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Whirlpool ET0MSRXTL Review

The Whirlpool ET0MSRXTL is a 9.7 cubic foot top freezer refrigerator ideal for those with modest refrigeration needs.
It is available with a good feature set considering its modest price, and comes in a variety of different finishes meaning it can be made to match any kitchens decor.
The Whirlpool ET0MSRXTL is a good buy and can be had for well under five hundred dollars. This frost free fridge has a refrigerator capacity of 7 cubic feet, plus a freezer with 2.7 cubic feet of space. For such a small appliance this device is generously equipped with door shelves – a total of four of them.
Whirlpool ET0MSRXTL 9.7 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator with 2 Glass Shelves, Clear Humidity-Controlled Crisper and Reversible Door Swing: Satina Stainless Loo
It comes with two adjustable Spillmizer Glass shelves and a clear humidity controlled crisper for storing produce. For such a small fridge it does manage to provide quite a few different storage areas. The contoured door is easily reversed, which makes this small refrigerator ideal for installation in space constrained kitchens.
For its size, this particular fridge freezer is not the most efficient unit available. However, when you purchase a small fridge like this you do not have to worry too much about its operating costs. Even falling short a little in energy efficiency this unit still costs an average of only thirty two dollars a year to run.
Unsurprisingly for a cheap refrigerator like this one there are quite a few features that it does not have. There is no built ice and water dispenser, and no ice making mechanism in the freezer. For the price however you should really not expect that.
One thing this particular model does offer is a wide variety of different colors. The cheapest option is a basic black or white model, spending a little more will let potential customers choose the universal silver finish, and for those willing to pay more for good looks the Satina stainless steel look is also an option.
Anyone looking for a moderately price small top freezer refrigerator has a good option in the Whirlpool ET0MSRXTL. Whirlpool refrigerators have a good reputation, and this model is no exception. This fridge has all the basic functionality required in a small kitchen without costing a fortune.

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Frigidaire Standard-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerators

If you are in the market for a side by side refrigerator Frigidaire has some great options.
They have a wide selection of different Frigidaire standard depth side-by-side refrigerator freezers to select from as outlined below.
The Frigidaire KSRS25RV Architect Series II with formed doors is available in two different monochromatic stainless steel finishes – with Apollo Grey and Stainless Steel cabinets respectively.
Those who prefer a more contoured look should consider the Frigidaire KSRT25FW Architect Series II Contoured fridge with Smooth Doors. This particular refrigerator freezer comes in a wide variety of finishes; these range from the basic white or black thru to stainless steel and monochromatic stainless steel with Apollo Grey cabinetry.
The Architect Series II with flat, smooth doors is the Frigidaire KSRK25FV. Combining the available finishes of both the KSRS25RV and the KSRT25FW, this particular model has the most extensive selection of choices available.
Particularly popular is the 25 cubic foot Frigidaire KSRG25FV. Available in not just the traditional white, black and stainless steel; this refrigerator freezer also comes in Monochromatic Satina and monochromatic stainless with the Apollo grey cabinet.
The KitchenAid Architect II KSRV22FV 21.6 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator is a slightly smaller version of the KSRG25FV, with a capacity of 22 cubic feet rather than 25. This particular model is very popular with homeowners who desire a slightly smaller refrigerator.
Frigidaire Refrigerator Features
Each of these side by side fridge freezers from Frigidaire has a variety of features. They all incorporate a stylish through the door ice and water dispenser – the FSRS25RV features a stylish flush dispenser that has beveled edges.
All of these Frigidaire refrigerator models described above incorporate the FreshSeal Humidity controlled crisper and FreshChill temperature controlled meat locker. This locker utilizes forced air cooling to circulate freshly cooled air from the freezer unit into the refrigerator to ensure the optimal storage temperature is maintained.
The KSRS25RV, KSRT25FW and KSRK25FV models also come with the handy Max Cool and Max Ice functionality. The Max Cool feature allow you to temporarily drop the thermostat in the fridge and the freezer for periods of heavy use.
Max Ice likewise allows the homeowner to temporarily increase ice production in anticipation of heavy usage requirements such as occur when entertaining guests. This option allows the icemaker to crank out 6 pounds or more of ice within 24 hours.
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EdenPURE Reviews

