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Frigidaire Refrigerators

When shopping for Frigidaire refrigerators, buyers have a large range of different – and well reviewed – product types to select from. The Frigidaire refrigerator product line includes models of the following types -French Door, Side-by-side, Counter Depth, All Refrigerator, Wine Storage, Compact Refrigerator and last but not least Frigidaire Top Freezer units. In this article I will briefly explore each of these Frigidaire refrigeration niches.
The Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator
Prices for Frigidaire French door refrigerators range from a low of $1600 for the 26 cubic foot ebony black FGUN2642LE all the way up to $2800 for the 28 cubic foot FPHB2899LF in Stainless Steel.   Frigidaire offers an extensive selection of these French door refrigerator freezers, with well over 20 different models to choose from.
The Frigidaire Side-By-Side Refrigerator
Frigidaire is one of the most prolific refrigerator manufacturers in the marketplace. In the American style side-by-side category alone they offer around 40 different models. While some of this can be explained by having different models for units with only minor differences – such as the color of the finish – this is still a substantial range of products. List prices for Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator freezers range from $900 for the Bisque FFHS2611LQ on up to $2400 for the 23 cubic foot Stainless Steel FPHC2398LF.
The Frigidaire Counter Depth Refrigerator
These refrigerator freezers are designed for kitchens where it is desired that the appliances not stick out past the kitchen cabinetry. Frigidaire offers half a dozen of these integrated fridge freezers in their model line. Prices range from $1700 for the 22 cubic feet black FFSC2323LE on up to $2250 FGHC2379LE Frigidaire Gallery Premier Counter-Depth refrigerator freezer.
The Frigidaire All Refrigerator
The peculiarly named Frigidaire All Refrigerator line-up are stand-alone dedicated refrigeration units. Frigidaire offers three models in this range, designed for people who do not want a freezer compartment in their refrigerator. Prices range from $600 for the FRU17B2JW – a very cheap refrigerator – to $1200 for the high end FPRH17D7KF Frigidaire Professional 17 Cu. Ft. All Refrigerator.
The Frigidaire Wine Storage Refrigerator
Frigidaire also produces a few wine and beverage coolers. They offer three wine coolers – ranging from the black $230 FFWC35F4LB with a capacity of 35 bottles to the stainless steel $480 FFWC38F6LS two-zone wine cooler. For those who prefer their drinks from a can $500 buys the Frigidaire 138 12 oz. Can Capacity Beverage center, which comes in stylish Stainless Steel.
The Frigidaire Compact Refrigerator
There are four models in the Frigidaire Compact refrigerators product line. The cheap refrigerator in this selection is the 2.5 cubic foot black FFPH25M4LB at $160. On the high end – although still moderately priced – is the $260 3.1 cubic foot compact refrigerator which is finished with a color Frigidaire calls Silver Mist.
The Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator
The number of Freezer on top fridge options from Frigidaire borders on ridiculous. There is in the general neighborhood of one hundred models to choose from. As with the side-by-side models a lot of this is due to the use of multiple model numbers for different finishes. Prices vary dramatically for these units. The cheapest Frigidaire Top Freezer refrigerator is the black FFPT10F0KB apartment size refrigerator at $430. At the top end is the Stainless Steel FPUI2188LR Frigidaire Professional Top Freezer Refrigerator.
With close to 200 different Frigidaire refrigerators to choose from, this is one manufacturer that spoils buyers for choice. Due to their widespread use, should they ever be needed Frigidaire parts will be readily available.
Frigidaire Refrigerators Reviews
Many individual fridge freezer models within the Frigidaire lineup have positive reviews. This makes them a great option for any homeowner seeking a quality and reliable refrigerator for their kitchen.
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Maytag Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

