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Free Refrigerator

While all modern households need refrigeration, not everyone can afford to buy themselves a refrigerator. For people in this situation – or those just trying to save some money – a free refrigerator is the ideal solution.
While this is a great idea, is can be difficult to implement in practice. The number of sources for free refrigerators is rather limited. In this article, I explore some options that might work for you.
Dumpster Diving for a Free Refrigerator
Free Refrigerator From Street
Many people throw away perfectly good stuff. Used refrigerators are no exception. It is common to see someone has dragged out an old fridge freezer to the street on trash day. They no longer want the appliance and hope the trash man will take it.
Many times the garbage man has no interest or means of putting a used fridge in his truck, but you will readily see someone pull up in their pickup and load it up to take it home. This may seem wasteful, but old fridges really do not sell for that much.
For many wealthy Americans the hassle of placing a classified ad or listing the used refrigerator on Craigslist is not worth their time. They do not want to deal with phone calls, people dropping by the house to look, and all the other associated drama of selling a fridge.
This is a loss for them, but a great gain for you if you happen to be the first to that refrigerator sitting on their curb. Unfortunately, however you will have a lot of competition from people who go out each week to see what has been put out on trash day. Some people will collect valuable items from entire neighborhoods and make a living reselling them. This means you will need to get up early to beat them. Even then, there is no guarantee of finding a refrigerator for free any particular week.
Networking with Friends for a Free Refrigerator
Another way of potentially gaining a free fridge freezer is to put out the word that you are looking for one. Many people are happy to do a ‘good deed’ and help a family in need.
If someone is replacing their existing refrigerator with a new unit, they get a great opportunity. They can avoid the hassle of selling their old model – or dragging it to their street – and simply give it to that ‘friend of a friend’ they heard needed one.
This act of Christian charity can be a win-win for all involved, but you do need to let as many friends and acquaintances as possible know of your need to maximize your chances of success. This may take a couple of months to bear fruit, but it you are not too proud to spread the word there is a good chance it will eventually result in a refrigerator for just the price of the gas to go pick it up.
The chief drawback to a free refrigerator is that is inevitably going to be an old model. This means that it will be a real energy hog, and will cost more to operate than newer fridges. Still, when you have paid nothing for it that may not be a big deal.