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Delfield Manitowoc Freezers

The Manitowoc freezer line-up, while not as well known as the selection of Manitowoc Ice Machines, is well regarded by many. The manufacturer Delfield joined the Manitowoc Foodservice fold in late 2008, adding their fine selection of products to the Manitowoc stable. Below, a small selection of the available Delfield Manitowoc freezer models is discussed.
Delfield 6100XL Solid Door Reach-In Freezers
The 6100 series from Manitowoc is ideal for serious freezing needs, the Delflow refrigeration systems is designed to maintain the contents of these freezers at -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufactured with stainless steel front shroud and doors, and aluminum sides, this equipment will last.
Manitowoc Delfield 6151XL-S
Cooling is provided by a high quality compressor with a 5 year limited guarantee and Earth friendly R404a refrigerant. The polyurethane foam used for insulation is non-ODP and non-GWP material, and is Kyoto Protocol compliant.
Do not let these global warming friendly design specs fool you however, these freezers are high quality units and due to the use of Delfield’s Advanced Control technology performance is outstanding. These units are available as one, two or three section freezers with half or full-sized doors.
The single sectioned 6125XL-S and 6125XL-SH offer 20 cu ft. of freezer storage capacity with a current draw of 9.0 amps. For larger storage requirements the Manitowoc 6151XL-S and 6151XL-SH provide 43.5 cubic feet of storage in two sections.
For applications where more power is available, the three sectioned 6176XL-S and 6176XL-SH pull a full 20 amp, but provide a larger freezer capacity of 66 cubic foot. This unit requires a higher voltage line and utilizes a Nema 14-20P plug.
Delfield Specification Line Glass Door Refrigerator Freezers
These dual temperature pieces of equipment offer both fridge and freezer in the same units. These glass door refrigerators come with a wide range of optional accessories including the security package for prison use, 6″ polyurethane casters and laminate kick plate.
The refrigerated area in this Manitowoc device is maintained between 27°F and 40°F, and the frozen area below 0°F. Interior temperatures display on a pair of exterior mounted digital thermometers.
The SSDRL2-G, SADRL2-G, SMDRL2-G, SSDRL2-GH, SADRL2-GH and SMDRL2-GH units have the left door opening to the refrigerator and the right door to the freezer. Interior storage capacity is 25 cubic feet in each of the freezer and fridge compartments.
Similar in design, the SSDFL2-G, SADFL2-G, SMDFL2-G, SSDFL2-GH, SADFL2-GH and SMDFL2-GH Delfield refrigerators reversed the compartments so that the freezer unit is on the left hand size. Note that the ‘G’ models indicate full door, while the ‘GH’ models indicate half door versions.
Delfield Specification Line Solid Door Refrigerator Freezers
This range is almost identical in specifications to the Glass Door range discussed earlier. The chief difference is the presence of a pair of traditional solid doors, as opposed to the type seen on display refrigerators.
With the same full sized door/half-sized door version available, these units also form two main groups. The models with the fridge mounted to the left of the freezer are the SSDRL2-S, SADRL2-S, SMDRL2-S, SSDRL2-SH, SADRL2-SH and SMDRL2-SH. The left mounted freezer units are the SSDFL2-S, SADFL2-S, SMDFL2-S, SSDDFL2-SH, SADFL2-SH and SMDFL2-SH.
This list is just a small sampling of the Delfield freezers from Manitowoc, there are many other similarly impressive models available from this manufacturer.