Edenpure portable heaters are small appliances that have been getting a lot of press lately due to their extensive television advertising – they are even endorsed by the actor who portrayed the character Al in the old sitcom Home Improvement.
Before making the decision to purchase an Edenpure heater however, it is wise to take a look at some Edenpure reviews before committing. Whilst their advertising would have consumers’ thinks an Edenpure portable heater is the best thing since sliced bread, they do have some detractors.
Rather than using alternatives such as heating coils, kerosene or propane heating, Edenpure heaters utilized infrared heating to warm your home.  An Edenpure Infrared Portable Quartz Heater therefore heats using a somewhat different technology.
Many Edenpure reviewers are quick to point out the low operating temperatures of these heaters. Compared to traditional heaters – which have very hot surfaces – these devices provide a lot of heat to their surroundings while minimizing the temperature of the unit itself; this makes these infrared heaters less likely to cause fire.

Edenpure reviews often appreciate the wide model selection available from this firm. The low end EdenPURE Personal heater is well regarded for small rooms. The EdenPURE GEN3 and newer more efficient EdenPure Gen4 Quartz Heater are great sellers for larger areas. These units are expected to provide reliable service for 10 years or more, and the heating bulbs are easily replaceable.

The Edenpure signature heater with air purifier is their high end unit with built in humidifier. It is capable of heating up to one thousand square feet and is easily portable due to its rolling casters. With three power settings this model can be readily used in small or large rooms as a heat source. It also comes with a remote control for easy use from across the room when tucked up snug in your bed.
Some reviewers do some have negative things to say about Edenpure heaters. The major item is some concern that they produce insufficient heat for the price. On the other hand, the additional safety of the low operating temperatures more than makes up for this for some. If this item concerns you then you are probably better off choosing one of the larger Edenpure models.
Overall the Edenpure reviews out there are as a whole rather positive, with only limited negative comments about these infrared heaters.

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Sears Refrigerators

There is a large selection of Sears refrigerators available at shopping malls. Apart from the traditional Sears Department Stores, Sears also sells refrigerators as specialized Sears Appliance stores, and also scratch and dent models from Sears Outlet stores.
All of Sears fridges – surprisingly to some consumers – are not from Kenmore.
Sears also carries a selection of different refrigerators from other brands such as Whirlpool, GE Appliances, Frigidaire and Samsung. Unlike stores like Wal-Mart, their selection usually of better quality.
Sears Top Freezer Refrigerators
There is a solid selection of top freezer refrigerators available from Sears. Those looking for an 18.2 cubic foot top-freezer refrigerator have the option of the Kenmore 6800, 6888 and Kenmore 7888 – these fridges are available in varying finishes of bisque, black and white. Similarly, the 18 cubic foot GE GTH18EBT and the Frigidaire FFHT1817 are great options.
Those seeking smaller top freezer fridge models also have plenty of Sears refrigerators to pick from. At only 9.6 cubic foot, the black Whirlpool ET0MSRX is an excellent choice for small kitchens. The Kenmore 6320 is a little larger – 10.5 cubic feet – and is a single door model, this small refrigerator is also a great for small homes.
Sears Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
The Sears refrigerator freezer selection also includes a lot of Bottom Freezer models. One popular size is the 22.4 cubic foot bottom freeze refrigerator – Sears offers the Kenmore 6827, 7620 and Kenmore 7827 in all the typical finishes, including stylish stainless steel. Sears fridge freezers in this style are also available in the GE Profile line; the 21.1 cubic foot PDCS1NCZ is one particularly proper model.
Sears Side-by-Side Refrigeration
Side-by-Side Sears Refrigerators are always popular with buyers. The most commonly purchased units in this range are their 25 cubic foot selections. The Kenmore 5942, Kenmore 5101 and Whirlpool ED5KVEXV – in White, Black and Satina – incorporate door mounted water dispenses and offer solid value.
Sears French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Options
Homeowners with a larger budget may want to shop the selection of Sears French Door bottom freezers. The most popular model Sears sells in this range is the stainless steel Whirlpool GX5FHTXV with a storage capacity of 24.8 cubic feet. A recent addition to their product line is the Kenmore Elite 7105; this stainless steel Sears fridge freezer has a generous volume of 27.6 cubic feet, making it ideal for large families.
The Samsung 23 cubic foot RFG237AA French door refrigerator and the large Samsung stainless steel RF4287HA – 28 cubic foot, with four doors – are also great premium refrigerator options from the Sears refrigeration selection.
This is just a small sampling of the selection of Sears refrigerators available. Sears has one of the most extensive model line-ups of all major white good and appliance retailers.


