely have just the piece of equipment that your company is looking for.

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Choosing a Mini Magic Chef Refrigerator

Miniature refrigerators can be a perfect addition to many spaces in your home, office, or outdoor space. But choosing the right model for your needs and budget is vital to ensuring that you’ll love your fridge at the end of the day. While there are many makes and models to choose from, a the makers of Magic Chef refrigerator models offer a wide range of different sizes and shapes of mini coolers to choose from.
Mini Drink Cooler
For a tiny soda fridge to sit on a counter top or next to a patio set, this 1.7 cubic foot cooler is a perfect choice. But just because this fridge is small doesn’t mean it’s lacking features or functionality. There is in-door storage that fits a can of soda perfectly. A reversible door also allows users to put this mini fridge wherever is the most convenient. This fridge only comes in black or white, and easy-to-clean surface perfect for party clean-up and kids. This model also comes with a small freezer compartment that can store one or two frozen items.
Stainless Steel Under-counter Fridge
If you’re looking for a smaller fridge that can still store quite a bit of food, this Magic Chef MCBR360S mini fridge might just be the option for you. Basically, this model is the quintessential mini fridge. It contains about 3.6 cubic feet of storage space and can easily hold a half gallon of milk or a case of sodas. One customer uses this fridge to keep his employee’s lunches cool on the job, holding all four worker’s meals and drinks. The door storage unit and can dispenser are perfect for holding even more food in this appliance. Temperature control is also fairly stable, but if you keep the door open for long you will loose some cool. Customers do complain that these models can be quite loud though. Some customers also report problems with rattling, as if there is a loose screw held inside.
4.4 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge
For those interested in a little larger mini fridge with a built in freezer, give this MCBR445S2 model a look. The stainless steel appliance has glass shelving along with a can dispenser in the door to hold all of your favorite drinks. Push-button defrost is also handy to keeping your fridge the correct temperature. Overall, this model is only thirty dollars more than it’s smaller counterpart, and features much of the same build and construction that the other has. This model, though, also has the noise problem that the stainless model has. To deal with this, simply install your fridge somewhere where the noise won’t be an issue.
Choosing a Magic Chef Refrigerator
Choosing a mini fridge is no easy task, but luckily, there may be a miniature Magic Chef refrigerator out there that will fit your every need. These refrigerators come in three different sizes that can store anything from cans of soda to gallons of milk. They even have a variety of different freezer compartment to keep special food items chilly. Just be aware that these models of fridge are a little louder than most, a noise issue that could be problematic for use in some spaces or circumstances.

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ARB Fridge Freezer Review

ARB refrigerator freezers are fridges that a lot of people request information on, and for good reason. These portable fridges and freezers serve a great niche market, and makes the portable movement of food that needs to remain cold for safety reasons easier than ever before. It should be no surprise that ARB fridge freezer reviews are used by everyone from avid outdoorsmen to major companies funding exploratory projects in the wilderness. There are many reasons that the ARB portable fridge freezer is popular, and this article will help break down the options that you have when shopping from this company.
The new ARB fridge freezers review extremely positively, which is good news for fans of this brand who were worried about the new models going downhill. These are considered by many 4 wheeling enthusiasts to be one of the most versatile portable models of car refrigerator freezers in the world, and they are in fact sold all across the world with especially strong followings in the United States and Australia.
General Improvements
Starting with the general improvements for this model, fans of the ARB will be glad to know that the most common complaint (a “quirky” hinge system) was one of the first issues addressed and the new model seals easily to provide maximum effective cooling without any hassle or headaches from trying to make it seal correctly.

A second addition is a clear LED monitor that makes it easy to check on temperature and settings. New specialized plastic molding means these freezers are designed to be able to take more of a beating like regular coolers, but still have the actual effectiveness of a refrigerator freezer. These models also come in three different sizes to accommodate the different needs of various outdoor enthusiasts and groups. Worthy of note is the integrated battery protection system which includes an adjustable voltage cutoff to protect your vehicles battery from being run down too far.
Other notable improvements which come with all models of the new portable ARB refrigerator freezer include:

  • Improved temperature control
  • Ice free freezing
  • Rounded corners and edges (to protect vehicle seats and minimize chances of a cut)
  • Compact size
  • Deep design to accommodate bottles
  • 12V DC or 24V DC for car battery or solar setups

