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Black And Decker Refrigerators and Freezers

It is a surprise to many that Black and Decker refrigerators and freezers are available. This brand is more associated with power tools and lawn care than refrigeration. These cheap refrigerators and freezers will never be mistaken for high-end appliances, but they are very good option for people seeking a small refrigerator at a low price.
Black And Decker Fridges
The Black and Decker BCF27 is a 2.7 cubic ft. capacity mini fridge with freezer. The small freezer compartment is sized to fit an ice cube tray, but little else. This tiny refrigerator manages to make room in the door for 2-liter soda bottles, quite impressive given its diminutive size.
Black and Decker BCF27
A little larger is the BCF31 3.1 cu. Ft. mini fridge freezer. The setup of this unit is similar to the BCF27 but also incorporates a can dispenser – the ‘dispense-o-can storage’ system. The reversible door on this unit makes it easy to install in any location, and it is a great candidate for use as a dorm refrigerator.
A third offering is the Black & Decker NuCool fridge, with a tiny 1.7 cubic foot capacity. Sold at Walmart and Best Buy, these devices are available in a wide variety of bright colors, from pink to purple to blue. This model is very unusual in that is operates without either a compressor or refrigerant coolant, but the reviews as a whole are very positive.
Black And Decker Freezers
Black and Decker also market some small chest freezers for home use. The BFD53 has a capacity of roughly 150 pounds of frozen food, and incorporates a security lock to prevent unauthorized access.
The larger BFD70 can hold 200lbs of food, and includes two removable vinyl coated freezer baskets to help keep the contents organized. Both models include an easy access defrost drain suitable for their manual defrost design.
Shoppers with a limited budget looking for serviceable refrigeration and freezer appliances will likely find these Black and Decker fridge freezers a good option.