Great Sites

Frigidaire – Premium source of high performance commercial refrigeration solutions.
Cold Supply –  Specializing in the refrigeration side of the food services industry.

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LG 5231JA2006A And 5231JA2006B Water Filters

The LG 5231JA2006A water filter is used in a wide range of LG and Kenmore refrigerators.
It is recommended that you replace your fridges water filter every six months to best ensure high water quality.
For this reason keeping some of these units on hand is a good idea if your refrigerator uses this model.

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If you own an LG bottom-freezer refrigerator or an LG side-by-side fridge freezer then odds are you use an LG 5231JA2006A Water Filter. Surprisingly some non-LG refrigerators make use of this filter. The main example is the Kenmore 795 series of refrigerators; but even the Kenmore French door Trio models that have a water dispenser on the outer panel of the refrigerator door utilize the LG 5231JA2006A.

The LG 5231JA2006A removes over 93% of Class I particulates and 97% of chlorine. For those willing to pay a little extra for a premium filter, the LG LT600P Cyst Reducing Refrigerator Replacement Filter, 1 Pack (Part Number 5231JA2006B) is an updated version capable of removing a lot more contaminants than the older model A water filter. It filters over well over 99% of Class I particulates as well as removes most Mercury Lead, Benzene and other undesirable chemicals from your water supply.
This water filter can be easily replaced by any homeowner, and requires no special tools or training to swap out. Capable of filtering up to 300 gallons, these filters should be exchanged every 6 months or whenever the filter change light comes on – whichever comes first. Many people find it convenient to purchase several of these units at once, to ensure they always have one convenient when needed; to this end the LT600P also comes in multi-packs of two, three or even six water filters – LG LT600P-3 Water Filter, 3 Pack.

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Be sure that you replace your refrigerator freezers water filter as recommended by the manufacturer in order to ensure the highest possible quality of water gets dispensed from the refrigerator for both drinking and the creation of ice cubes.
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Sub-Zero Control4 Partnership

Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances have entered into a partnership with Control4 to enable integration of SubZero refrigerators and wine storage units – plus Wolf Ovens – with Control4 networks.
Announced by Control4 at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), this partnership will lead to refrigeration products easily being managed from throughout the home.
Upscale homes equipped with a Control4 digital network will be able to take advantage of this system to control their Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers. Consumers’ conscious of their energy usage will be able to reduce their energy costs by setting energy intensive operations – such as ice-making – to occur at times of the day when electricity costs are lower.
Also available will be the ability to adjust setting to suit lifestyle requirements. If a large gathering or party is expected each Saturday night is the ice-maker can be programmed to increase ice production at the appropriate time via the Control4 interfaces.
Users can request alerts reporting on energy usage, and will also have the ability to send appliance maintenance and service requests through the Control4 system directly to the manufacturer.
For collectors of investment grade wines, the Control4 platform offers some great features for Subzero wine storage centers. Owners can remotely monitor whether the unit door is closed or open, and even receive text messages if someone opens the wine refrigerators door. With precise humidity and temperature control critical for fine wines these features are invaluable.
Control4 has been a leader in the field of smart home technology since 2003. Sub-Zero is one of the premier consumer refrigeration brands in America and is found in many very high end homes.
The new partnership between these two firms has the potential to yield some great smart appliances from Sub Zero refrigeration in the near future. Here at we will be monitoring their collaboration closely.

