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Sub-Zero Control4 Partnership

Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances have entered into a partnership with Control4 to enable integration of SubZero refrigerators and wine storage units – plus Wolf Ovens – with Control4 networks.
Announced by Control4 at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), this partnership will lead to refrigeration products easily being managed from throughout the home.
Upscale homes equipped with a Control4 digital network will be able to take advantage of this system to control their Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers. ConsumersÂ’ conscious of their energy usage will be able to reduce their energy costs by setting energy intensive operations – such as ice-making – to occur at times of the day when electricity costs are lower.
Also available will be the ability to adjust setting to suit lifestyle requirements. If a large gathering or party is expected each Saturday night is the ice-maker can be programmed to increase ice production at the appropriate time via the Control4 interfaces.
Users can request alerts reporting on energy usage, and will also have the ability to send appliance maintenance and service requests through the Control4 system directly to the manufacturer.
For collectors of investment grade wines, the Control4 platform offers some great features for Subzero wine storage centers. Owners can remotely monitor whether the unit door is closed or open, and even receive text messages if someone opens the wine refrigerators door. With precise humidity and temperature control critical for fine wines these features are invaluable.
Control4 has been a leader in the field of smart home technology since 2003. Sub-Zero is one of the premier consumer refrigeration brands in America and is found in many very high end homes.
The new partnership between these two firms has the potential to yield some great smart appliances from Sub Zero refrigeration in the near future. Here at we will be monitoring their collaboration closely.