Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology – A Book Review

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology is considered by many to be the bible of the HVAC/R industry. Students and practitioners alike in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry will find this 1300+ page tomb a great addition to their library.

The authors of the 6th edition of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology – Bill Whitman, Bill Johnson, John Tomczyk and Eugene Silberstein – have written the text with an Engineers depth of knowledge in a manner understandable even by the beginning technician.
Particularly appealing are they great quality graphical illustration provided to demonstrate important concept – they provide a good balance between clarity and realism which makes them easy to use and decipher while at the same time retaining enough detail to be of use.
While excellent for teachers and students in HVAC&R classroom situation, this book also excels in practical settings. It incorporates a very useful section of hypothetical troubleshooting problems that can prove handy in identifying issues that occur in real life problem resolution scenarios.
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology is not the cheapest HVAC book available, but probably presents the best treatment of the technical and practical details available in the refrigeration industry. This book should be owned by any refrigerator repair technician worth his salt.
Note that this book is also available in a kindle edition for those who like the content, but dread the thought of lugging this huge book between jobsites all day long.
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