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Liebherr Refrigerator Freezers

The Liebherr refrigerator lineup includes a wide selection of high-end refrigeration appliances suitable for fine kitchens. Liebherr advertises their products as a top quality combination of German engineering with European design.
Liebherr refrigerators and freezer are available in any of six basic product lines. These options are Built-in custom finish, built-in stainless steel, freestanding, fully integrated, design and lifestyle, and wine and beverage centers.
Liebherr Built In Refrigerators
The stainless steel SBS241 – or custom finish SBS2421 – units can be configured either as a traditional side-by-side fridge freezer, or else in two separate towers. These 48-inch wide counter-depth refrigerator freezers consist of the BF1061 and R1410 individual units, and contain three adjustable temperature zones.
The custom finished SBS2413, and the stainless SBS243 model, are an alternative built0in configuration from Liebherr. Consisting of the individual FI1051 and RBI1410 appliances, this model has more freeze space and less refrigerated capacity than the SBS242 line.
The beautiful stainless steel SBS241 and SBS 2414 incorporate an ice and water dispenser with the ability to serve chilled water, and cubed and crushed ice through the freezer door. The 3.9 cubic foot BioFresh zone in the refrigerator has finely adjustable temperature settings to allow for prolonged preservation of delicate foodstuffs. These units combine the F 1061 and RB 1420 individual appliances.
The SBS 246 and SBS2416 provide an unparalleled range of storage options. With five different temperature zones this appliances has not only the refrigerator, freezer and crisper drawers; but also a two-zoned glass-doored wine refrigerator built in. Consisting of the WF1061 and RB1410 individual appliances, this combination device makes for both a beautiful and versatile installation.
Liebherr Freestanding Refrigerators
The CS1360 bottom freezer refrigerator is an ideal apartment fridge. Its small exterior size disguises a remarkably large internal storage capacity, chiefly due to clever features such as the foldable glass shack and the beverage rack. This 24″ unit comes with an icemaker in the freezer, but is also available without that feature as the CS1311.
Slightly larger is the Liebherr thirty-inch wide range of fridge freezers. The CS1400 stand-alone bottom mounted freezer refrigerator comes with an attractive stainless steel finish. It is well sized for medium-sized apartments or condominiums. A unique feature is the indoor flexible box that can be moved to the dining table with all your condiments.
The cabinet-depth CS1640 offers the visual appeal of European styling. It can provide an integrated look anywhere in the kitchen without the need for plumbing. This refrigerator features a built in water tank which is used to provide water for the ice cube maker. The similarly configured CS1660 and CS1611 provide similar capacity; but can be installed seamlessly into a space in your existing kitchen cabinetry.
The CS2060 and CS2061 offers a generous 20 cubic feet of storage in a 36″ refrigerator. With wide expanses of shelving, large platters can be accommodated with ease. The freezer compartment consists of two stainless steel drawers, which conveniently self-close and provide maximum storage space. Similarly configured are the CS2062 and CBS2062; but rather than the traditional fridge doors these models feature two highly elegant stainless steel French doors.
At 48″ inches in width, the SBS26S1 combines the CS1311 and CS1360 24″ units to give expanded storage capacity while stull utilized the freestanding format. If even more storage is required then the SBS32S1 is also available; this 60″ combo unit of the CS1611 and CS1660 has over 30 cubic feet of capacity, making them large enough for almost any residential refrigeration need.
Liebherr Fully Integrated Refrigerators
The HC1060 is the perfect small refrigerator for custom kitchens. This 24-inch fridge freezer can be integrated into the wall or cabinetry of even the smallest home. While relatively small with only 10 cubic feet of capacity, this model is great for space-limited applications. This appliance is also available as the Liebherr HC 1011, HC 1001 and HC 1050.
At 30-inches in width, the HCB1560, HC16540, HCB1561 and HC1541 units offer a good compromise between size and design. With built in water talk for the icemaker, these integrated refrigerator freezer units do not need plumbing and this can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen. With 15 cu. ft. of storage, these models incorporate over 4 cubic feet of freezer drawer capacity.
The 36-inch HC2050 and HC2061 combine generous space and the perfect width for a full sized kitchen. With close to 20 cubic feet of capacity and sophisticated water filtration system this unit is a perfect choice for any stylish kitchen. These models are also available in a white finish with French door styling as the CBS262 or HCB2062.
For large kitchens the range of 48 inch Liebherr integrated refrigerators have a lot to offer. The SBS20H1 and SBS20H0 consist of a combination of the HC1011 and HC1060, while the SHS19H0 combines an HRB1110 and HF851 units. These models are best suited for homes where large volume and a discreet installation are both valued.
Liebherr Design And Lifestyle Refrigeration
For a small volume wine refrigerator, the Liebherr WS1200 is hard to beat. Suitable for applications where only a few bottles need to be stored, this small wine cooler can hold up to a dozen fine wines on its beech wood shelving. These attractive units are a great match for anywhere from your minibar to your recreation area.
One unique product Liebherr sells is their XS 200 humidor. This niche market is underserviced by many major refrigerator manufacturers, but the XS200 is specifically designed to maintain fine cigars under the optimal storage conditions. The ability to maintain both temperature and humidity – using distilled water – makes this small humidor a great product for any cigar connoisseur.
Liebherr Wine Cabinets
Wine cabinets from Liebherr come in a variety of sizes. The smallest is the HWS1800, with a capacity of 18 bottles. A little larger is the WU400 Vinidor that can hold 40, and the WU5600 GrandCru which holds 56. Buyers seeking larger capacity also have the choice of the 135-bottle capacity WS13500 and 143-bottle capacity WS14300.
All these fine wine cabinets feature an activated charcoal filter to keep the interior air odor free, tinted safety glass for UV protection, and low vibration compressors. Combined these features ensure the best possible storage solution for your wine collection.
Liebherr Beverage Center And Outdoor Refrigerator
For consumers who need to store more than just wine, the RU500 GrandCru undercounter beverage center provides a clear view of what is on tap thru its stainless steel framed glass display door. Featuring two storage shelves and two pull out racks, this undercounter refrigerator can be used for cooling both cans and bottles.
Liebherrs Outdoor refrigeration solution is the RO500. Perfect for an outdoor kitchen, this rugged under counter refrigerator is a great purchase for any home where outdoor entertaining or grilling is a frequent occurrence. This weather resistant appliance has a capacity of five cubic feet.