These fridge freezers enjoy a strong reputation for a reason, and even better are the three different models and sizes which increase your purchasing options.
The 3 Models Available
Arb Refrigerator In The Wild
First of all, it is important to note in this ARB fridge freezer review that the same sized ARB models will have different model numbers depending on whether you are looking at the American version or the Australian version. However, if you go by size then this simplifies the process since there are three distinctive sizes to the ARB fridge freezer and differing model numbers can still refer to the same ARB portable freezer.
33 Quarts: In the United States the 33 quart ARB freezer is model MT35F-AL, but the Australian model will be MT35FARB. These portable freezers weigh 46 pounds and measure in at 16 inches of height, 24 inches wide, and 14 inches deep, allowing for plenty of storage space for the average outdoor enthusiast.
42 Quarts: The Unites States model number for a 42 quart ARB fridge freezer is MT45F-AL while Australia’s equivalent model will be MT45FARB. This 42 quart model is the mid range version of this freezer based on size, and only weighs 53 pounds, which is not that large a jump over the 33 quart model considering the large increase in storage. The dimensions for this model measure in at: 20 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.
63 Quarts: Any good ARB fridge freezer review will tell you that the 63 quart model is the largest of the three currently offered by the company. The United States model number is MT60F-AL while Australian markets will look for MT60FARB. This portable fridge freezer gives plenty of storage space with dimensions of over 17 inches in height, 31 inches in width, and 19 inches in depth. This model also weighs in at 70 pounds, so make sure you have someone with the strength to haul it.
Additional ARB Accessories
New for September 2011 is the ARB fridge/freezer slide, available for both their 37 quart and 50 quart models. With a 175lb load bearing capacity, this latest incarnation of the ARB refrigerator slide allows your fridge to be easily rolled out of the back of your vehicle. This is great functionality to have as it provides easy access to your freezer – letting you add or remove items without contortions. It even provides the ability to remove the entire basket for easy loading and unloading.
When combined with the ARB tie down system, this piece of equipment is great for off-road use; capable of standing up to even the roughest 4WD terrain.

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Dacor Refrigerator Ranges and Kitchen Styles

When it comes to choosing Dacor Refrigerator Ranges, the question is all about the style. Dacor is a little unusual in that they create designs for both the actual refrigerators as well as the oven ranges in a kitchen to make sure that the whole kitchen set up matches. Because of this, often times when someone looks to buy a kitchen set up from Dacor, it comes with at least a fridge and a range. Beyond these combos, it’s all about the style. There are five major styles commonly offered by Dacor, which can vary greatly. If you want to know all about what this company can offer, then you need to learn about dacor, distinctive, epicure, integrated, and millennia styles.
Dacor Style
This style is the basic standard that comes with the Dacor company, and the early Dacor Refrigerator ranges are energy star efficient and come with a stainless steel appearance. There is an external ice and water dispenser, and this style displays a double door fridge style on top with the freezer on the bottom. The shelves on both doors are more than big enough to store liters of soda or other large containers.
Distinctive Dacor Style
The distinctive style of refrigerator range set ups not only include these two appliances, but also microwaves, cook tops, and wall ovens all in matching stainless steel design. There are even dishwashers offered in the matching Dacor style. If you’re looking for a complete kitchen aesthetic set up then the distinctive Dacor style of fridges, ranges, and other appliances might work perfectly for you.
Epicure Dacor Style
There are three different types of refrigerators offered in the epicure style offered by Dacor, and that’s not even including the wine cooler or beverage cooler. A 36 inch French Door style comes in both stainless steel and black while the 48 inch built in refrigerators follow the stainless steel aesthetic. Epicure style Dacor fridges emphasizes stainless steel building with chrome, copper, and brass accentuation. The company describes the epicure style as emphasizing bold lines and elegant curves in their design.
Integrated Dacor Style
The integrated style offered by Dacor emphasizes custom paneling to allow all the ordered kitchen appliances to fit in with any kitchen by blending in nicely as opposed to sticking out. For a wood based kitchen, this would mean wood paneling on the fridge, the warming drawers, or even a dish washer. The refrigerators following the integrated style come in both 42 and 48 inches. These also come with electronic controls which allow for easy access to coolness settings and monitoring.
Millennia Dacor Style
The Millennia Dacor style refrigerators emphasize stainless steel background off set aesthetically with black glass panel for additional beauty. The idea here is to have a modern design without the coldness that some people complain about with many modern designs and set ups. The Millennia style perhaps offers the most options with fridges, wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, warming drawers, microwaves, and ventilation all offered in this style. An entire dream kitchen can be created all following the Millennia style by Dacor, which makes it an attractive choice among many consumers. The refrigerators themselves are 36 inch models in the vertical standing style, with the freezer at the bottom. These fridges also boast “intelligent drawer storage” meaning that different drawers can be set to different levels of humidity and temperature to be ideal for whatever food is being stored.
In Conclusion
When it comes to Dacor refrigerators, ranges, or other household appliances, there’s no question at the high level of quality being offered. Even knowing that, consumers need that information on the various styles available in order to make the best decision for their home.

