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Buying A Beverage Refrigerator

Imagine you are hosting a party, having a private get together with friends, or are relaxing in your den or game room. Do you really want to walk to the kitchen when you or your guests get thirsty, taking you away from the get-together or stress-free moment? Traditional kitchen refrigerators are perfect for storing food and drinks for everyday consumption. But depending on your needs, they may not provide enough space or might not be in a convenient location. Purchasing and installing a beverage refrigerator in your home is the perfect solution to this problem, and can provide you with cool beverages at a moments notice. You will never have to leave the party or your personal space – at least not until you are ready.
How to Choose the Right Beverage Refrigerator for Your Living Space
Finding the best unit to suit your needs isn’t a difficult task. But with all the brands and product types available, how do you know which product is right for you? Before any decisions can be made, first decide where your new refrigerator is going to be placed. Accurately measure all aspects of the space available; including the length, width and height. Keep in mind, the latter measurement is essential if your new purchase is going to fit properly as a built in beverage refrigerator because the compressor requires adequate ventilation to run and properly maintain its internal temperature.  Once you have determined the amount of space available, you can start the selection process.
One of the first aspects you will notice while shopping online or at major retailers is the wide range of brand names available. Some of the most popular brand names available are Haier, Avanti, Danby, Magic Chef and EdgeStar. While no one brand is necessarily vastly superior to the others, brand does make a difference when it comes to pricing, features, sizing and warranty. If you are not loyal to a particular brand, the best place to start is by narrowing the selection based on affordability and features.
Cost may be one of your first concerns when shopping, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. Lower priced beverage refrigerators may be more affordable and budget friendly – but they may end up lacking in features and are quite often less energy efficient. In the end, that “money saving” purchase may cost you more in the long run. Instead of choosing a cheap refrigerator, look for other money saving options such as sales and rebates. Also, consider shopping at specialty stores or online at locations including ABT appliances, Best Buy and Amazon where savings on overall cost and shipping is almost guaranteed.
Once you have narrowed your selection, it is time to find the product with all the right features to suit your needs. Wine coolers and beverage refrigerators are a popular option for homes because of their versatility. Interchangeable racks make storing either (or both) types of drink a breeze. Other options to look for are glass refrigerator doors, digital thermostats, auto-defrost, adjustable racks, internal lighting and a suitable Energy-Star rating. And if you want to create a truly streamlined room design consider an undercounter refrigerator which fits alongside your existing cabinetry, allowing too blend with your existing living space.
What Makes an Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator Different?
Do you need to keep your drinks cool in the heat of the outdoors? Consider the addition of an outdoor refrigerator to your patio or other outside living space. But not all units are created equal and they are not the same as indoor models, so you must take this aspect into consideration before you buy. A standard beverage refrigerator is not designed for outdoor use. The higher temperatures will cause the internal components and compressor to run continuously to maintain the lower internal temperature – and this constant running will eventually cause the product to burn itself out.
The right outdoor beverage refrigerator can compensate for all of these problems. This type of model should include the following features, which will allow for it to withstand harsh environment:

  • Ensure the model is marketed as being weatherproof and designed for outdoor use
  • Check for increased levels of insulation
  • Verify the refrigerator is approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), this ensures the product has undergone testing, is waterproof and safe for outdoor use
  • Stainless steel outdoor beverage refrigerators are the best design because they not only resist harsh weather conditions, but also do not rust easily
  • Choose a unit with a higher Energy-Star rating, this ensures the unit will run less and will not drastically increase your electric bill

Once you have determined where your new refrigeration unit is going to be placed, your price range and the features you desire; actually finding the right product to fit your needs is a breeze. The wide range of brand names and retailers will provide you with the perfect solution – even though you may not find exactly what you are look for right off the bat. In the end, the installation of a beverage refrigerator in your home you will make everyday life even simpler, and make you living space the life of the party.

