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Hoshizaki Refrigerators And Freezers

Hoshizaki refrigerators and freezers are available in a range of different types  With a wide selection of under counter fridges, upright refrigerators and freezers and display refrigeration products in their line-up, it is clear that this firm does a lot more than make the famed high quality Hoshizaki icemakers.
Hoshizaki Worktop And Undercounter
The worktop and undercounter Hoshizaki fridge and freezer range consists of three different models lines, the professional series under counter, worktop freezer and worktop refrigerator ranges. These appliances include cabinet door perimeter heaters which prevent the formation of condensation when humidity is high, and flush mounted handles for maximizing aisle space. ¬†External LED displays provide details of the internal temperatures to the operators. This range of refrigeration and freezer appliances is available in 40-inch, 68-inch and 96-inch designs; although the 96″ model selection is more limited.
Hoshizaki HURF40AD Undercounter Freezer with Drawers
Hoshizaki Professional Series Undercounter
These under counter units are available as either refrigerators or freezers. The HUF40A, HUF40-D, HUF68A and HUF68A-D are self-contained undercounter freezers. They are available with either one of two sections, and with or without drawers.
The HUR40A, HUR40A-D, HUR68A, HUR68A-D, HUR96A and HUR96A-D are the undercounter-refrigerated versions of these appliances. They are very similar in design, except they also offer the HUR96 three sectioned choices.
Hoshizaki Professional Series Worktop Freezers And Refrigerators
Relatively similar to the undercounter freezer selection are the HWF40A, HWF40A-D, HWF68A and HWF68A-D self-contained worktop freezer units. They are six inches taller and come with a lip at the back of the counter space.
The Hoshizaki worktop refrigerator line includes the HWR40A, HWR40A-D, HWR68A, HWR68A-D, HWR96A and HWR96A-D models, again available in 3 different sizes and with or without drawers.
Hoshizaki Refrigerated Display Cases
These refrigerated stainless steel glass display refrigerators are ideal for displaying merchandise of all sorts – from sandwiches to Sashimi. With an 11-inch deep interior, and large condenser face, these fridges feature a 5-inch plate space on top.
The HNC-120BA, HNC-150BA, HNC-180BA and HNC-210BA are available in lengths from four feet up to seven feet, and offer a very attractive fresh food display.
Hoshizaki Reach-in Refrigerators And Freezers
With similar features to the worktop models, these premium upright refrigeration units are industrial grade. Hoshizaki reach in refrigerators and freezers are available in commercial and professional series. While not as large as walk-in refrigerators, these models are available with capacities of up to 73 cu. ft.
Hoshizaki CF1AHS
Hoshizaki Commercial Series Freezer And Refrigerator
The CF1A-HS, CF1A-HS, CF2A-FS and CF2A-FS are reach-in series upright freezers that come sized with either one or two sections, and with the option of full or half door openings. The refrigerator versions – with similar options – are the CR1A-FS, CR1A-HS, CR2A-FS and CR2A-HS units.
Hoshizaki Professional Series Dual Temp
These combination refrigerator & freezer units offer the features of both in one device. Available in 1-3 segments and with full or half-door reach in, the RFH1-SSB-HS, RFH2-SSB, RFH2-SSB-HSm RFH3-SSB and RFH3-SSB-HS come in a variety of configurations.
Hoshizaki Professional Series Freezer
Substantially higher-powered versions of the commercial series freezers, the professional FH1-SSB, FH1-SSB-HD, FH2-SSB and FH2-SSB-HD have a higher amperage draw for serious cooling applications.
Hoshizaki Professional Series Refrigerator
These industrial strength units feature variable speed compressors. Units such as the single section RH1-SSE-FS are available with a solid stainless steel door, or alternatively in a glass door fridge configuration (the RH1-SSE-FG).
As is typical with this manufacturers products, there is a range of models available in different sizes – 1 to 3 sections – and either half or full door types. These include the RH1-SSE-FS, RH1-SSE-HS, RH2-SSE-FS, RH2-SSE-HS, RH3-SSE-FS and RH3-SSE-HS models.
With all these different refrigerator and freezer models, Hoshizaki is a leader in refrigeration for commercial, industrial and restaurant refrigerator applicatons.