There are several different Maytag Bottom Freezer refrigerators to choose from. I will briefly discuss some of the options in this segment of the Maytag refrigerator freezer product line in this article.
The MBF2258XEB bottom freezer refrigerator is a 22 cubic foot refrigerator freezer, with just over 6 cubic feet of capacity dedicated to the freezer compartment. This fridge lists for $1300 and is available in any of black, bisque or white finishes.
Features include electronic Dual Cool to maintain optimum freshness for both fresh and frozen foods, built-in ice maker and adjustable deli drawers. The freezer in this Maytag appliance incorporates multiple glide-out freezer drawers featuring Maytag’s trademarked SmoothClose Drawer track system.
MBL2258XES and MBR2258XES
These two models are very similar to the MBF2258XEB. They list for two hundred dollars more at $1500 dollars and come with sophisticated looking stainless steel refrigerator finish. These two refrigerators are identical except for the direction of the door swing. As the names suggest the MBL2258XES swings to the left, and the MBR2258XES swings to the right.
The extra dollars for these two models buys purely cosmetic improvements – though these can be important considerations to buyers who care about having an attractive kitchen.
The Maytag EcoConserve MBF1958XES is a little smaller than the refrigerators discussed above. It has a capacity of 19 cubic feet, with roughly 5.5 cubic feet of that space assigned to the freezer unit. This bottom mount refrigerator freezer – which lists for $1450 – is available in any of black, bisque, white or stainless steel.
The major difference between the MBF1958XES and the other cheaper Maytag bottom freezers is the level of energy usage. This Maytag EcoConserve bottom-freezer uses 30% less energy than Federal energy standards mandate.  The other models only beat that goal by a – not inconsiderable – 10 percent.
With new Maytag bottom freezer refrigerators hitting the market all the time, this is one manufacturer that leads the way with cutting edge bottom mount refrigerator designs.

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Maytag UKF8001 Puriclean II Refrigerator Cyst Water Filter

The Maytag UKF8001 Puriclean II water filter is used in a wide variety of Jenn-Air, Amana, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and Maytag bottom mount refrigerators.
If you own one of these models, and the water filter is a long, round unit that swings down from the refrigerator ceiling you most likely require one of these filters.

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Maytag Bottom Freezer Water Filter
Maytag Bottom Freezer - UKF8001 location

To confirm, verify that the water filter in your bottom mounted refrigerator freezer is accessed as demonstrated in this image.
Installation of a new Maytag water filter is as easy as changing a light-bulb. First unlatch the filter cover and swing it down. This will reveal the filter which is easily removed by turning 90 degrees counter clockwise and pulling the water filter straight down to free it. The new filter is then installed by following this process in reverse, and closing the plastic filter cover so that it snaps into place.
Rated at 750 gallons, this refrigerator water filter should be replaced every six to twelve months to ensure that your water stays clean and safe to drink. If your refrigerator has a Change filter light use this to guide you as to when it is necessary to replace your water filter.

Maytag’s UKF8001 Puriclean II is a high quality NSF certified refrigerator water that significantly reduces undesirable contaminants such as asbestos, lead, mercury, cysts, particulates and more from water prior to drinking. At the same time it retains beneficial fluoride while reduce the odor and taste of chlorine in your drinking water.
Amazon sells the Maytag UKF8001 Puriclean II Refrigerator Cyst Water Filter individually, or in packs of two filters and three filter packs respectively for those wanting to buy in bulk to avoid running out of water filters in the future.
Be sure to replace your refrigerators water filter as the manufacturer recommends so as to maximize the benefits of your Maytag filter, and to ensure the best possible quality of water gets dispensed from the refrigerator to your drinking cup.


12V Refrigerators

Cheap 12v refrigerators are very useful appliances for a variety of different applications.
Potential buyers of a 12v cooler have a large variety of options to choose from. In this article I explore some of the many 12v mini refrigerators and fridges available in the marketplace.