R22 Phase Out Regulations

Many refrigerants are subject to strict EPA mandated disposal requirements and manufacturing limitations. HCFC-22 or R22 phase out regulations are set by the government to provide guidance to those industries that make use of the substance.
Under the terms of the Montreal Protocol – and subsequent amendments – countries around the world have agreed to curtail the production of ozone depleting CFCs and HCFCs. The particular conditions and deadlines applied to the phase out of R-22 are outline below.

  • 01/01/2004 – The United States agreed to reduce HCFC consumption (including R22) thirty five percent below baseline values by this date.
  • 01/01/2010 – The United States agreed to reduce consumption of HFCCs by three quarter below the baseline value. Allowance holders – specific firms permitted to use R-22 – are allowed to import or manufacture HCFC22 only in order to service equipment that is already in service. New equipment as of this date cannot be manufactured to utilized R22. The result of this is that no new HVAC systems using R-22 may be produced.
  • 01/01/2015 – The Montreal Protocol requires a 90% reduction in baseline HCFC usage for the United States to be achieved by the beginning of 2015.
  • 01/01/2020 – A 99.5% reduction in consumption of HCFC’s is targeted for the US. Chemical manufacturers will no longer be permitted to product virgin R-22 for the service of existing heat pump and air conditioning installations. This market will still be serviced using R22 recovered, recycled and reclaimed from old equipment that is being taken out of service.
  • 01/01/2030 – United states targeting complete elimination of both consumption and production of all HCFCs, including R-22.

