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Wolf Appliances

Many consider Wolf appliances to be the best residential cooking solutions for the upscale kitchen. Along with Sub-Zero refrigerators, Wolf ranges and cooktops can form the basis of a magnificent kitchen renovation.
Wolf Wall Ovens
Wolf 30″ single ovens come in two different options, the E-Series and the L-Series. Both ranges come with ten cooking modes and an LCD touch control panel. The dual interior halogen lighting displays the cobalt blue interior to good effect.
The 30″ E-Series is available in framed (SO30-2F/S-TH) or unframed (SO30-2U/S-TH). The 30″ L-Series is very similar, sold as the S030F/S (framed) and the S030U/S (unframed). These two Wolf ovens have mostly overlapping features, though the L-Series does cost a little more. The major differences – other than styling – between the two are the presence of door hydraulics on the Wolf L-Series.
Wolf also offers some 30″ double oven choices in both the E and L series. The built-in DO30-2F/S framed and DO30-2U/S E-Series models blend seamlessly into your existing kitchens cabinetry. Likewise, the dual-convection L-Series DO30U/S and DO30F/S offer very similar functionality with merely a slightly different look.
Wolf Appliances Wall Oven
For kitchens were space permits, Wolf also offers the 36″ built-in SO36U/S unframed single oven. Featuring a rotating control panel that is concealed when not in use, this stylish Wolf oven can fit the largest meal with ease.
Wolf Gas Ranges
Wolf offers a selection of several different gas ranges. These ranges come with stylish red control knobs – a Wolf trademark – and dual brass burners with automatic re-ignition. Combined with the large-capacity convection oven these units have many points in their favor.
Their collection of gas ranges consists of the 30″ (R304), 36″ (R366, R364C, and R364G), 48″ (R488, R486C, R486G, R484CG, R484DG, R484F) and 60″ wide models (R606DG, R606, R606CG).
Also available is a selection of Wolf Dual Fuel ranges that can be configured to run off either Natural Gas or Propane. This collection ranges in size from the 30″ DF404, all the way up to the 60″ DF604GF featuring four burners, a griddle and a French top.
Wolf Rangetops
Wolf rangetops come in two basic types, their regular gas models and their sealed burner models. The 36″ gas range tops (RT366, RT364C, and RT364G) and 48″ units (RT488, RT486C, RT486G, RT484CG, RT484DG, RT484F) let you take your grilling indoors.
The professional sealed burner Wolf range tops maximizes heat control using duel-stacked burners. This collection is available as the SRT304 (30 inches), SRT366, SRT364C, SRT364 (36 inches), SRT486C, SRT486G, SRT486CG, SRT484DG and SRT484F (all 38 inches in width).
Wolf Cooktops
Gas cooktops from the Wolf home selection are an appealing drop-in alternative to a stove top. The 36-inch CT30G/S and 30-inch CT30G/S provide a great cooking experience with their fined-tuned burner control and patented True Simmer feature.
If gas is not an option, Wolf also offers some fine Electric cooktops that come with a damage resistant ceramic glass surface. The CT30E/S, CT30EU (30″), CT36E/S and CT36EU (36″) offer exception control of cooking temperature for cooktops of this type.
Also available are some magnificent induction cooktops, which apply heat directly to the cookware and not to the cooktop, making them safer to use around children. These units are available in 30-inch (CT30I/S and CT30IU) and 36-inch (CT36I/S and CT36IU) widths.
All of these cooktops are also available in 15-inch models for installations where space is limited – the CT15G/S, the CT15E/S and the CT15/IS.
Wolf Microwaves
The first of the Wolf microwaves is the 24″ MWC24 convection microwave. This unit is available with either 30″ of 36″ trim kit to match them perfectly with the correspondingly sized wall ovens in a cooking tower. With 1.5 cubic feet of capacity and 900 watts of power, this unit is good for anything from popping popcorn to slow cooking.
The more traditional MW24 features a massive 2.0 cu ft. cooking area and 1200 watts of power. The trade-off in this model is the lack of a convection-cooking mode. As with the MWC24 convection microwave, this unit is available with trim framing designed to match the rest of your wolf appliances.
Finally, the Wolf drawer microwave models are the 24″ MWD24-2U/S and the 30″ MWD30-2F/S and MWD3-2U/S. These drawer microwaves can be readily installed undercounter or below a Wolf E-series wall oven.
While Wolf appliance prices are very high, attractive and feature rich cooking appliances from Wolf stoves and gar ranges make great additions to any homes kitchen.