Icemaker Industry

Ice Machines For Home Use

Buying an ice machine for home use is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Perfect for everyday use or just for special events, manufacturers include many well-known brand names such as Haier, Danby and EdgeStar; and come in a wide variety of styles and optional features.
Individuals who are looking for an ice maker strictly for home use can choose from the wide range of undercounter machines available. Are you looking for a product that is more versatile? Consider choosing a portable ice machine, which is ideal for use in the home or while traveling. With all of the options available, it is easy to find the right style to fit your everyday and party needs.
Undercounter Ice Machines for Home Use
Homeowners choose to install ice machines in the home for a wide variety of reasons. The most popular type of ice maker is the undercounter design. An ideal accompaniment for rooms that already have a beverage refrigerator or mini fridge, this product can have ice ready to use in a matter of minutes or hours. In addition, this home appliance will easily blend with your existing items – with most styles sold in black, white or stainless steel.
Portable Ice Machines – Ideal for Home and Travel
Large ice machines for home use are not practical for every living space and situation. In apartments, bigger models are not feasible as they consume too much space. For homeowners, they are practical as undercounter installation or freestanding units – but may not be conveniently located for your big events. So instead of leaving your party or get-together to get ice for your beverages, why not consider purchasing a portable ice machine?
These mini icemakers can go anywhere from the patio, countertop, boat, RV to the family picnic. While most units plug into to wall to operate, some models use battery power instead. Manufactured by popular home appliance brand names including Emerson, Haier, Danby, EdgeStar and Magic Chef, these products can be easily purchased online or in major retail and appliance stores. In addition to being practical, small ice machine are also extremely affordable – costing anywhere from $100 to $300.
Finding the Right Ice Machine for Your Home
Before you buy an ice machine for home use, several factors should be considered – including brand name, size and optional features. Some well-known manufacturers of under counter ice machines are Scotsman, EdgeStar, U-Line and Ice-O-Matic. They produce products that can suit any homeownerÂ’s budget, with prices starting around $350 and range up into the thousands for deluxe models.
However, keep in mind that many factors that increase the price. Large model under counter ice machines can make and hold 70 pounds of ice or more, which can significantly increase the cost. Before you buy, choose a style that will not only fit the available space, but will make enough ice to suit your needs. Unless you regularly host parties these oversized icemakers are too large, and impractical for occasional use. In addition, you should check the rate that ice can be produced. Depending on the unit, small amounts of ice can be produced in minutes to hours – making this product ideal for everyday use or just for special events.
Crushed Ice Machines, the Perfect Ice Maker Accessory
If you already own an inexpensive ice machine, you may not have the feature for making crushed ice. These small countertop appliances are a perfect accessory that is not only practical but also affordable. Ranging in price from $30 to $100, it is ideal for breaking ice cubes for beverages, icy snacks and other cold treats.
Ideal for homes that already have a beverage or mini fridge already installed, portable and undercounter ice machines are the perfect accessory for any home. When placed in the kitchen, game room or patio space, they can be used everyday or just during special occasions or parties. However, before you buy, make sure to choose the location for your ice machine and set a budget. By keeping the above guidelines in mind – and you will find the perfect product for your living space.