AC Nameplate R22 Usage
Modern alternatives to R-22 are now being utilized in new residential air conditioning systems. R-410A is one such refrigerant gas. This R22 replacement is a HFC blend does not cause ozone layer depletion, but does still have adverse global warming effects.
The R-22 phase out also effects applications that make use of any of the following refrigerant blends:  R-401A, R402-A, R-409A and R-502. All of these refrigerants are made by combining several chemicals, one of which is R22.
If a residential air conditioner was manufactured before 2010, there is a good chance it utilizes R22 as a refrigerant. Most A/C units will have a nameplate clearly indicating the type of refrigerant used. On central A/C units, this nameplate is most commonly found on the condensing unit located outside.
While it is likely R22 refrigerant price will increase over time, the gradual replacement of old cooling units should eventually lead to demand for reclaimed R22 decreasing.

Icemaker Industry

Nugget Ice Machine For Home

For people who prefer small cubelets of ice rather than the traditional cubes, the option of buying a nugget ice machine for home use appeals. These machines make small marble sized, easily chewable pellets of ice that are great for use in beverages.
Unfortunately finding nugget icemakers for residential use is very difficult, as most of the machines that produce this type of ice are designed for restaurant or commercial use. Firms like Scotsman, Manitowoc and Hoshizaki make plenty of nugget style ice-machines, but they are generally too large and expensive to be practical for most homeowners.
One of the smallest units available is the HoshizakDCM270BAH Cubelet Icemaker from Hoshizakii DCM-270BAH, which produces almost 300 pounds of ice nuggets per day for a purchase price of a little over $3000. This countertop unit could be used in a home at a pinch, but it would be serious overkill for most people.
The reason for the paucity of cheap nugget ice makers is that production of this form of ice is a relatively expensive process. It will be produced almost continuously by freezing water on the inner wall of a cylindrical evaporator. A rotating auger collects this ice as it forms on the wall of the evaporator, and extrudes the nuggets. This is clearly a much more complicated process than simply freezing ice cubes for future use.
If a homeowner has their heart set on one of these nugget ice machines, probably the most affordable route is look into purchasing used equipment from a failed restaurant or similar business. The food service industry is highly competitive and there will generally be a steady stream of restaurant quality refrigerators, freezers and icemakers available at bankruptcy auctions.
Some people report success with visiting their local Sonic Drive-in (a fast food retailer) and purchasing ten-pound bags of nugget ice. While a little inconvenient this is a very affordable solution if an amenable location is nearby.
Another low-budget solution is to purchase a hand-cranked ice grinder. This can be used – with some effort- to crush ice cubes into a shape that resembles the traditional marbled nugget. Another option is to obtain a commercial snocone machine and icemaker; this will cost less than a real nugget ice maker for home but can produce crushed ice for home usage.
Finally, the truly frugal solution is to simply purchase an ice cube tray that makes very small ice cubes.