For those on a tight budget the Wagan EL2260 6-Liter Personal Fridge / Warmer is a steal. While not renowned for their 12v car fridges, this cheap 12v fridge does job keeping drinks chilled while travelling the interstate. This is not a high powered device so it is best suited to keeping already refrigerated items cold, rather than chilling them from scratch.

Koolatron makes several cheap 12v refrigerators. One model, the Koolatron Voyager Thermoelectric Cooler – P-27, can be had for around $100 during 12 volt fridge sales. This thermoelectric cooler can plug into any 12-volt power source – such as a cigarette lighter – to provide cooling to any car, truck or boat on the move. The Koolatron P-27 has a built in – if modest – food heating ability.

At a somewhat higher price point, the Koolatron P95 Travel Saver Cooler 45-Quart, Light Grey runs for about $150. At 45 quarts, this is a rather large 12v refrigerator. With a draw of 4.5 amps it is capable of cooling about 40 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) below the ambient temperature. At 17 pounds this is not a small refrigerator, but if space permits it makes a great vehicle refrigerator.

If you plan to be a serious user of 12 volt refrigerators, there are also some very pricey compressor technology car fridge options available. The Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MR040F-U1 is a 48 pound 12 Volt refrigerator designed for permanent installation in a vehicle. Engel refrigerators are the cream of the crop when it comes to 12v refrigeration. They combine a very low current draw with the ability not only to cool, but to hold the temperatures of the contents at well below freezing; and they receive amongst the best 12v refrigerator reviews.
With all these 12v refrigerators to choose from, you will surely find some 12v fridges for sale that meets your needs.

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Maytag Refrigerators

Maytag refrigerators come in a wide range of different styles. The Maytag refrigerator range includes models in all the following different categories – Side-by-side, French Door Bottom Freezer, Freezer on Top, Freezer on Bottom and finally Maytag Specialty Refrigeration. Within this article I explore these various Maytag refrigerator niches.
The Maytag Side-By-Side Refrigerator
At the time of writing Maytag produced a total of twelve side-by-side models, making it Maytag’s most populated category. The MSRP of the American style side-by-side refrigerators in this group range from $1000 – a quite reasonable price for the quality of a Maytag appliance – all the way up to $2300.
The Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer
French door refrigerators have acquired a reputation in recent years as being a step-up from the more traditional side-by-side refrigerator freezer.   Maytag has been following this trend with an ever growing range of refrigerators of this type, the number of models they offer is currently ten. Maytag refrigerator prices for this selection range from $1500 up to $3000.
The Maytag Freezer On Top Refrigerator
Refrigerators with the freezer on top are timeless classics. This style has been around for many years, and it still great for small kitchens that do not have space for a side-by-side or French door refrigerator. Maytag offers models of this type for buyers, with prices from $900 to $1350.
The Maytag Freezer On Bottom Refrigerator
The freezer on bottom refrigerator is another option that has been with us for a while. These somewhat narrow refrigerators retain the benefits of freezer on top models – they do not require much space – but are considered more convenient by many as the refrigerator is easily accessed without squatting. Prices on Maytag bottom freezer refrigerators range from $1300 to $1500.
Maytag Specialty Refrigeration Options
Maytag also offers a few one off refrigeration type appliances. First is the MIM1554XRS Maytag Ice Maker which lists for $1500. This narrow ice maker is less than 15 inches wide, and fits conveniently into very small spaces. It is able to produce up to 50 pounds of ice in a 24 hour cycle for occasions when rapid refill is necessary. The storage compartment allows it to hold 25lbs of ice at one time.
Second in this group comes an upscale bar refrigerator, the MBCM24FWBS Maytag Beverage Center with an MSRP of $1000. This 5.8 cubic foot refrigerator is great for use as a mini-bar refrigerator, and can be used to store a combination of both cold drinks and appropriate accompanying foods. This bar fridge is feature rich, incorporating two temperature zones. This allows the 12 bottle angled wine rack and the regular beverage shelves to be chilled at different temperatures.
Finally is the MURM24FWBS Maytag Undercounter Refrigerator. This highly efficient energy star rated under counter refrigerator comes with an attractive stainless steel finish that ensures an attractive look when installed beneath the counter of any kitchen. The 5.6 cubic foot capacity allows for convenient storage of food and drinks close to your kitchen counters, saving extra trips back forth to your kitchens primary refrigerator freezer unit.
The extensive line of Maytag refrigerators ensures that they have models ideal for every application. As with all refrigerators be sure to maintain your appliance correctly – and remember to replace Maytag refrigerator parts like the water filter when the manufactured recommends.

