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MO99 R-438A For R22 Retrofits

DuPont™ is touting the benefits of their ISCEON® MO99™ (also known as R-438A) as an easy replacement refrigerant for R-22 retrofit projects, in this article we explore some of the attributes of this new MO99 refrigerant..
Many chemical options for retrofit projects can require extensive overhauling of the refrigeration or air-conditioning system being overhauled. The chief benefit of R-438A is that is operating requirements are fairly similar to those of R-22, which generally eliminates the need  for replacement of lubricants, or for refitting the equipment to handle significantly higher operating pressures.
For many installations the steps for a retrofit are relatively simple when using R-438A. First remove the old R-22 refrigerant using EPA approved recovery and recycling techniques, taking care to weigh the refrigerant removed. After this is to wise replace all critical seals, gaskets and filter drier  – this is an economical item, and there is no better time to do this than during the replacement of refrigerant.
After thoroughly checking the closed system for leaks, charge with the ISCEON MO99 refrigerant to 90% of the R22 standard charge level. Start up the system, and monitor and adjust as needed to obtain the ideal superheat levels. Ensure oil levels in the compressor are sufficient, and add additional oil if required. Once testing is completed you should find that you will have had to add a little more R-438 and the total charge will be close to 95% of the old R-22 charge levels.
Once done be sure to clearly label the cooling system so future services can easily see what lubricant and refrigerant is used within the hardware.
With R22 being phased out, clearly MO99 is a great option for retrofits; but what other benefits does it have?  Firstly, it is a non ozone depleting refrigerant. This HCF chemical does away with the ozone destroying problems of R-22. Secondly, it has benefits with regards to global warming.
Whatever your opinions on climate change, there is no denying the reality that the GWP (global warming potential) values of refrigerants is only going to get more attention in the future. ISCEON MO99 has a GWP that is 42% less than that of R-404A, one of its chief competitors in the field of modern refrigerants.
For more detailed instructions on the benefits of, and procedures for using MO99 contact Dupont or your refrigerant provider. As always, be cautious when servicing refrigeration and HVAC equipment, and read all provided documentation carefully before undertaking any procedures that are new to you.