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Liebherr Refrigerator Freezers

The Liebherr refrigerator lineup includes a wide selection of high-end refrigeration appliances suitable for fine kitchens. Liebherr advertises their products as a top quality combination of German engineering with European design.
Liebherr refrigerators and freezer are available in any of six basic product lines. These options are Built-in custom finish, built-in stainless steel, freestanding, fully integrated, design and lifestyle, and wine and beverage centers.
Liebherr Built In Refrigerators
The stainless steel SBS241 – or custom finish SBS2421 – units can be configured either as a traditional side-by-side fridge freezer, or else in two separate towers. These 48-inch wide counter-depth refrigerator freezers consist of the BF1061 and R1410 individual units, and contain three adjustable temperature zones.
The custom finished SBS2413, and the stainless SBS243 model, are an alternative built0in configuration from Liebherr. Consisting of the individual FI1051 and RBI1410 appliances, this model has more freeze space and less refrigerated capacity than the SBS242 line.
The beautiful stainless steel SBS241 and SBS 2414 incorporate an ice and water dispenser with the ability to serve chilled water, and cubed and crushed ice through the freezer door. The 3.9 cubic foot BioFresh zone in the refrigerator has finely adjustable temperature settings to allow for prolonged preservation of delicate foodstuffs. These units combine the F 1061 and RB 1420 individual appliances.
The SBS 246 and SBS2416 provide an unparalleled range of storage options. With five different temperature zones this appliances has not only the refrigerator, freezer and crisper drawers; but also a two-zoned glass-doored wine refrigerator built in. Consisting of the WF1061 and RB1410 individual appliances, this combination device makes for both a beautiful and versatile installation.
Liebherr Freestanding Refrigerators
The CS1360 bottom freezer refrigerator is an ideal apartment fridge. Its small exterior size disguises a remarkably large internal storage capacity, chiefly due to clever features such as the foldable glass shack and the beverage rack. This 24″ unit comes with an icemaker in the freezer, but is also available without that feature as the CS1311.
Slightly larger is the Liebherr thirty-inch wide range of fridge freezers. The CS1400 stand-alone bottom mounted freezer refrigerator comes with an attractive stainless steel finish. It is well sized for medium-sized apartments or condominiums. A unique feature is the indoor flexible box that can be moved to the dining table with all your condiments.
The cabinet-depth CS1640 offers the visual appeal of European styling. It can provide an integrated look anywhere in the kitchen without the need for plumbing. This refrigerator features a built in water tank which is used to provide water for the ice cube maker. The similarly configured CS1660 and CS1611 provide similar capacity; but can be installed seamlessly into a space in your existing kitchen cabinetry.
The CS2060 and CS2061 offers a generous 20 cubic feet of storage in a 36″ refrigerator. With wide expanses of shelving, large platters can be accommodated with ease. The freezer compartment consists of two stainless steel drawers, which conveniently self-close and provide maximum storage space. Similarly configured are the CS2062 and CBS2062; but rather than the traditional fridge doors these models feature two highly elegant stainless steel French doors.
At 48″ inches in width, the SBS26S1 combines the CS1311 and CS1360 24″ units to give expanded storage capacity while stull utilized the freestanding format. If even more storage is required then the SBS32S1 is also available; this 60″ combo unit of the CS1611 and CS1660 has over 30 cubic feet of capacity, making them large enough for almost any residential refrigeration need.
Liebherr Fully Integrated Refrigerators
The HC1060 is the perfect small refrigerator for custom kitchens. This 24-inch fridge freezer can be integrated into the wall or cabinetry of even the smallest home. While relatively small with only 10 cubic feet of capacity, this model is great for space-limited applications. This appliance is also available as the Liebherr HC 1011, HC 1001 and HC 1050.
At 30-inches in width, the HCB1560, HC16540, HCB1561 and HC1541 units offer a good compromise between size and design. With built in water talk for the icemaker, these integrated refrigerator freezer units do not need plumbing and this can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen. With 15 cu. ft. of storage, these models incorporate over 4 cubic feet of freezer drawer capacity.
The 36-inch HC2050 and HC2061 combine generous space and the perfect width for a full sized kitchen. With close to 20 cubic feet of capacity and sophisticated water filtration system this unit is a perfect choice for any stylish kitchen. These models are also available in a white finish with French door styling as the CBS262 or HCB2062.
For large kitchens the range of 48 inch Liebherr integrated refrigerators have a lot to offer. The SBS20H1 and SBS20H0 consist of a combination of the HC1011 and HC1060, while the SHS19H0 combines an HRB1110 and HF851 units. These models are best suited for homes where large volume and a discreet installation are both valued.
Liebherr Design And Lifestyle Refrigeration
For a small volume wine refrigerator, the Liebherr WS1200 is hard to beat. Suitable for applications where only a few bottles need to be stored, this small wine cooler can hold up to a dozen fine wines on its beech wood shelving. These attractive units are a great match for anywhere from your minibar to your recreation area.
One unique product Liebherr sells is their XS 200 humidor. This niche market is underserviced by many major refrigerator manufacturers, but the XS200 is specifically designed to maintain fine cigars under the optimal storage conditions. The ability to maintain both temperature and humidity – using distilled water – makes this small humidor a great product for any cigar connoisseur.
Liebherr Wine Cabinets
Wine cabinets from Liebherr come in a variety of sizes. The smallest is the HWS1800, with a capacity of 18 bottles. A little larger is the WU400 Vinidor that can hold 40, and the WU5600 GrandCru which holds 56. Buyers seeking larger capacity also have the choice of the 135-bottle capacity WS13500 and 143-bottle capacity WS14300.
All these fine wine cabinets feature an activated charcoal filter to keep the interior air odor free, tinted safety glass for UV protection, and low vibration compressors. Combined these features ensure the best possible storage solution for your wine collection.
Liebherr Beverage Center And Outdoor Refrigerator
For consumers who need to store more than just wine, the RU500 GrandCru undercounter beverage center provides a clear view of what is on tap thru its stainless steel framed glass display door. Featuring two storage shelves and two pull out racks, this undercounter refrigerator can be used for cooling both cans and bottles.
Liebherrs Outdoor refrigeration solution is the RO500. Perfect for an outdoor kitchen, this rugged under counter refrigerator is a great purchase for any home where outdoor entertaining or grilling is a frequent occurrence. This weather resistant appliance has a capacity of five cubic feet.