Hotpoint Freezers

Hotpoint is a well-respected manufacturer of many different types of appliances; including Hotpoint refrigerators and freezers. GE owns the brand. Below I will discuss the available lineup of Hotpoint Freezers.
To start with there are four different varieties of Hotpoint under counter freezer. Actually, there are just two different models, but each is available in two finishes. All four have a similar capacity of about 78lt – 2.8 cubic feet.
First are the Hotpoint RZAV21P – white – and the RZAV21K – black – manual defrost models. These units have three freezer drawers contained in small freezer unit that can fit easily beneath a kitchen countertop. They even have an easily reversible door to allow you to switch the way the door opens to best suit the layout of your kitchen.
The other under counter Hotpoint freezers are the FZA34P – white – and FZA34G – graphite – appliances. Again, these units have three freezer drawers.  The advantages these units offer over the similarly sized RZAV21 units is that they are frost free freezers.
Hotpoint freezers also come in a category that they broadly refer to as ‘Over Counter Freezers’. These appliances are actually very tall, reaching 150cm (5 foot) or more in height.
The RZS150G and RZS150P are 150cm tall graphite and white manual defrost freezer with almost 160lt – 5.6 cubic foot – capacity. The FZS150G and FZS150P are similar, but claim to require no manual defrost cycle.
The FZS175P, FZS175G and FZS175X are very similar again. They are a little taller however, at 175cm – almost 6 feet – which results in a slightly large capacity of close to 200lt, or 6.8 cubic feet. The FZS175P is a frost free tall freezer in white, the FZS175G identical but in graphite, and the FZS175X is a slightly more upscale version being one of the few Hotpoint stainless steel freezers.
There are also some Hotpoint chest freezers available. The first of these Hotpoint freezer units is the smallest; the RCAA17P Hotpoint mini chest freezer. This Hotpoint chest freezer has a 104-Liter (almost 4 cubic feet) capacity. Even this smallest unit is larger than the biggest Hotpoint upright freezer. This narrow deep chest freezer comes with a wire basket inside.
The next step up in the Hotpoint deep freezer range is the RCNAA33. This appliances generous 225lt capacity (8 cubic feet) is a substantial step up. Both this unit and the RCNAA53 – with a staggering 287lt (10 cubic feet) storage capacity – contain two wire baskets for organizing the contents of the chest freezer.
All three of these Hotpoint chest freezers are considerably more energy efficient than the Hotpoint freezers discussed earlier. This is due to the inherent energy consumption benefits of the deep chest freezer design, and generous insulation.
I hope this quick run-down of the Hotpoint Freezer line has proven useful to you.