Industry Reviews

ABT Appliances

Consumers looking to make a major purchase for their home often turn to large retail stores, but why not consider another option? ABT appliances and electronics is a family owned and operated business where consumers are given the opportunity to buy major brand name products at a lower price. So before you shop, learn why this retailer stands out from its competition.
The History of ABT Electronics and Appliances
All major retailers have a history, but there are few that can compare to the background of ABTs home electronics and appliances start-up. This company is a pure representation of the American dream, and clearly demonstrates their dedication to growing into a successful business. Starting with only $800 in 1936, it opened as a small electronics retailer called ABT Radio. While the brick and mortar business has not expanded past Glenview, IL in Chicago, they maintain a strong online presence and compete with major retailers such as Sears, Best Buy and Circuit City. Even though the business has expanded, its commitment to family has never wavered. Owned and operated by future generations of family members, this dedication has been passed onto its customers by offering low prices and superior service which makes this retailer stand out from the competition.
Save Money with ABT Online Rebates and Low Price Guarantee
Consumers today are focused on saving money, especially when it comes to making major purchases in electronics and home appliances. One of the unique advantages ABT appliances and electronics can offer consumers are a low price guarantee. While this feature can offer potential guidelines and savings, the details outlined on the company website must be followed to receive a discount or rebate. Other ways consumers can save on their appliance or electronics purchase is through the use of ABT online rebates. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to browse the rebate section of the website, you may be able to save money or discover an expensive product has become more affordable and budget friendly.
Make Online Purchases with Confidence
One of the greatest hesitations everyone has when purchasing products online is related not only to cost, but the reputation of the business. ABT business and consumer reviews illustrate this companys stellar reputation and they maintain a BBB rating of A+. In other words, you can buy with both trust and confidence. And you can rest assured any ABT home appliance purchase you make will meet your personal and quality expectations. But what if your hesitations are related to setup or installation? For those who lack technical expertise, customer service representatives are available 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.
ABT Electronics and Appliances Commitment to Green Living
For many, making purchases that are eco-friendly are becoming a priority. But what if you could shop at a major retailer that is committed to reducing their carbon footprint? In response to the increasing focus on recycling, environmental conservation and preservation, ABT appliances have made a commitment to maintaining high environmental standards. In fact their website states being an eco-friendly company is a core value of the ABT family. This company not only utilizes recycling of materials, but conserves energy through the use of windmills, natural light, solar panels and high efficiency bulbs. All of these features make ABT an ideal place to purchase home electronics and appliances for consumers who desire to shop at environmentally friendly businesses.
Compared to other major retailers, ABT home appliances and electronics strives to provide a superior level of customer service and satisfaction. Their family oriented business structure, low price guarantee, rebates and commitment to the environment are all aspects that make this company unique. So before you make your next major home purchase from a chain store, check out ABT, and discover the reasons behind their high customer loyalty and business rating.

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Uline Refrigerators

Uline refrigerators have become one of the best, most stable and reputable refrigerators in the world. They are manufactured by one of the leaders in refrigeration, ice making, and wine cooling products. If you want a high quality and durable refrigerator that is energy efficient, buy one made by U-line. The U-Line company boasts of a long line of impressive refrigerators that are both practical and attractive.
A Uline refrigerator is one of the most expensive refrigerators you can find in the United States. If you have the money and are willing to pay extra for a refrigerator that is stylish and possesses great quality, the U-Line refrigerator is a quality product that will keep you satisfied for years.
U-Line makes a wide range of models and varieties of refrigerators. One of their lines is the “Echelon” series, which comes with a black-colored interior and cabinet. The other line of Uline refrigerators is the “Origins” series, which comes with a pure white cabinet and interior. Both series have several models for you to choose from.
The Combo model is a compact U-Line refrigerator that provides you with an abundant supply of ice and gives you plenty of refrigeration capacity. It combines the Uline ice maker and refrigerator in one unit. It also provides the convenience of a refrigerator that is free from frost. It has a no-drain feature, which allows for easy and inexpensive installations. It is designed to reduce the amount of noise created by the compressor. This U-Line refrigerator contains a unique adjustable shelf that can accommodate large containers such as milk jugs. The Combo model is available in both the Echelon and Origins series and is one of the quietest fridges available on the market.
Uline has introduced the combo drawer model to create a perfect look in any home. It combines three appliances into one. It combines Uline ice makers capacity with refrigeration and a Uline wine cooler in a two-drawer unit. The top drawer is primarily designed for refrigeration with excellent organizational features. The lower drawer is equipped with an icemaker and wine cooler. It also has touch glass digital control technology, which allows you to set and view the refrigeration temperature. It has a heavy duty drawer slide that allows you to access the back of the drawer quickly and easily. This type of refrigerator needs to be installed and anchored to a specific spot in your home.
If you want to get a refrigerator that features excellent ice making capability with refrigeration, a U-Line refrigerator could be the perfect choice for you. Buy a Uline and be captivated by its design, great functionality, and innovative style.