Freezers Industry

Delfield Manitowoc Freezers

The Manitowoc freezer line-up, while not as well known as the selection of Manitowoc Ice Machines, is well regarded by many. The manufacturer Delfield joined the Manitowoc Foodservice fold in late 2008, adding their fine selection of products to the Manitowoc stable. Below, a small selection of the available Delfield Manitowoc freezer models is discussed.
Delfield 6100XL Solid Door Reach-In Freezers
The 6100 series from Manitowoc is ideal for serious freezing needs, the Delflow refrigeration systems is designed to maintain the contents of these freezers at -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufactured with stainless steel front shroud and doors, and aluminum sides, this equipment will last.
Manitowoc Delfield 6151XL-S
Cooling is provided by a high quality compressor with a 5 year limited guarantee and Earth friendly R404a refrigerant. The polyurethane foam used for insulation is non-ODP and non-GWP material, and is Kyoto Protocol compliant.
Do not let these global warming friendly design specs fool you however, these freezers are high quality units and due to the use of Delfield’s Advanced Control technology performance is outstanding. These units are available as one, two or three section freezers with half or full-sized doors.
The single sectioned 6125XL-S and 6125XL-SH offer 20 cu ft. of freezer storage capacity with a current draw of 9.0 amps. For larger storage requirements the Manitowoc 6151XL-S and 6151XL-SH provide 43.5 cubic feet of storage in two sections.
For applications where more power is available, the three sectioned 6176XL-S and 6176XL-SH pull a full 20 amp, but provide a larger freezer capacity of 66 cubic foot. This unit requires a higher voltage line and utilizes a Nema 14-20P plug.
Delfield Specification Line Glass Door Refrigerator Freezers
These dual temperature pieces of equipment offer both fridge and freezer in the same units. These glass door refrigerators come with a wide range of optional accessories including the security package for prison use, 6″ polyurethane casters and laminate kick plate.
The refrigerated area in this Manitowoc device is maintained between 27°F and 40°F, and the frozen area below 0°F. Interior temperatures display on a pair of exterior mounted digital thermometers.
The SSDRL2-G, SADRL2-G, SMDRL2-G, SSDRL2-GH, SADRL2-GH and SMDRL2-GH units have the left door opening to the refrigerator and the right door to the freezer. Interior storage capacity is 25 cubic feet in each of the freezer and fridge compartments.
Similar in design, the SSDFL2-G, SADFL2-G, SMDFL2-G, SSDFL2-GH, SADFL2-GH and SMDFL2-GH Delfield refrigerators reversed the compartments so that the freezer unit is on the left hand size. Note that the ‘G’ models indicate full door, while the ‘GH’ models indicate half door versions.
Delfield Specification Line Solid Door Refrigerator Freezers
This range is almost identical in specifications to the Glass Door range discussed earlier. The chief difference is the presence of a pair of traditional solid doors, as opposed to the type seen on display refrigerators.
With the same full sized door/half-sized door version available, these units also form two main groups. The models with the fridge mounted to the left of the freezer are the SSDRL2-S, SADRL2-S, SMDRL2-S, SSDRL2-SH, SADRL2-SH and SMDRL2-SH. The left mounted freezer units are the SSDFL2-S, SADFL2-S, SMDFL2-S, SSDDFL2-SH, SADFL2-SH and SMDFL2-SH.
This list is just a small sampling of the Delfield freezers from Manitowoc, there are many other similarly impressive models available from this manufacturer.

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Black And Decker Refrigerators and Freezers

It is a surprise to many that Black and Decker refrigerators and freezers are available. This brand is more associated with power tools and lawn care than refrigeration. These cheap refrigerators and freezers will never be mistaken for high-end appliances, but they are very good option for people seeking a small refrigerator at a low price.
Black And Decker Fridges
The Black and Decker BCF27 is a 2.7 cubic ft. capacity mini fridge with freezer. The small freezer compartment is sized to fit an ice cube tray, but little else. This tiny refrigerator manages to make room in the door for 2-liter soda bottles, quite impressive given its diminutive size.
Black and Decker BCF27
A little larger is the BCF31 3.1 cu. Ft. mini fridge freezer. The setup of this unit is similar to the BCF27 but also incorporates a can dispenser – the ‘dispense-o-can storage’ system. The reversible door on this unit makes it easy to install in any location, and it is a great candidate for use as a dorm refrigerator.
A third offering is the Black & Decker NuCool fridge, with a tiny 1.7 cubic foot capacity. Sold at Walmart and Best Buy, these devices are available in a wide variety of bright colors, from pink to purple to blue. This model is very unusual in that is operates without either a compressor or refrigerant coolant, but the reviews as a whole are very positive.
Black And Decker Freezers
Black and Decker also market some small chest freezers for home use. The BFD53 has a capacity of roughly 150 pounds of frozen food, and incorporates a security lock to prevent unauthorized access.
The larger BFD70 can hold 200lbs of food, and includes two removable vinyl coated freezer baskets to help keep the contents organized. Both models include an easy access defrost drain suitable for their manual defrost design.
Shoppers with a limited budget looking for serviceable refrigeration and freezer appliances will likely find these Black and Decker fridge freezers a good option.

