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Frost Free Fridge Freezers – What Are They?

Frost free fridge freezers are a recent innovation. In older days, freezers would acquire an enormous amount of frost around the edges and especially in the back to help create that “ice box” effect which keeps frozen foods frozen and gave the freezer its ability to keep food cool. Some early refrigerators would experience the same thing towards the back if it was set towards the highest level of cool. There are plenty of middle aged adults who probably remember having to break up the ice at the back of the fridge or the seasonal maintenance on the freezer.
Looking over reviews in search of the best frost free fridge freezers is an excellent way to save yourself a lot of maintenance and hassle. These newer models of combination refrigerator freezers are just that: frost free. By making sure that the freezers don’t accumulate frost, and that the frost or ice doesn’t spread down into the refrigerator, these appliances become much easier to keep clean and maintain. This is a huge plus, not to mention the fact that you get to maximize the space in your freezer. If you have an old model of freezer which creates frost and builds up ice, that growth keeps inching in from all sides, taking up space that could otherwise be used to store more frozen foods. By choosing to go with a frost free model, you avoid all of that hassle.
Integrated frost free refrigerator freezers are simply the models that include both a refrigerator and a freezer combination in one appliance. Most people who have a refrigerator use this type of a model. If you choose not to go for a frost free version, then that means every few months you need to take all the food out of the freezer and go to town on it with an ice scraper to remove almost all of the frost and then place all the food back in. This can be a difficult and annoying part of maintenance, and if you experience any power outage for any amount of time, a frosted freezer will cause a ridiculous mess that is not fun or easy to clean up.
Finding a cheap frost free fridge freezer can be a little difficult, as refrigerators in general are not extremely cheap. However as the technology improves to keep freezers frost free yet cold, the prices for these appliances are going to fall more and more in the average range that you would see for any type of new fridge. Searching online at comparison sites as well as classic online retailers like is a good start, but keep in mind additional shipping expenses which could easily erase any savings you find. Keep this in mind as you check out the prices of local retailers.
While it might not be huge news that many of the larger companies are moving towards making all major refrigeration and freezing units frost free, companies are even getting in on the process of making small frost-free fridge freezers in miniature size.  Whether for a man cave or for college dorm room, the ability to keep drinks, snack food, and even some frozen treats in a miniature fridge without worrying about frost is definitely going to win over many consumers.
Whether you’re looking at a full size frost free fridge freezer or simply looking for a smaller miniature freezer that won’t require the same maintenance as an older frost model, there are many options for consumers. The days of cleaning out a frosted over mess every few months should be over. Look for the new frost free freezer models and you won’t regret it.