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Consider Buying a Danby Refrigerator

There are many brands of refrigerators available on the market but one that really stands out is the Danby refrigerator. Danby is a well-known brand that is among the top picks for anyone who is searching for an inexpensive quality fridge. Danby refrigerators come in all sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that is right for you regardless of the size of your home and family.
Danby started manufacturing and selling electric appliances to the American market in 1947. The company eventually grew to become the biggest appliance company in North America. It has gained a great reputation for selling high quality and inexpensive appliances.
Danby RefrigeratorThe Danby compact refrigerator is famous for its great reliability and excellent finish. This refrigerator comes in two basic colors, white and black. Either color will enhance and beautify your house. You can purchase this type of refrigerator with or without a freezer compartment. The single door compact refrigerator without a freezer is cheap; however, you will have to buy a freezer separately. A refrigerator with a combination of freezer and refrigeration components is more expensive but will save you space and energy since it is all integrated in to one appliance. Some Danby refrigerators do not come with an auto defrost feature, so you must defrost them manually to keep the freezer compartment reliable and effective.
A Danby wine refrigerator is a cooler with a door made of glass. This type of fridge is extremely useful for homes that have a bar. These refrigerators come in two different sizes. The first is a tall, upright design that can hold large quantities of wine and liquor. The other one is an under countertop design that works perfectly for a domestic bar. There is also a split type variety that allows you two separate coolers with different temperatures. It is perfect for those who love both white and red wine. It comes in a variety of finishes and shelving styles to match your home bar. Some Danby wine refrigerators are offered with two doors to allow you flexibility in positioning the fridge in your home.
Danby also has apartment size refrigerators. These are ideal for people who don’t have enough room for a bigger fridge. They come in black, white, and stainless steel varieties, and are ideal for people who are sharing apartments because there is enough space to store food for two people. The size of these fridges ranges from 7.8 to 11 cubic feet.
One good thing about Danby refrigerators is the availability of parts. Your old refrigerator can still be fixed since most Danby refrigerator parts can easily be purchased at stores or online shops to bring your fridge back to its normal, reliable performance.
Danby offers many versatile refrigerator designs to allow anyone to find a variety that is suited for them. Danby may not offer extremely unique refrigerators; however, the reliability and durability of a Danby fridge is more than worth the price. Ultimately, Danby manufactures the best and most reliable refrigerators in the world, which makes it an excellent choice.

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Women In Refrigerators

Women in Refrigerators is a trope recognized in comic books, originally in 1999 by a group of comic fans. It refers to the death or disempowerment of main female comic book characters to advance the plotline of a male character.
The name refers to Green Lantern character Alex DeWitt – the girlfriend of titular character Kyle Rayner – being killed by a series villain and unceremoniously shoved into a refrigerator for him to discover. Disposing of a female character by placing the woman in freezers or refrigerators is a long-recognized plot driver in many other forms of pop media, and serves to develop the main character (who is usually male) by having him confront the death of his girlfriend or close female associate. Forms of this ‘second character refrigeration’ are frequently utilized in many stories.
Given five minutes to think, most of us can remember a slew of television shows or movies, particularly of the action-adventure variety, where the male protagonist’s girlfriend or love interest is held hostage, terrorized, or otherwise mauled by the villain of the piece. The female character is thus reduced to a disposable tool that drives the male protagonist’s storyline, rather than being developed as a fully-formed, three-dimensional character in her own right, with her own motivations and story. Rachel in the Batman series, Lady Flash, Rogue from X-Men; the list goes on, and on, and on. Less actual protagonists and more pretty accessories for the male character, these women all exemplify the treatment that female characters tend to receive in pop culture. How often do you see a male comic book character brutalized or tortured in a villain’s lair, only to be rescued by a bad-ass woman? Not often.
The creation of the original Women in Refrigerators list caused many comic book authors to react with hostility, but many more to consider the short-shrift that they themselves had given their female characters. The phenomenon began an ongoing discussion in comic book circles about the treatment of female characters, which continues to this day. Since then there have been many more strong and independent female comic book superheroes, in the vein of Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Tank Girl. Still, though, the trend is skewed toward male protagonists and their vulnerable female sidekicks and squeezes. Whether things have improved since the creation of the trope remains to be seen, but it certainly made many fans and creators more aware of the screaming, helpless lady in comic books.

