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Amana Refrigerators

Amana refrigerators and freezers are available in a wide variety of different configurations. The Amana refrigeration range consists of French Door, Side-by-Side, Bottom Freezer and Top Freezer type refrigerators. Amana appliances also include a line-up of dedicated freezers. In this article I examine some of the models available to buyers shopping the Amana refrigerator and fridge-freezer range.
Amana French Door Refrigerators
Amana has a range of five French door fridges for consumers to select from. The cheapest unit at $1599 is the AFF2534FES which incorporates two freezer shelves into the unit.
At the $1699 price point you will find the AFD2535DEB and AFD2535DEW, and at $1899 the AFD2535FES – black, white and stainless steel versions respectively of the same Amana refrigerator freezer. This appliance incorporates the trademarked EasyFill internal filtered water dispenser. They also add an additional in freezer door bin within the freezer compartment.
The high end unit in the Amana French door fridge range is the AFI2538AES, which rings up at $2099. This unit has a slightly smaller freezer than the cheaper Amana French door refrigerator choices but manages to fit in an extra freezer shelf regardless.
Amana Side-By-Side American Style Refrigerators
The Amana side-by-side refrigerators are significantly cheaper than the French door models, but still offer some great values.
On the low end are the ASD2522WRW – white – and ASD2522WRB – black side by side models for $999. Similarly, the ASD2522WRD is the stainless steel version of the same Amana American style fridge but rings up for slightly more – $1099. These fridges use the Temp Assure control type, and have a textured door design.
The most expensive Amana side-by-side fridge freezer is the ASD2522WRS. This is another stainless steel refrigerator that offers the slightly more sophisticated 2006 Dial controls which the cheaper units do not have. This refrigerator also has a flat and smooth finish.
Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
Those who prefer fridge freezers where the refrigerator sits on top of the freezer also have a solid selection of Amana products to look at; they produce several different units at two distinctly different price points.
The 18.5 cubic foot ABB1921WEW and 21.9 cubic feet ABB2221WEB – black – and AB2221WEW – white Amana Bottom Freezer refrigerators are their product line at between $900 and $1000 dollars.
For another five hundred dollars, much more upscale versions of the same size are available – the ABB1924WES representing an 18.5 cubic foot, and the ABB2224WES a 21.9 cubic foot model respectively. These units can set back a buyer up to $1500 dollars at the high end.
For the extra money for the more expensive Amana bottom freezer refrigerator selections you gain a total of four shelves rather than the two in the low-end units. You also gain a better quality freezer – the expensive model incorporates some quality glide-out freezer baskets.
Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators
There is a large selection of Amana Top Freezer refrigerator options available. They vary widely in price and quality.
For budget buyers the cheapest options are the A4TXNWFXB – in black or biscuit – and the A4TXNWFWW – in white – with a 14.4 cubic foot capacity that goes for $529.
At the high price point is the much larger 22 cubic foot A2RXNMFWS which sells for $1099, over twice the price of the base unit.
One Amana top freezer fridge particularly noteworthy simply due to its unusual appearance is the 17.6 cubic foot A8WXNGFWH refrigerator. This appliance is actually a red refrigerator freezer, something that you do not see a lot of these days.
It is actually marketed as wine fridge, bar fridge, beverage center type of refrigerator – which partially explains the odd color choice.
Amana Freezers
Amana also produces some stand-alone freezers. These include both chest freezer and upright freezer models.
There are two Amana chest freezers available. The 14.8 cubic foot AQC1513TEW sells for $499, and the generously sized 21.7 cubic foot AQC2213TEW for $749.
The Amana upright freezers tally four different units. These range in size from 15.8 to 20.1 cubic feet. All of them are in a similar price range of $649 to $749. In order of size from largest to smallest these models are the AQU2003TRW, AQF2013TEW, the AQU1613TEW and then AQF1613TEW.
With this large selection of Amana refrigerator freezer models to choose from, just about any buyer should be able to identify an Amana fridge-freezer that is right for them. As an added bonus, Amana refrigerator parts such as water filter replacements are readily available at stores like Amazon.