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Haier HUF205PB Review

One very popular upright freezer is the Haier HUF205PB 20.5 Cubic Foot Capacity Full-Size Frost-Free Freezer in white. This is one of the largest full sized upright freezers available in the market, and is a big seller. In this article I briefly review the HUF205PB.
Storage space abounds in the Haier HUF205PB. This Haier freezer has 6 built-in door shelves, 4 full-width wire shelves in the main portion of the freezer and one slide-out storage basket. The interior volume of this large upright freezer is a massive 20.5 cubic feet.

Capacity like that found in the HUF205PB upright freezer is normally only found in deep chest freezers; so this upright is a great buy. Because it is an upright freezer it is a frost free unit – a distinct advantage for this unit over similarly sized chest freezers.
This unit weighs in at 227 pounds you will want to have your delivery guy help bring it into the house; but with this mass you can be assured you are getting a solid well insulated upright freezer. Thankfully this freezer rests on small castes – wheels – which does make it easier to mover around.
Reported energy costs for this unit are 766 kilowatt hours per year; for a very reasonable yearly operating cost of $82 at national average electricity rates. The freezer itself has interior lighting so you can easily see the contents when the freezer door is opened.
Anyone looking for a large capacity upright freezer will be well served by this popular model. Purchase the Haier HUF205PB 20.5 Cubic Foot Capacity Full-Size Frost-Free Freezer, White from Amazon – amazingly with free shopping – today. Upright freezers of this size are usually rather expensive, so this unit is a great deal.
Amazon also sell a large range of other upright freezer options.