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Frigidaire FFFC05M2KW Chest Freezer Review

The Frigidaire FFFC05M2KW is a small to medium sized chest freezer, with a capacity of 5.1 cubic feet that is great for installations where floor space is limited. This unit is one of most purchased chest freezers out there, and is available at a wide variety of different stores.
The dimensions of this freezer are a width of 35″, depth of just under 24″ and a height of close to 35″ when including the lid. While not feather light, at 99lbs empty self-installation should be doable for most individuals, and certainly easy with the help of a friend.
Front mounted ‘Ready-Select®’ controls allow for easy option selection, and the manual defrost is made easy with the inclusion of a front mounted defrost water drain. This particular model comes only in white, and features a textured metal interior for maximum durability. Included in the purchase of this chest freezer is one of Frigidaire’s trademarked ‘Store-More’ removable baskets. This basket lifts out of the freezer and allows for ease of access and organization of the contents.
The power-on light and adjustable temperature control allow one to easily confirm both that the freezer is operating, and to change the conditions inside.
Energy Use
The estimated annual energy consumption of the FFFC05M2KW is 242kWH, a relatively low number that is typical of chest freezers. The power connector is found at the back and rear of the unit and draws 1.3 Amps, so this unit can be easily operated off of the typical 15 Amp circuit.
Purchasing a freezer of this size can be expensive online. The recommend retail price for this particular unit is only $199. Ordering online can save you sales tax, but shipping on a product of this sort can be another hundred dollars or more in itself.
For this particular product, it may make more sense to visit a local brick and mortar store and take the tax bite; the savings on shipping will be significant. In addition, since the Frigidaire FFFC05M2KW is comparatively small, it can be loaded into most medium to large vehicles allowing you to take the unit home yourself.