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AHRI – The Air-Conditioning Heating And Refrigeration Institute

The Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is an industry association representing several hundred of the largest manufacturers of air conditioners, heating units, and refrigeration machinery built in North America. Combined, the membership of this organization is responsible for the production of over 90 percent of the commercial and residential equipment of this type on the market.
AHRI For Manufacturers – Membership
Part of the benefits of membership in this organization is that companies have any claims about their products performance verified by AHRI and assigned a relevant certification mark. Corporation which take advantage of this certification provide assurance to their customers that their products are of high quality and that any claims are accurate.
Advocacy is another important benefit that AHRI provides to its members. Many environmental and energy use policies are being debated by governments around the world, all of which have the potential to impact firms involved in the HVACR industry. AHRI ensures that the viewpoints and opinions of its members are fairly represented in legislative, judicial and international discussions.
Also available for AHRI members is the latest industry data – regularly updated – to ensure your manufacturing and design decisions are made in an environment where you have the best possible grasp of today’s economics and legislative environments.
AHRI For HVACR Professionals
Busy professionals in the HVAC/R industries need a reliable and reputable source in order to maintain current on developments in their field. AHRI is a great resource for contractors seeking the latest data on new products entering the market, ensuring you will always be able to offer the latest technologies to your customers.
Apart from information on the industry, AHRI makes resources available to assist in your career development. These tools will help you to maintain your expertise by pointing you to the best resources for up-to-date training on the latest equipment and procedures.
AHRI For Homeowners
One important function the Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute provide is educating home-owners. Consumers are able to provide the latest and most accurate information to empower them to make the best choices regarding their heating and cooling purchases.
Many consumers are confused by the various factors that should be considered buying this type of equipment. AHRI – to help them out – provides the latest data on available tax incentive, energy consumption, and safety considerations to ensure high quality decision making.
AHRI is a highly respected institute that offers very useful resources for everyone – not just for the manufacturers who make up their core membership. For more information visit their website at To view the AHRI directory of certified product performance visit