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Amana Refrigerators

Amana refrigerators and freezers are available in a wide variety of different configurations. The Amana refrigeration range consists of French Door, Side-by-Side, Bottom Freezer and Top Freezer type refrigerators. Amana appliances also include a line-up of dedicated freezers. In this article I examine some of the models available to buyers shopping the Amana refrigerator and fridge-freezer range.
Amana French Door Refrigerators
Amana has a range of five French door fridges for consumers to select from. The cheapest unit at $1599 is the AFF2534FES which incorporates two freezer shelves into the unit.
At the $1699 price point you will find the AFD2535DEB and AFD2535DEW, and at $1899 the AFD2535FES – black, white and stainless steel versions respectively of the same Amana refrigerator freezer. This appliance incorporates the trademarked EasyFill internal filtered water dispenser. They also add an additional in freezer door bin within the freezer compartment.
The high end unit in the Amana French door fridge range is the AFI2538AES, which rings up at $2099. This unit has a slightly smaller freezer than the cheaper Amana French door refrigerator choices but manages to fit in an extra freezer shelf regardless.
Amana Side-By-Side American Style Refrigerators
The Amana side-by-side refrigerators are significantly cheaper than the French door models, but still offer some great values.
On the low end are the ASD2522WRW – white – and ASD2522WRB – black side by side models for $999. Similarly, the ASD2522WRD is the stainless steel version of the same Amana American style fridge but rings up for slightly more – $1099. These fridges use the Temp Assure control type, and have a textured door design.
The most expensive Amana side-by-side fridge freezer is the ASD2522WRS. This is another stainless steel refrigerator that offers the slightly more sophisticated 2006 Dial controls which the cheaper units do not have. This refrigerator also has a flat and smooth finish.
Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
Those who prefer fridge freezers where the refrigerator sits on top of the freezer also have a solid selection of Amana products to look at; they produce several different units at two distinctly different price points.
The 18.5 cubic foot ABB1921WEW and 21.9 cubic feet ABB2221WEB – black – and AB2221WEW – white Amana Bottom Freezer refrigerators are their product line at between $900 and $1000 dollars.
For another five hundred dollars, much more upscale versions of the same size are available – the ABB1924WES representing an 18.5 cubic foot, and the ABB2224WES a 21.9 cubic foot model respectively. These units can set back a buyer up to $1500 dollars at the high end.
For the extra money for the more expensive Amana bottom freezer refrigerator selections you gain a total of four shelves rather than the two in the low-end units. You also gain a better quality freezer – the expensive model incorporates some quality glide-out freezer baskets.
Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators
There is a large selection of Amana Top Freezer refrigerator options available. They vary widely in price and quality.
For budget buyers the cheapest options are the A4TXNWFXB – in black or biscuit – and the A4TXNWFWW – in white – with a 14.4 cubic foot capacity that goes for $529.
At the high price point is the much larger 22 cubic foot A2RXNMFWS which sells for $1099, over twice the price of the base unit.
One Amana top freezer fridge particularly noteworthy simply due to its unusual appearance is the 17.6 cubic foot A8WXNGFWH refrigerator. This appliance is actually a red refrigerator freezer, something that you do not see a lot of these days.
It is actually marketed as wine fridge, bar fridge, beverage center type of refrigerator – which partially explains the odd color choice.
Amana Freezers
Amana also produces some stand-alone freezers. These include both chest freezer and upright freezer models.
There are two Amana chest freezers available. The 14.8 cubic foot AQC1513TEW sells for $499, and the generously sized 21.7 cubic foot AQC2213TEW for $749.
The Amana upright freezers tally four different units. These range in size from 15.8 to 20.1 cubic feet. All of them are in a similar price range of $649 to $749. In order of size from largest to smallest these models are the AQU2003TRW, AQF2013TEW, the AQU1613TEW and then AQF1613TEW.
With this large selection of Amana refrigerator freezer models to choose from, just about any buyer should be able to identify an Amana fridge-freezer that is right for them. As an added bonus, Amana refrigerator parts such as water filter replacements are readily available at stores like Amazon.