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Samsung RF4289 And RSG309

The Samsung RF4289 and RSG309 are two new state of the art refrigerator freezers hitting the market on 2011. Introduced at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) these fridges are packed with the latest cutting edge technology.
Both of these units incorporate an eight inch LCD screen and built in Wi-Fi wireless internet connectivity. This technological revolution means that these Samsung refrigerators allow usage of a wide range of kitchen related apps from the convenience of the refrigerator door. Unfortunately these high-tech refrigerators do not come cheap.
Samsung RF2489 Wi-Fi RefrigeratorThese refrigerators are a major component of Samsung’s Nth-Screen “seamless connectivity” strategy, and the Samsung RF4289 has a suggested retail price of $3499 for its May 2011 ship date. Pricing and shipping info for the RSG309 have yet to be announced.
The LCD screen – integrated into the appliances directly over the ice and water dispenser – allows the consumer to easily search collections of recipes, check on the weather, and catch up on the day’s news headlines. Also available is the ability to check the families’ calendar, leave notes for the kids and the option of viewing a photo slide show.
With internet access from the fridge door, social networking fans will be able to get their fill of Twitter and Facebook without ever having to leave the kitchen. This is perhaps handy functionality if you like to blog about your cooking experiences.
Apart from these smart computing technology enhancements, these two new Samsung models are fully featured refrigerators. The Samsung RSG309 is a 30 cubic foot side-by-side fridge freezer, whilst the Samsung RF4289 is a 28 cubic foot French door model; both offer great functionality however.
Both of these large units utilize the Twin Cooling Plus System® designed to ensure perishables kept in these Samsung refrigerators stay fresher for longer.  This system uses two separate evaporators and fan systems to cool the refrigerator and freezer separately. Keeping these systems separate ensures maximum control over humidity for longer lasting produce.
Samsung also introduced some other cutting edge high-end appliances at the 2011 CES.  These include the new Flex Oven range and the high capacity WF520 Samsung front loading washer.


Whirlpool Corporation Brands And Background

Whirlpool Corporation produces a wide range of major home appliances for markets world-wide. WHR is a major player in the refrigerator and fridge freezer in roughly 130 different countries, giving them unparalleled access to a vast pool of potential customers.
Over the years Whirlpool Corporation has accumulated a large number of well recognized appliance brands, resulting in their growing to their current position as the world’s top appliance brands. Their primary brands are as follows- Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Maytag, Brastemp, Consul and Bauknecht.
Of the diverse appliance brands Whirlpool owns, the Whirlpool brand is the most widely recognized. This is confirmed by the brand valuation firm Brand Finance labelling it as one of the most valuable brands in the world.
As part of its efforts to provide long-term value for its investors, Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) claims to be passionate about creating new and innovation products which offer real, sustainable value to consumers.
With over seventeen billions dollars of sales in financial year 2009 Whirlpool is a major player in the residential appliance industry, and looks set to remain so for years to come. They have a solid reputation and should be producing spare parts such as Whirlpool water filters for years to come.


Small Chest Freezer

The small chest freezer is a very useful little mini freezer ideal for providing extra frozen good capacity in space constrained areas.
As will be discussed below, many manufacturers sell low priced yet quality small chest freezers ideal for use in the home environment.
Small Frigidaire Chest Freezers
The firm that produces Frigidaire refrigerators offers a small 5 cubic foot chest freezer that unlike many of their larger units fits in most kitchens. Only 35 inches wide and less than 24 inches deep it requires a very limited floor area for installation. The white Frigidaire FFFC05M2KW has a textured and durable metal interior, and this chest freezer incorporates a water drain for easy removal of water when performing manual defrosts cycles.
Small Kenmore Chest Freezer
The Kenmore 5.0 cu. Ft. manual defrost chest freezer is another very small chest freezer option. Readily available at your local Sears this mini freezer is rated to use less than 250kwh of electricity per year, making its ongoing cost of operation outstanding. It also incorporates a lift out freezer baskets which assists in keeping the contents of this small freezer organized.
Amana Chest Freezers
Amana does not offer any truly small chest freezer options. The smallest unit in the Amana deep freezer product line is the AQC1513TEW, a white freezer with a fairly generous capacity of 14.8 cubic feet. If you are looking for a mini freezer from Amana refrigerators this is small as it gets. This unit – being larger – includes more features than are commonly found in mini freezers.
Small Haier Chest Freezers
Haier offers an extensive lineup of mini chest freezer options. Their smallest unit is one of the tiniest chest freezers available – at only 3.5 cubic foot of capacity the HNCM035E is great for extremely tight installs. Also available from Haier are some 5.0 cu. Ft. models – the HCM050EC and the Energy Star ESCM050EC – plus a 5.3 cubic foot HNCM053E which include an easy access defrost drain.
Small GE Chest Freezers
The GE 5.0 cubic foot FCM5SUWW with adjustable temperature control incorporates a slide out freezer storage basket and foam insulation. GE also offers a slightly larger mini chest freezer, the 7.0 cu.ft. FCM7SUWW. Both these units being relatively small can be installed by a couple of strong men, and can be transported in a reasonably large sized personal vehicle.
With a variety of different small chest freezer models available from a large number of different manufacturers, finding a unit with the features you require should not be difficult. Most shoppers will find any of these units to be perfectly adequate for use as small chest freezers in their home.