Icemaker Industry

Ice Machines For Home Use

Buying an ice machine for home use is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Perfect for everyday use or just for special events, manufacturers include many well-known brand names such as Haier, Danby and EdgeStar; and come in a wide variety of styles and optional features.
Individuals who are looking for an ice maker strictly for home use can choose from the wide range of undercounter machines available. Are you looking for a product that is more versatile? Consider choosing a portable ice machine, which is ideal for use in the home or while traveling. With all of the options available, it is easy to find the right style to fit your everyday and party needs.
Undercounter Ice Machines for Home Use
Homeowners choose to install ice machines in the home for a wide variety of reasons. The most popular type of ice maker is the undercounter design. An ideal accompaniment for rooms that already have a beverage refrigerator or mini fridge, this product can have ice ready to use in a matter of minutes or hours. In addition, this home appliance will easily blend with your existing items – with most styles sold in black, white or stainless steel.
Portable Ice Machines – Ideal for Home and Travel
Large ice machines for home use are not practical for every living space and situation. In apartments, bigger models are not feasible as they consume too much space. For homeowners, they are practical as undercounter installation or freestanding units – but may not be conveniently located for your big events. So instead of leaving your party or get-together to get ice for your beverages, why not consider purchasing a portable ice machine?
These mini icemakers can go anywhere from the patio, countertop, boat, RV to the family picnic. While most units plug into to wall to operate, some models use battery power instead. Manufactured by popular home appliance brand names including Emerson, Haier, Danby, EdgeStar and Magic Chef, these products can be easily purchased online or in major retail and appliance stores. In addition to being practical, small ice machine are also extremely affordable – costing anywhere from $100 to $300.
Finding the Right Ice Machine for Your Home
Before you buy an ice machine for home use, several factors should be considered – including brand name, size and optional features. Some well-known manufacturers of under counter ice machines are Scotsman, EdgeStar, U-Line and Ice-O-Matic. They produce products that can suit any homeowner’s budget, with prices starting around $350 and range up into the thousands for deluxe models.
However, keep in mind that many factors that increase the price. Large model under counter ice machines can make and hold 70 pounds of ice or more, which can significantly increase the cost. Before you buy, choose a style that will not only fit the available space, but will make enough ice to suit your needs. Unless you regularly host parties these oversized icemakers are too large, and impractical for occasional use. In addition, you should check the rate that ice can be produced. Depending on the unit, small amounts of ice can be produced in minutes to hours – making this product ideal for everyday use or just for special events.
Crushed Ice Machines, the Perfect Ice Maker Accessory
If you already own an inexpensive ice machine, you may not have the feature for making crushed ice. These small countertop appliances are a perfect accessory that is not only practical but also affordable. Ranging in price from $30 to $100, it is ideal for breaking ice cubes for beverages, icy snacks and other cold treats.
Ideal for homes that already have a beverage or mini fridge already installed, portable and undercounter ice machines are the perfect accessory for any home. When placed in the kitchen, game room or patio space, they can be used everyday or just during special occasions or parties. However, before you buy, make sure to choose the location for your ice machine and set a budget. By keeping the above guidelines in mind – and you will find the perfect product for your living space.

