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True Refrigeration

True manufacturing has provided commercial refrigeration solutions to business for well over 60 years. With warehouses located around the world, True refrigeration products are sold in many different countries.
True mfg. takes pride in their ability to balance and match powerful evaporators, condenser coils and compressors to ensure the lowest temperature storage possible while maximizing energy efficiency. Their product line has been manufactured in the United States since the firm inception, and most of their products exceed Energy Star rating requirements. In keeping with this earth friendly theme, they utilize in their refrigerators Ecomate foam insulation that has zero ozone depletion and global warming potential.
In their factory in Missouri, they test all refrigerators and freezers extensively before releasing them for sale. This ensure buyers will receive units that are functioning correctly from the get go. Confident in their products they offer a five-year warranty on the compressor in their appliances.
True TSSU-48-12 Sandwich and Salad Unit
The refrigeration products available from True include a large variety of different True refrigerators suitable for commercial and industrial settings. They include traditional reach-in refrigerators and freezers – the T, TM and TS series – that are available in a variety of sizes and configurations suitable for any application.
Other popular True fridges include the True specification series. This range consists of the TR, TA and TG-series of 300 series stainless steel constructed appliances. Also available in this range are their Roll-in and Roll-thru designs (such as the TR2RRI-2S) which receive roll-in racks on its inboard castors.
True undercounter refrigerators are also available. With a range of under counter refrigerators and freezers that are ADA compliant available in multiple depths. These can be purchased as plain under-counter fridges (such as the TUC-48) or worktop models, which have a lower profile and a lip on the back (like the TWT-60).
Food preparation tables are another True strong point. Models such as the sandwich and salad unit allow ingredients to be easily kept fresh and ready for use. Pizza preparation tables, which include the TPP-67 D-2, achieve the coveted NSF-7 listing while keeping the pizza ingredients as fresh as possible.
True refrigeration products are a solid and well-regarded line-up of commercial and restaurant refrigerators and freezers. While not cheap appliances, the firms’ products do offer a lot of value.