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Admiral Refrigerators: What's the History Behind the Brand?

Admiral Refrigerators enjoy a strong and devout following of consumers who have stood by this brand over the decades as they produced many quality refrigerators. Many of these consumers might be interested to know that fridges were a later addition to the Admiral line and that this company actually started out producing radios in the 1930s. This brand has a long history and one that is interesting. It helps explain the movement to where these appliances are in the modern day, and why entire sites are dedicated to selling replacement parts for Admiral Refrigerators.
A Brief History
In the 1930s the Admiral Company was known as one of the largest producers of electronics, which in those days meant radios and phonographs. Sales were a stunning $2 million a year back in those days, and the Admiral brand produced radio and electronic equipment for the United States military during World War II.
The 1950s would be a decade which ushered in a major era of change, and as the invention of television really began to catch on Admiral was there as a major early producer of the black and white TV sets. It was actually this success of early TV sales which convinced the executives of the company to expand into other household appliances.
This is why the 1950s became the decade when Admiral Refrigerators were first produced. Since that time, the Admiral line has changed many hands and moved through many different sponsors. Rockwell International bought the line in 1973 and sold the appliance section to Magic Chef, which then was sold to Maytag. Maytag was eventually bought out by Whirlpool and now the Admiral line of appliances is only featured in Home Depot stores.
Finding Parts
Since the full sized Admiral line is only offered by Home Depot, finding parts for older models becomes even more important since there are not a wide variety of stores to choose from. Because of this, using online sources is one of the best ways to find replacement parts for Admiral Refrigerators ranging from light bulbs to actual cooling motors. The demand is high enough from loyal consumers who want to continue to use their old reliable Admiral model fridges that there are many sites dedicated to collecting and selling various parts for these models.
While there are other options, this is the best way to price shop for various parts, and to keep a high quality model of refrigerator running. The Admiral line has a long and interesting history, and there’s no reason not to keep a good appliance running.

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Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Reviews

Kenmore Elite refrigerators are an extremely popular range of appliances which get a wide array of review scores depending on the exact model or website you visit. This is one case where the general brand might be well known and has a strong following, but when you’re looking at a specific model of Kenmore Elite fridge you might want to take special note of the specific model number as some models score especially high while others don’t do quite as well.

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This huge difference can be easily noticed simply by looking at the difference in consumer reviews from major review websites. The Sears website has them ranked with a score of 3.87 out of 5.00 which sounds pretty darn good, but Viewpoints has them ranked them lower around 3.5 and if you trust epinions instead, the score is much lower at only 2 and a half stars out of 5. Because of this, you can see that the difference in final scores among Kenmore Elite refrigerator reviews has to be based somewhat on the differences between the various models available. The Kenmore Elite 23 cubic feet side by side refrigerator is not going to be the same as the Kenmore 73503 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, for example.
While each individual model is going to differ, when it comes to reviewing Kenmore Elite refrigerators some trends do seem to pop up when it comes to general pros and cons. Going over each section briefly:
Pros of many Kenmore Elite refrigerators
Some of the most common positives mentioned about the Kenmore Elite line is that these fridges tend to be plenty large with a lot of storage space and long lasting to boot. These two positives are enough for most people, as everyone wants a fridge that is going to have plenty of space and last a long time. In addition, they are noted for being easy to clean, easy to use, and affordable compared to many comparable models offered by other companies.
Cons of many Kenmore Elite refrigerators
While the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to the Kenmore Elite brand, it’s important to know that some consumers haven’t had as good an experience as all the positive reviews might indicate. A few individuals have complained that some models of the Kenmore are noisy, particularly when the motor kicks in to decrease the temperature. Others have argued that their fridge was not as energy efficient as advertised, and while this last point is minor: some surfaces are not magnet friendly. If you put a lot of important family notes on the fridge, this can definitely become an issue. Whether or not that’s enough to be a deal breaker will depend on each individual.
The verdict from Kenmore Elite refrigerator reviews?
When it comes to Kenmore Elite fridges and freezers, the general consensus from the majority of reviews is that this is a solid brand with many good individual models worth taking a chance on. They are not commercial grade and thus are affordable, and the benefits of a well organized, spacious, and long lasting refrigerator should not be ignored.