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Propane Refrigerators

Propane refrigerators are a popular alternative to the regular electric fridge. Propane fridges and propane freezers make use of the fuel LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) – commonly known as propane. Propane heaters and propane grills are very common appliances, so propane as a fuel is very easy to find.
These refrigeration devices do not have any moving parts. Rather than using a compressor to cool the contents, a propane refrigerator makes use of heat – in the form of burning propane – to keep the refrigerator or freezer cold.
Propane refrigerators – and their close relative the kerosene refrigerator – offer some significant benefits a traditionally powered fridge freezer does not.
Firstly the absence of moving parts meant these appliances do not suffer from any mechanical wear. This makes a propane refrigerator freezer reliable long lasting appliances.
Secondly, since these devices have no motor they operate without vibration. With no vibrations and generating next to no noise a propane refrigerators is very silent when running also.
The technology used within a propane fridge freezer – or kerosene fridge freezer – is an absorption system. This operates by using a mixture of ammonia, hydrogen and water in an enclosed loop that forms a nonstop cooling cycle. Absorption technology is commonly found in camping refrigerators and 3 way camping fridges.
The mixture within an absorption refrigerator is pressurize, which ensures that the ammonia remains in a liquid phase at normal room temperature.
Heat created by the burning LPG is used to boil the ammonia water mix in boiler portion of the propane refrigerator. This mixture then bubbles up into the separator where the water and ammonia are separated, then the remaining ammonia – in gaseous form – moves into a condenser unit.
In the condenser, series of cooling fins extracts the heat from the ammonia gas, which is transformed back into the form of liquid ammonia. The liquid ammonia then flows on into the propane refrigerators evaporator unit.
The evaporator is where the chilling action takes place. In this portion of the propane fridge or propane freezer the pure ammonia mixes with hydrogen gas. Through the wonders of Chemistry this reaction reduces the pressure of the liquid ammonia and it evaporates into gaseous form.
This evaporation of the ammonia is a cooling process, and this reaction is what provides the cold temperatures that are applied to cool the fridge freezer unit.
Finally the now liquid ammonia is recombined with the liquid water in the absorber unit. From there the combined liquid returns to the boiler and the process begins anew.
One key thing to remember is that with no moving parts, a number of the steps in the process are solely reliant on the force of gravity to occur correctly. For this reason absorption refrigerators like these – all propane refrigerators and propane freezers – need to be kept level in order to operate correctly.
With a combination of burning propane and cooling the refrigerator or freezer unit, there is unsurprisingly a lot of leftover heat. For this reason liquefied petroleum gas refrigerators should be setup with ample air clearance to allow for sufficient airflow to dissipate all this heat.
Propane refrigerators come in all sizes, and are available from a variety of manufacturers. The Ez Freeze is manufactured right here in the USA and range in size from 10.0 cubic feet to a substantial 21.0 cubic feet. The EZ1050W refrigearator-freezer runs off either Propane or Natural Gas, and be purchased for about 1400 dollars. At the top end they offer thestylish  EZ2150S model with stainless steel doors. This has the look of a traditional top freezer mounted appliance, with all the benefits of operating off of Propane.
Another option for the Propane fridge freezer buyer are products from Crystal Cold. Their selection includes the CC12R, the CC18Rsd, the CC17R freezerless refrigerators and many more. Dometic too manfuactures some propane applainces – the Dometic DRC4000 3 way propane refrigerator is a relatively budget friendly option.