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True Refrigeration

True manufacturing has provided commercial refrigeration solutions to business for well over 60 years. With warehouses located around the world, True refrigeration products are sold in many different countries.
True mfg. takes pride in their ability to balance and match powerful evaporators, condenser coils and compressors to ensure the lowest temperature storage possible while maximizing energy efficiency. Their product line has been manufactured in the United States since the firm inception, and most of their products exceed Energy Star rating requirements. In keeping with this earth friendly theme, they utilize in their refrigerators Ecomate foam insulation that has zero ozone depletion and global warming potential.
In their factory in Missouri, they test all refrigerators and freezers extensively before releasing them for sale. This ensure buyers will receive units that are functioning correctly from the get go. Confident in their products they offer a five-year warranty on the compressor in their appliances.
True TSSU-48-12 Sandwich and Salad Unit
The refrigeration products available from True include a large variety of different True refrigerators suitable for commercial and industrial settings. They include traditional reach-in refrigerators and freezers – the T, TM and TS series – that are available in a variety of sizes and configurations suitable for any application.
Other popular True fridges include the True specification series. This range consists of the TR, TA and TG-series of 300 series stainless steel constructed appliances. Also available in this range are their Roll-in and Roll-thru designs (such as the TR2RRI-2S) which receive roll-in racks on its inboard castors.
True undercounter refrigerators are also available. With a range of under counter refrigerators and freezers that are ADA compliant available in multiple depths. These can be purchased as plain under-counter fridges (such as the TUC-48) or worktop models, which have a lower profile and a lip on the back (like the TWT-60).
Food preparation tables are another True strong point. Models such as the sandwich and salad unit allow ingredients to be easily kept fresh and ready for use. Pizza preparation tables, which include the TPP-67 D-2, achieve the coveted NSF-7 listing while keeping the pizza ingredients as fresh as possible.
True refrigeration products are a solid and well-regarded line-up of commercial and restaurant refrigerators and freezers. While not cheap appliances, the firms’ products do offer a lot of value.


UC-15I Sub Zero Ice Makers

One little appreciated product from the Sub-Zero line-up is the 15-inch undercounter Subzero ice machine. While everyone is familiar with the high-end Sub Zero fridge freezers, many people do not know about their other attractive and functional chilling appliances.
The Sub Zero UC-15I comes in four different configurations. It is designed for installation beneath a counter top to be discreetly out of the way, but readily accessible. Purchasable with a stainless steel panel, you can also have a custom cabinet panel installed to match the trim and look of your existing cabinet woodwork.
Sub Zero UC15I Ice Maker
With a production capacity of 50 pounds of ice per day, these small ice machines are suitable for most residential requirements. Combine with a storage capacity of 25 pounds; you can have sufficient ice on hand to keep drinks cooled for a large group of family and friends. The ice produced by these icemachines is clean – due to the built-in water filtration system – and has an appealing octagonal shape.
Available with a gravity drain (the UC-15I and UC-15I)) or a drain pump (the UC-15IP and UC-15IPO) these 15″ inch widths units are available in both indoor and outdoor ice-maker configurations. The outdoor UC-15IO and UC-15IPO models have a stainless steel door with the option of the pro handle, designed to match the look of a Wolf outdoor grill.
Other appealing features of the Sub Zero ice machines are the ice scoop that is stored within the door, and its high power ice making solution can function successfully in temperatures of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The ‘change filter’ light and bin light make for ease of maintenance and ease of use.
While not as heave-duty as commercial type Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines one of these Sub-Zero icemakers, once plumbed to a reliable water supply, can produce amounts of high quality filtered ice sufficient to meet all your residential ice-manufacturing needs.

