Different Types of Sears Freezers

Sears freezers come in a wide variety of designs and styles, and some even fall under a different company name. For example, Kenmore appliances are only sold through Sears, meaning that often times when a person is referring to a Kenmore upright freezer, that unit can be considered a Sears upright freezer since you will not find it elsewhere. Whether you are looking for an upright freezer or a commercial strength box-freezing unit, there is a Sears freezer that matches your needs and exactly what you’re looking for.
Sears chest freezers
Many Sears chest freezers come in two options: clear sliding windows on the top so you can easily see where everything is even as the food remains frozen. Think of the type of freezers you see in some convenience stores that carry ice cream sandwiches and other frozen treats for a good picture of what these look like. The other type is the more traditional chest freezers without any windows, also sometimes referred to as a box freezer. If you’re looking for selection, a Sears chest freezer can refer to a freezer made by Kenmore, Whirlpool, or Frigidaire among others as the store stocks many different brands.
Sears upright freezers
The Sears upright freezers vary greatly from one model to another. Some are all white or all black in color, while a few Kenmore models prefer the stainless steel appearance. The amount of storage space also varies between the various Sears freezers, ranging from 16.7 cubic feet to over 25 cubic feet, so keep an eye on this information when shopping between models. An inexpensive Sears upright freezer might run a little under $700 brand new, while the most advanced commercial strength models can run over $1,700.
Sears refrigerator-freezers
Many people still choose to get a combination of a Sears refrigerator that comes with freezer, deciding they do not need the extra space. Even with the proliferation of Sears freezers, the demand for a regular refrigerator-freezer combo remains high, and consumers can find many options. One popular design is the side by side doors, where one side is for the fridge and the other the freezer. Other designs have the smaller freezer door on top, or even as a pull out on the bottom. These options are all popular, and offer freezer options as opposed to the few Sears refrigerators which don’t have a freezer attached.