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Refrigeration Basics

Refrigeration is described as the process of removing and transferring heat. Anything that you place in a fridge will have its heat removed and transferred somewhere else. Coldness is defined as a state that happens when heat is absent in an object. These principles are important in refrigeration basics 101, so let’s learn how it works.
How does refrigeration work? There are several things that make it work. First, the cold temperature in the refrigerator causes the heat molecules within the objects inside to flow to the cold areas of refrigerator. This process of heat flow drives the refrigeration cycle, and is called conduction. It acts similar to the flow of water when being transferred from one container to the other. Another process used in refrigeration is convection. This happens when heat is carried away and removed by air particles. Refrigeration works by creating an object that is colder than the object placed inside the fridge in order to allow the heat transfer process to work its magic. All these processes rely on the presence of a refrigerant.
Refrigeration BasicsAmmonia refrigeration basics are based on a looping system that has four primary components, namely condenser, compressor, evaporator, and the metering device. The condenser exchanges heat by removing heat particles from compressed gas and condenses the gas into liquid. The refrigerant liquefies by undergoing a cooling process below the saturation temperature, which remains relative to the pressure created by the compressor. This causes heat from the evaporator to transfer to the cooled refrigerant.
The compressor is one of the most important refrigeration parts. It acts as a compression device for the refrigerant gas by employing pistons to press the flow of air. It raises the pressure of the refrigerant gas, causing the saturation temperature to increase so that it is higher than the air or cooling liquid used by the condenser. This component also enhances the flow of the refrigerant by pumping it throughout the looping system.
An evaporator causes the liquid to evaporate into cold gas, which causes the cooling process. Then the metering device restricts the air flow by making the refrigerant gas flow to a small hole, causing a decrease in pressure. As the pressure drops, it forces the high pressure liquid refrigerant to go through the small hole, losing most of its pressure in the process. This not only reduces the pressure but also makes the refrigerant’s surface area increase dramatically.
Many people have expressed interest in refrigeration basics and have decided to become refrigeration repairmen. If you want to pursue this career, you need to study and enroll yourself in a refrigeration repair course. Next, you need to get some experience in the repair and handling of refrigerators, coolers, and ice makers.
You should have a better understanding of how refrigeration works now. The concepts that you’ve learned today can help you troubleshoot the problem if something goes wrong with your fridge or even help you decide to take a shot at becoming a refrigeration professional.