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Arcelik Refrigerators: A Brief History of the Company

If you haven’t heard of Arcelik refrigerators, don’t feel too bad.  This isn’t a brand name you hear too often when it comes to American or Far East Asian markets, but the Arcelik Company is a Turkish based company that specializes in home appliances and sells heavily in the Middle Eastern and Asian markets, even expanding recently into Russia.  Founded in 1955 in Istanbul, Turkey; this company has a long history of producing durable goods and various consumer appliances to their markets.
The modern standing of Arcelik refrigerators is impressive, as the parent company is considered by sales volume to be the third largest provider of home appliances in Europe, behind only Electrolux and Indesit.  There are two main brands from this company, with Arcelik being one and Beko being the other.  While Arcelik might get a lot of attention, it’s also important to know that they’re not the company all the way at the top.  Arcelik is owned by Koc Holding, Turkey’s largest industrial service group.
A brief history of Arcelik
The first appliance Arcelik produced was actually a washing machine, made in 1959.  The first model of refrigerator came the very next year in 1960.  The company continued to expand, bringing out new models and continuing to produce inexpensive but reliable home appliances for every part of the home.  1999 was a major reorganization year, and the merger of Beko and Arcelik happened in the wake of some major changes.  Plants were opened in other countries like Romania, Russia, and China to increase its reach into other markets.
In modern times, when it comes specifically to the refrigerators produced the two largest Arcelik refrigerator plants are currently located in Eskişehir, Turkey and Kirzhach, Russia, respectively, although the plant in Russia also produces washing machines.
What’s the future?
While no one can ever predict the future for sure, Arcelik is not only one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerators and home appliances in Europe, but their creation of plants in China and Russia show every intention of continuing to expand and refusing to just stand pat.  In addition, the gaudy sales numbers make it very unlikely that the company is going to crash any time soon.  People will continue to need reliable and affordable household appliances, and this company isn’t going to cut them out of production any time soon.
There’s every reason to believe that as long as this company keeps doing what they have been that Arcelik refrigerators will be around for a long time to come.

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The Jenn-Air JS42PPDUD is a high-end and high-performance refrigerator freezer competing squarely with top-end produces from expensive manufacturers including Thermador, Sub Zero, Viking and Miele.
A 42″ built-in side-by-side refrigerator, this Jenn Air refrigerator has an MSRP of $7200 dollars placing it at a lower price point than some of their competition. With an attractive stainless steel finish, it comes loaded with features. Capacity of this unit is 9.4 cubic feet for the freezer, and 15.9 cu. ft. for the refrigerator.
Included are items such as:

  • PUR water filter built in to the removable base grill to save on storage space
  • High precision temperature management system with variable speed compressor for maximum efficiency
  • Advanced Climate Control technology storage bin for most effective food preservation
  • 4 spill-proof glass shelves and 2 crisper drawers ensure the contents are easily and safely organized
  • Full sized gallon door bin and 4 full width adjustable door bins maximize the available capactiy in the refrigerator and freezer doors
  • Builtin cubed & crushed ice/water dispenser
  • Glass touch electronic controls come with an LED display

One unique feature is the QuickMeasure functionality. This allows the user of the fridge to measure out a programmed quantity of water in cups, liters or ounces. This comes in very handy in meal preparation in your kitchen.
This commercial quality refrigerator features large handles, and tough diamond etched grips. While the stainless steel finish is visually very appealing, it does hold fingerprints very easily. This means the occasional wipedown will be needed to keep it clean. Overall this is not much of a negative however.
While the price of seven thousand dollars make its rather expensive, many buyers find the full feature set worth the money. They are a cheaper option than pricey Sub-Zero refrigerators, but cost considerably more than less expensive brands such as Kenmore and Frigidaire refrigerators.

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Discovering The Miele Refrigerator