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Samsung Fridges

Samsung Fridges are available in a variety of different styles, varying finishes and multiple price points. This means that anyone looking for a Samsung refrigerator is sure to find an appliance that is right for them.
Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
One type of fridge offered by Samsung is the bottom mount style of appliance. Currently there are four different models of this type available, their prices range from $899 – Samsungs cheapest fridge – through to $1399.
The low end of this range is the Samsung RB195ACBP unit. It and the more expensive RB197ACRS both have a capacity of 18 cubic feet. For a little more space, the other two units are the RB215ACRP and the RB217ACRS, both of which have a capacity of 20 cubic feet.
For each of these two sized, the more expensive bottom mount is an extra four hundred dollars over the entry level model. Clearly Samsung is proud of the feature set of their top level units.
Samsung Side-By-Side Refrigerators
There are five different Samsung refrigerator models in this category – though a total of 20 if you count all the different finish options such as black, white, stainless platinum and stainless steel fridges that are available.
The smallest of these fridge freezers is the RSG257AARS/XAA which comes with a 24 cubic foot capacity at a price of $2299. Interesting enough, while this is the smallest American style fridge freezer in their lineup, it also the most expensive.
The remaining four side by side Samsung fridge freezers all have capacities of 26 cubic feet. Their prices range from $1299 for the RS261MDRS all the way up to $1799 for the RS267TDRS. Price wise, the RS263TDRS and RS265TDRS are slotted in between the other two.
With this abundance of side-by-side models, Samsung could probably benefit from some consolidation of their product line in this category.
Samsung French Door Refrigerators
If you though Samsung’s selection of side by sides was excessive, then the depth of their range of French Door fridge freezer options will really get your attention.
Excluding the various finish options, there are sixteen different options in their line-up of French door fridges!  I will not list them all here, but will try to cover some of the popular options.
One of their cheapest models in this category is the 20 cubic foot RF217ACRS coming in at $1399. While you will not get a lot of options at this price this is a solid performer that gets generally good reviews.
Stepping up to $1899 Samsung has the 25.5 cubic foot RF266AERS. This is a good basic French door fridge freezer with a lot of space inside,
$2199 starts buying you some of the nicer features. The RF26XAERS Samsung fridge freezer model has 26 cubic feet of capacity, but the extra dollars buy you niceties such as door mounted water and ice dispensers.
For the cream of the crop in the Samsung French door range, you will need to find $2999 for the RF4287HARS fridge freezer. This 28 cubic foot unit has not three, but four doors. It also incorporates just about every option and feature that Samsung offers throughout its range. This is an expensive model, but it you are willing to pay that type of money for a Samsung appliance it receives good enough reviews that it is worth considering.
Say what you will about Samsung Fridges, but it certainly cannot be said they do not offer you plenty of models to choose from. Between the Bottom freezer, Side-by-sides and French door refrigerators discussed, there is surely an appliance suitable for you.