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Energy Star Refrigerators

The refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances in any home. However, it is also one of the worst household appliances when it comes to energy consumption. Picking an Energy Star refrigerator will ensure that the model you’ve selected will help you cut down on energy consumption because Energy Star refrigerators are designed to use less energy than other refrigerators.
The Energy Star rating system was first introduced for refrigerators in the United States back in June 1996, and the required standards are periodically revised upwards as technologies for increasing energy efficiency go mainstream.
Note that the Energy Star system is not used in all countries. The European Union  uses an energy efficiency grading system of A++ (the very best) to G (for real energy hogs) for fridge efficiency ranking. In the United Kingdom products are labelled with the Energy Savings Trust ‘Energy Saving’ logo if they are highly efficient. While slightly different in execution, these standards are similar in concept to the U.S Energy Star ranking system.
All Energy Star refrigerators are energy efficient and require less electric power than other models. They are designed with features that allow them to retain cold temperatures better, thus requiring less work from the compressor. One of the main features of an Energy Star fridge freezer is that it has a specialized door that seals the cold inside the refrigerator. Its compressors are specifically designed to stop when the refrigerator has reached the target temperature.
Energy Star RefrigeratorIf you don’t keep a lot of food on hand, you can save even more electricity by buying an Energy Star compact refrigerator. A smaller fridge uses less energy than a large one, and getting an energy efficient fridge is a great investment that will help you save money and reduce power usage while protecting the environment. Reading Energy Star refrigerator reviews will help you get the information you need to decide which refrigerator to purchase.
Keep in mind that certain factors such as size, location of the fridge, and configuration need to be considered when picking an energy efficient refrigerator. Many people try to purchase the biggest refrigerator they can afford. However, the size does have an effect on energy usage. The bigger the refrigerator, the more energy it needs to maintain the desired temperature. Fridge configurations such as auto defrost use more energy than the manual types. The location of the fridge is also important in ensuring that it will not consume a lot of power. Heat sources such as your stove or oven will affect the performance of the fridge if you keep them close to each other.
There are many models available on the market today that are Energy Star compliant. Choosing one among this wide selection of energy efficient refrigerators can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. The most important thing is to look for a fridge that has a yellow star logo. The Energy Star label ensures you that this refrigerator, such as the GE Energy Star refrigerator, will help you save twenty to thirty percent in power consumption. You will notice that most GE monogram refrigerators have this certification.
It is clear that an Energy Star refrigerator offers plenty of benefits and perks to consumers. Being able to save money and protect the environment through the effective use of energy is very important. It also allows you to narrow down the list of refrigerators that you should buy. It makes perfect sense to buy an Energy Star refrigerator to help conserve energy in your home.

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A Close Look at Samsung Refrigerator Models

Picking the right refrigerator for your home can be difficult. You have to research many different brands to find out which brand offers the best in terms of features and quality. After all of this research, you’ll find that one of the best brands in the refrigerator industry is Samsung. They have produced a wide selection of refrigerators that come in different styles and offer unique features. This article will help you choose the right fridge among the long list of Samsung refrigerator models on the market.
Samsung is probably the biggest and most innovative electronic appliance company in the world. Their products are known for their great reliability and quality. Samsung offers products that bring an extra level of sophistication and class to your home.
Samsung RefrigeratorOne of the most popular Samsung fridge models available today is the side by side Samsung refrigerator. This type of fridge allows you to store more food than a regular refrigerator because its design is more spacious. Samsung came up with its own line of refrigerators that are based on this design. A typical side by side Samsung refrigerator has a twin cooling system to distribute the cold air evenly in the refrigerator. It also has an automatic ice maker and a door alarm to ensure that none of the doors are left open. It features humidity-controlled bins, which help extend the storage life of fruits and vegetables. It also comes with an external temperature display control, one the best-rated features in Samsung refrigerators, which helps you maintain the temperature without opening the refrigerator.
Samsung refrigerators bottom freezer models are also very popular. These refrigerators typically come with an ice maker and water dispenser either on the inside or outside of the fridge. They also include a quick freeze and chill option, which allows certain foods that need refrigeration to be dealt with quickly. Samsung’s bottom freezer models feature a patented twin cooling system that allows an even air distribution. They come with glass shelves to make it easy for you to clean any mess inside the refrigerator.
Samsung has an excellent line of French door refrigerator models. These refrigerators feature a sealing system that ensures that cold air cannot escape the unit. They also come with an easy-open handle and glide system to allow you complete access to the drawer. These Samsung refrigerator models are Energy Star certified, which guarantees that they are energy efficient.
Samsung refrigerator reviews will provide you different opinions on each model and the advantages of one model over another. The brand alone indicates that this is a quality product. Put your trust in appliances made by Samsung. Their products will always meet your expectations and needs.

