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GE Profile Refrigerator Options – Which To Choose

The GE Profile refrigerator comes in four different models, although they can be differentiated in several ways, they are all just variations of each other. GE profile is distinct and separate model line from equally well known selection of GE Monogram refrigerators.
Similarities Between Models
No matter which model, this is a side-by-side built in unit. They all have the ClimateKeeper™ with Dual Evaporators temperature management system with five electronic sensors. They all utilize the same FrostGuard™ defrost technology, have factory installed ice storage bins with dispensers that provide cubes, crushed ice and chilled water. The water filtration has a GE 1 year MWF.
The interior layout is similar in each unit as well, with four Fresh Food Cabinet Shelves; all spill proof, three adjustable. Four Fresh Food Door bins with ClearLook™ – three of them adjustable and one with gallon storage capacity. There are four Snugger Clips and a dairy compartment.  The interior lighting is dual level and there is a signature Beverage Feature that holds wine bottles. The drawers all have adjustable humidity; the bottom drawer is delineated as a deli drawer. The freezer shelves and baskets are adjustable and made of wire, and the door bins in the freezer are fixed. All models also feature a NeverClean Condenser.
48” with Electronic Dispenser

  1. Stainless Steel Model #: GE Profile PSB48YSXSS – This model has all the features mentioned above, with a stainless steel exterior finish and stainless steel sculptured handle. The total interior capacity is 29.5 cubic feet. The unit measures 27” deep by 84” high by 48” wide. Net weight is 512 lbs. The electronic dispenser feature refers to a few key things, the child lock, dispenser light, Quick Ice™ technology, door alarm, and a water filtration indicator light.
  2. Door Paneled Model #: GE Profile PSB48YGXSV – This model is identical to the 48” stainless steel model, except it requires door panels be installed. The panel capability can be specified at either ¼” or ¾” depending on you panel thickness. Most often this option is chosen when people want the refrigerator to match their cabinetry in appearance. The unit is handle ready for something custom, or can come with a full-length visor handle.

42” with Dispenser

  1. Stainless Steel Model #: GE Profile PSB42YSXSS – This model is slightly smaller than the two listed above, with a stainless steel exterior finish with the same sculptured stainless steel handle as the stainless steel 48” model. The total interior capacity is 25.2 cubic feet. The dimensions are the same with the exception of the overall width, which is 42” as compared to 48”.
  2. Door Paneled Model #: GE Profile PSB42YGXSV – Last but not least, the 42” door paneled model requires door panels, and is custom handle ready or will come with a full-length visor. Otherwise it is the same as the stainless steel 42” in every way.

As you can see, the four different GE Profile Refrigerator models are all just variations on a theme, varying only slightly in size and exterior finish.