Miele is a brand that has long been known for quality and for providing quality service. That’s why many of those looking for a new fridge or freezer turn to the brand. But what, exactly, does Miele offer in the way of refrigerators? More importantly, is a Miele refrigerator a good investment for your household and needs? Take a look at two of the most popular models of Miele refrigerators on the market to see if this line of appliance is right for you.
Miele Independence KF1901
If you’re looking for a quality fridge that’s both well-designed and well-built, consider investing in this model of Miele refrigerator. This fridge is over the top in everything it does and is built to last. The cooling mechanism can drastically lower temperature for an extended amount of time, keeping food fresh. Each drawer also has individual cooling features. RemoteVision creates a virtual link between your appliances and a help center, Miele service representatives are available the moment a problem occurs. Well-built hinges can carry 200 pounds easily for over 200,000 door swings, mechanics designed to last. A dual compressor system also means that your fridge and freezer will be cooled as efficiently as possible. Two separate systems also mean that flavors won’t roam compartment to compartment. This fridge consumes 443 kW of energy per year.
Customers seem to simply adore this fridge. Strong hinges keep the doors in place while a “whisper quiet” motor keeps your food cool. Customers also love that each cooling unit has its own compressor to maximize cooling efficiency. Shelving is reported to be easy to remove and clean. Controls are also easy and effective, a variety of settings allowing you to customize your fridge’s performance (even to precisely suit the items you have in your fridge with MasterCool features). Overall, customers love this fridge and recommend it highly. The $8,000 price tag, though, is a setback for some.
Miele Independence K1801
Perhaps you don’t want a fridge and freezer combo for you next kitchen cooling appliance. The Miele Independence 1801 model is the perfect option for you, priced at around $5,000. Instead of having a separate fridge and freezer compartment built into one appliance, this fridge utilizes a floor-up fridge design without a freezer built in. This allows you to install your freezer separately or not at all, depending on your needs.
The main attraction to this refrigerator only model is that it contains all of the features that our previous combination model has. Both of these appliances were designed with the chef in mind. They contain ClearView, design that allows you to see every nook and cranny in your refrigerator. This model also contains MasterCool, a feature that adjusts and maintains fridge specs based on what items you have stored in your fridge. Halogen lighting also ensures that all of your fridge’s contents will be well-lighted and visible. Drop and lock shelves and drawers are also adjusted with only one hand, perfect when you’re juggling more than one task all at once.
The Miele Brand
Basically, Miele is a brand to be trusted with all of your appliances. For years, this company has produced top notch products that are investments for life. Even though these models of Miele refrigerator and freezer combos and separates are quite expensive, they’re an investment for the long run. Added features that ease storage and keep food tasting great for longer are an added bonus.

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Comparing Three Models of Miniature and Full Size Outdoor Refrigerator

Buying an outdoor fridge is an important investment that should not be taken lightly. Thus, paying attention to weatherproofing and construction is vital to making sure you get the best mini or full size outdoor refrigerator. After finding out what you’re looking for in a fridge, shopping around for potential models is the best way to find the perfect appliance for you.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Fridge
An outdoor fridge is a great way to have a cool beverage at hand on a summer’s day or to keep cocktail components chilled at a pool party. When shopping around for your outdoor refrigerator, there are many different things to keep in mind:

  • Weather and Water proofing: For any appliance that will be outdoors, make sure that all electrical components are safe from weather and water. Thus, make sure to read product descriptions before a big purchase.
  • Sealants: In the same vein as weather proofing, pay close attention to all sealants of your outdoor fridge.
  • Power: Knowing the wattage and amperage of your outdoor fridge is important to ensuring that your appliance will work properly.

For maintaining an outdoor fridge, paying special attention to your specific area is vital to making sure that your appliance will last as long as possible. First, know that you won’t be able to keep your outdoor appliances outside during all seasons of the year. Even though these fridges are made for outdoor use, excessive exposure to cold and water will damage the electrical and structural component of your appliance.
Koolatron Coca-Cola Refrigerator
This fun Coca-Cola Fridge is a great addition to any Coca Cola lover’s collection or a causal patio conversation piece. This model of fridge is also portable, perfect for transporting up to 28 cans of soda. You can even store this model of miniature outdoor fridge on a countertop with about 14 inch square dimensions.

EdgeStar Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator
This stainless steel outdoor refrigerator model holds up to 3.5 cubic feet of food and beverage. With a one year parts warranty and ninety day labor insurance, you can also feel good knowing that the company will take care of its product. This outdoor fridge also has adjustable and completely removable shelving. As for temperature, the fridge ranges from 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with “off,” “cold,” and “coolest” settings. Install this fridge either free standing or under-counter.

Summit Outdoor Refrigerator
The Summit outdoor fridge is a little larger than the previous model, holding up to 5.5 cubic feet of space. This model is also a freestanding stainless steel model, matching almost any outdoor décor. The key lock is perfect for keeping unwanted hands out of your food and beverages and the ground fault circuit interrupter adds another element of safety.
Choosing an Outdoor Fridge
Whether you’re shopping around for a miniature or full size outdoor refrigerator, there are many different things to take into consideration First, make sure that your appliance will be able to stand up to the elements in your area. After that, shop around for the best model for you needs. Always remember that an outdoor fridge isn’t meant to be stored outside during the off season, so bring all appliances indoors to maintain the best product life of your outdoor investment.