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Kenmore Refrigerator Parts and Repair

There are many things that can go wrong with your Kenmore refrigerator. It could be something as minor as a burned out light bulb, or you could have a more urgent problem, such as a refrigerator that keeps leaking or is unable to maintain the proper temperature to keep your food cold. For minor issues, you may be able to solve the problem yourself and save a couple hundred dollars. Major problems will probably require Kenmore refrigerator parts to be installed by a technician.
Kenmore RefrigeratorThe first step in Kenmore refrigerator troubleshooting is to learn how your refrigerator works. This is important so you can trace exactly what is happening in the refrigeration process. There is a really good article on that provides the basics about how refrigerators work. Once you’ve obtained some basic knowledge, it’s time to start reading the Kenmore refrigerator manual. If you’ve lost the manual somewhere, you might be able to find an electronic copy online at the Manage My Life website. The manual contains schematics for your refrigerator as well as a list of Kenmore refrigerator parts.
Based on what is happening with your refrigerator, you can get a pretty good idea of what is not working. If the refrigerator light works but the cold air is not flowing inside, try turning the fridge off for two hours and then turn it back on. If this works, then your problem is an overheated compressor. If not, use a multi-meter to test the evaporator fan, temperature control, defrost timer, compressor motor, and overload protector.
A common problem that happens with Kenmore refrigerators is failure of the door seals. If your door is not sealing properly, you will notice that your refrigerator works fine but quickly loses the coldness, causing the compressor motor to run continuously. One way to check this is by placing a piece of paper between the door seal and the fridge. The tension between the two should keep the paper in place. If you are able to move the paper, then you need to replace the seal.
If the fridge is constantly turning on and off, check the voltage of the outlet that your refrigerator is plugged into. It may not be getting enough power. Another possible cause is dirty condenser coils. If that is your problem, then all you need to do is clean the coils.
Troubleshooting the problem and taking care of your own Kenmore refrigerator repair is not really that difficult. If you have the confidence to try it, you might just be able to repair the fridge by yourself. Doing so will save you a lot of money that you can use for other things.

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How A Refrigerator Can Kill You

There have been many unfortunate tragedies whereby people have been killed by refrigerators and freezers over the years. From poor designs on early models to simple bad luck, these accidents run the gamut. Below I explain some of the accidents that have occurred, and demonstrate the dangers these cooling appliances can potentially pose to the unwary.
Suffocation in a Fridge
Old style refrigerators – manufactures in the 1950s and earlier – were frequently the cause of the death of children. These fridges had mechanical latches that kept the doors sealed, and which made them impossible to open from inside.
Kids would often find an old abandoned fridge and decide to use it as a toy. Upon climbing inside and closing the door they would be tragically trapped and unable to escape. It is believed that hundreds of children – frequently along with a friend – died in this way in the 1940s and 1950s.
Eventually Congress decided it needed to take action, and in October 1958 the Refrigerator Safety Act came into force. From that point on all new refrigerators sold had to be easily opened from the inside with a moderate 15 pound force.
This law led to the replacement of the mechanical latch with the magnetic seals used to keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed today. This life-saving technology has saved the lives of hundreds or even thousands of children since it was first introduced.
Freezing to Death inside a Refrigerator
In some parts of the world, large refrigerators are offered as cool-down facilities for overheated locals. Enterprising businessman setup large refrigerators and charge people to sit inside them to cool down.
In Sudan locals are charge five Sudanese pounds – roughly $2 – per hour to escape the heat inside one of these refrigerators. This sum of money is a substantial amount in the Sudan, but can offer life-saving relief from the potentially fatal heat of Sudan in the summer.
Unfortunately for three unlucky customers, there was a terrible failure in the business model of these entrepreneurs. While it is not entirely sure how this came about, these three people froze to death in one of these refrigerators; their attempt to escape the extremes of the heat outdoors leading to their death by freezing.
Crushed by a Falling Fridge Freezer
Whilst this may sound like a plot line from a Three Stooges movie, this is no laughing matter. A worker on a construction crew in Wisconsin, engaged in the process of an apartment renovation, was killed by a fridge falling four floors to the ground.
Old equipment was being removed from the building – including the old refrigerator. It was pushed from the fourth floor balcony to the ground, which was believed to be clear. Through a tragic misfortune the victim unfortunately stepped beneath the fridges flight path as it fell to the ground.
If you are aware of any other dangers that refrigerators can present, please let me know in the comments.