Industry Ovens

Wolf Appliances

Many consider Wolf appliances to be the best residential cooking solutions for the upscale kitchen. Along with Sub-Zero refrigerators, Wolf ranges and cooktops can form the basis of a magnificent kitchen renovation.
Wolf Wall Ovens
Wolf 30″ single ovens come in two different options, the E-Series and the L-Series. Both ranges come with ten cooking modes and an LCD touch control panel. The dual interior halogen lighting displays the cobalt blue interior to good effect.
The 30″ E-Series is available in framed (SO30-2F/S-TH) or unframed (SO30-2U/S-TH). The 30″ L-Series is very similar, sold as the S030F/S (framed) and the S030U/S (unframed). These two Wolf ovens have mostly overlapping features, though the L-Series does cost a little more. The major differences – other than styling – between the two are the presence of door hydraulics on the Wolf L-Series.
Wolf also offers some 30″ double oven choices in both the E and L series. The built-in DO30-2F/S framed and DO30-2U/S E-Series models blend seamlessly into your existing kitchens cabinetry. Likewise, the dual-convection L-Series DO30U/S and DO30F/S offer very similar functionality with merely a slightly different look.
Wolf Appliances Wall Oven
For kitchens were space permits, Wolf also offers the 36″ built-in SO36U/S unframed single oven. Featuring a rotating control panel that is concealed when not in use, this stylish Wolf oven can fit the largest meal with ease.
Wolf Gas Ranges
Wolf offers a selection of several different gas ranges. These ranges come with stylish red control knobs – a Wolf trademark – and dual brass burners with automatic re-ignition. Combined with the large-capacity convection oven these units have many points in their favor.
Their collection of gas ranges consists of the 30″ (R304), 36″ (R366, R364C, and R364G), 48″ (R488, R486C, R486G, R484CG, R484DG, R484F) and 60″ wide models (R606DG, R606, R606CG).
Also available is a selection of Wolf Dual Fuel ranges that can be configured to run off either Natural Gas or Propane. This collection ranges in size from the 30″ DF404, all the way up to the 60″ DF604GF featuring four burners, a griddle and a French top.
Wolf Rangetops
Wolf rangetops come in two basic types, their regular gas models and their sealed burner models. The 36″ gas range tops (RT366, RT364C, and RT364G) and 48″ units (RT488, RT486C, RT486G, RT484CG, RT484DG, RT484F) let you take your grilling indoors.
The professional sealed burner Wolf range tops maximizes heat control using duel-stacked burners. This collection is available as the SRT304 (30 inches), SRT366, SRT364C, SRT364 (36 inches), SRT486C, SRT486G, SRT486CG, SRT484DG and SRT484F (all 38 inches in width).
Wolf Cooktops
Gas cooktops from the Wolf home selection are an appealing drop-in alternative to a stove top. The 36-inch CT30G/S and 30-inch CT30G/S provide a great cooking experience with their fined-tuned burner control and patented True Simmer feature.
If gas is not an option, Wolf also offers some fine Electric cooktops that come with a damage resistant ceramic glass surface. The CT30E/S, CT30EU (30″), CT36E/S and CT36EU (36″) offer exception control of cooking temperature for cooktops of this type.
Also available are some magnificent induction cooktops, which apply heat directly to the cookware and not to the cooktop, making them safer to use around children. These units are available in 30-inch (CT30I/S and CT30IU) and 36-inch (CT36I/S and CT36IU) widths.
All of these cooktops are also available in 15-inch models for installations where space is limited – the CT15G/S, the CT15E/S and the CT15/IS.
Wolf Microwaves
The first of the Wolf microwaves is the 24″ MWC24 convection microwave. This unit is available with either 30″ of 36″ trim kit to match them perfectly with the correspondingly sized wall ovens in a cooking tower. With 1.5 cubic feet of capacity and 900 watts of power, this unit is good for anything from popping popcorn to slow cooking.
The more traditional MW24 features a massive 2.0 cu ft. cooking area and 1200 watts of power. The trade-off in this model is the lack of a convection-cooking mode. As with the MWC24 convection microwave, this unit is available with trim framing designed to match the rest of your wolf appliances.
Finally, the Wolf drawer microwave models are the 24″ MWD24-2U/S and the 30″ MWD30-2F/S and MWD3-2U/S. These drawer microwaves can be readily installed undercounter or below a Wolf E-series wall oven.
While Wolf appliance prices are very high, attractive and feature rich cooking appliances from Wolf stoves and gar ranges make great additions to any homes kitchen.