Hotpoint Freezers

Hotpoint is a well-respected manufacturer of many different types of appliances; including Hotpoint refrigerators and freezers. GE owns the brand. Below I will discuss the available lineup of Hotpoint Freezers.
To start with there are four different varieties of Hotpoint under counter freezer. Actually, there are just two different models, but each is available in two finishes. All four have a similar capacity of about 78lt – 2.8 cubic feet.
First are the Hotpoint RZAV21P – white – and the RZAV21K – black – manual defrost models. These units have three freezer drawers contained in small freezer unit that can fit easily beneath a kitchen countertop. They even have an easily reversible door to allow you to switch the way the door opens to best suit the layout of your kitchen.
The other under counter Hotpoint freezers are the FZA34P – white – and FZA34G – graphite – appliances. Again, these units have three freezer drawers.  The advantages these units offer over the similarly sized RZAV21 units is that they are frost free freezers.
Hotpoint freezers also come in a category that they broadly refer to as ‘Over Counter Freezers’. These appliances are actually very tall, reaching 150cm (5 foot) or more in height.
The RZS150G and RZS150P are 150cm tall graphite and white manual defrost freezer with almost 160lt – 5.6 cubic foot – capacity. The FZS150G and FZS150P are similar, but claim to require no manual defrost cycle.
The FZS175P, FZS175G and FZS175X are very similar again. They are a little taller however, at 175cm – almost 6 feet – which results in a slightly large capacity of close to 200lt, or 6.8 cubic feet. The FZS175P is a frost free tall freezer in white, the FZS175G identical but in graphite, and the FZS175X is a slightly more upscale version being one of the few Hotpoint stainless steel freezers.
There are also some Hotpoint chest freezers available. The first of these Hotpoint freezer units is the smallest; the RCAA17P Hotpoint mini chest freezer. This Hotpoint chest freezer has a 104-Liter (almost 4 cubic feet) capacity. Even this smallest unit is larger than the biggest Hotpoint upright freezer. This narrow deep chest freezer comes with a wire basket inside.
The next step up in the Hotpoint deep freezer range is the RCNAA33. This appliances generous 225lt capacity (8 cubic feet) is a substantial step up. Both this unit and the RCNAA53 – with a staggering 287lt (10 cubic feet) storage capacity – contain two wire baskets for organizing the contents of the chest freezer.
All three of these Hotpoint chest freezers are considerably more energy efficient than the Hotpoint freezers discussed earlier. This is due to the inherent energy consumption benefits of the deep chest freezer design, and generous insulation.
I hope this quick run-down of the Hotpoint Freezer line has proven useful to you.


When purchasing a new freezer there are two basic options for buyers. These are the upright freezer and the chest freezer.
I will briefly discuss here some of the features of upright freezers, and how the compare to the alternative – deep chest freezers.
Upright Freezers – Strengths
The main advantage of an upright freezer over a chest freezer is the built in capability to organize the contents of uprights. Many uprights have adjustable freezer storage bins, pull out freezer baskets and sliding shelves; all of these make organizing one of these appliances very easy.
With a deep chest freezer you will quite likely need to purchase yourself some wire baskets. These freezer baskets can be stacked inside a deep freezer to competently mimic the storage options of upright freezers.
Many upright freezers contain an auto defrost feature. This is an expensive option – around one hundred dollars – and somewhat energy intensive but can be worth the money if you value convenience over financial concerns.
Most chest freezers – and to be fair some uprights – utilize a manual defrost system, this means they must be deiced by hand periodically.
A small foot print is another benefit of choosing an upright freezer. Since these appliances are relatively tall, their depth and width is limited. This means that a lot of freezer can be installed when space is restricted. This is a clear advantage these devices have over chest freezers if your requirement is for a small freezer.
Upright Freezers – Weaknesses
One negative of an upright freezer is its price. It costs more money to purchase an upright rather than a chest freezer of comparable size.   Compounding this issue, uprights use their space less efficiently. The usable storage in an upright freezer is going to be 10% or more less than that of the equivalent deepfreeze unit.
A second disadvantage is operating costs. The design of chest freezers lends itself to the efficient use of energy better than do upright freezers. Over the long term this can make uprights cost significantly more to operate each month.
As I have explained, an upright freezer has an extensive list of pros and cons as compared to a chest freezer. There are an extensive selection of brands available – with options ranging from a Kenmore upright freezer from Sears through to more upscale choices like Frigidaire upright freezers.
The details of your particular application will play a large part in determining if upright freezers are an appropriate choice for you, or whether you should be looking at other types of freezers instead.