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Husky Fridge

Anyone looking for a colorful beer fridge can do a lot worse than purchasing a Husky fridge. These small fridges are designed specifically for the storage of beer – ok, they can chill non-alcoholic drinks too if you want – are have a very cool look that most guys will like.
A Husky fridge takes the shape of a basic cube with a glass door. This simple plain shape is very practical and functional, and makes no pretense of catering to people with an interest in interior design. What husky fridges do offer however, and a large part of the reason so many men purchase them, is cool designs!

To start with some of these Husky beer fridges have cool beer can inspired imagery. The design of the Husky Carlsberg glass fronted beer fridge EL181 is based on the look of a can of this popular beer. With its squat cubicle shape this refrigerator looks great in a corner of the TV room – filled with cold drinks waiting for your next time watching a game.

Those who prefer American beers have a similar option with the Husky HM134-EL Budweiser Glass Fronted Fridge. This is a black fridge with images of Budweiser bottles plastered on the sides, and the logo imprinted into the glass. This is a great look if you area Budweiser fan!

With various designs inspired by sporting teams and sporting events, husky fridges have the sports fan covered too. They have a good collection of small fridges with Husky EL179 Coca Cola Coca-Cola branded motifs – good choices if you need a fridge for the kidsÂ’ maybe.
With all these different Husky beer fridges to choose from, anyone needing somewhere to chill their beer or other drinks has a good variety of designs to choose from. A Husky fridge is a good addition to that corner of the home dedicated to the man of the house!
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