Freezers Fridges Industry Refrigerators

Hoshizaki Refrigerators And Freezers

Hoshizaki refrigerators and freezers are available in a range of different types  With a wide selection of under counter fridges, upright refrigerators and freezers and display refrigeration products in their line-up, it is clear that this firm does a lot more than make the famed high quality Hoshizaki icemakers.
Hoshizaki Worktop And Undercounter
The worktop and undercounter Hoshizaki fridge and freezer range consists of three different models lines, the professional series under counter, worktop freezer and worktop refrigerator ranges. These appliances include cabinet door perimeter heaters which prevent the formation of condensation when humidity is high, and flush mounted handles for maximizing aisle space.  External LED displays provide details of the internal temperatures to the operators. This range of refrigeration and freezer appliances is available in 40-inch, 68-inch and 96-inch designs; although the 96″ model selection is more limited.
Hoshizaki HURF40AD Undercounter Freezer with Drawers
Hoshizaki Professional Series Undercounter
These under counter units are available as either refrigerators or freezers. The HUF40A, HUF40-D, HUF68A and HUF68A-D are self-contained undercounter freezers. They are available with either one of two sections, and with or without drawers.
The HUR40A, HUR40A-D, HUR68A, HUR68A-D, HUR96A and HUR96A-D are the undercounter-refrigerated versions of these appliances. They are very similar in design, except they also offer the HUR96 three sectioned choices.
Hoshizaki Professional Series Worktop Freezers And Refrigerators
Relatively similar to the undercounter freezer selection are the HWF40A, HWF40A-D, HWF68A and HWF68A-D self-contained worktop freezer units. They are six inches taller and come with a lip at the back of the counter space.
The Hoshizaki worktop refrigerator line includes the HWR40A, HWR40A-D, HWR68A, HWR68A-D, HWR96A and HWR96A-D models, again available in 3 different sizes and with or without drawers.
Hoshizaki Refrigerated Display Cases
These refrigerated stainless steel glass display refrigerators are ideal for displaying merchandise of all sorts – from sandwiches to Sashimi. With an 11-inch deep interior, and large condenser face, these fridges feature a 5-inch plate space on top.
The HNC-120BA, HNC-150BA, HNC-180BA and HNC-210BA are available in lengths from four feet up to seven feet, and offer a very attractive fresh food display.
Hoshizaki Reach-in Refrigerators And Freezers
With similar features to the worktop models, these premium upright refrigeration units are industrial grade. Hoshizaki reach in refrigerators and freezers are available in commercial and professional series. While not as large as walk-in refrigerators, these models are available with capacities of up to 73 cu. ft.
Hoshizaki CF1AHS
Hoshizaki Commercial Series Freezer And Refrigerator
The CF1A-HS, CF1A-HS, CF2A-FS and CF2A-FS are reach-in series upright freezers that come sized with either one or two sections, and with the option of full or half door openings. The refrigerator versions – with similar options – are the CR1A-FS, CR1A-HS, CR2A-FS and CR2A-HS units.
Hoshizaki Professional Series Dual Temp
These combination refrigerator & freezer units offer the features of both in one device. Available in 1-3 segments and with full or half-door reach in, the RFH1-SSB-HS, RFH2-SSB, RFH2-SSB-HSm RFH3-SSB and RFH3-SSB-HS come in a variety of configurations.
Hoshizaki Professional Series Freezer
Substantially higher-powered versions of the commercial series freezers, the professional FH1-SSB, FH1-SSB-HD, FH2-SSB and FH2-SSB-HD have a higher amperage draw for serious cooling applications.
Hoshizaki Professional Series Refrigerator
These industrial strength units feature variable speed compressors. Units such as the single section RH1-SSE-FS are available with a solid stainless steel door, or alternatively in a glass door fridge configuration (the RH1-SSE-FG).
As is typical with this manufacturers products, there is a range of models available in different sizes – 1 to 3 sections – and either half or full door types. These include the RH1-SSE-FS, RH1-SSE-HS, RH2-SSE-FS, RH2-SSE-HS, RH3-SSE-FS and RH3-SSE-HS models.
With all these different refrigerator and freezer models, Hoshizaki is a leader in refrigeration for commercial, industrial and restaurant refrigerator applicatons.