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Hotpoint Fridge Freezer

A Hotpoint Fridge Freezer is the perfect solution for anyone needing a freezer and fridge solution together. The Hotpoint refrigerator comes in four different finishes, including black, white, bisque, and stainless steel finishes. Most Hotpoint fridges also come with Energy Star qualification, meaning they are guaranteed to be an efficient appliance.
The main appeal of a GE Hotpoint fridge is the dual-door configuration that places the freezer on top, unlike the more traditional American style fridge freezers. Several different sizes are available to suit your needs and Hotpoint offers models in 15.5, 16.6 and even 18.0 cubic feet, depending on your personal needs.
The real appeal of these models is the spacious design that has been compartmentalized to help avoid cross contamination. The fridge portion has a roomy crisper to keep fruits and vegetables from being exposed to the rest of the fridge while keeping them fresh.
Hotpoint Refrigerators – Main Features
One of the main features that makes Hotpoint refrigerators so appealing is the auto defrost feature. Ice that builds up in the freezer portion can be particularly hard to get rid of, especially if you have to chip it out by hand.
Hotpoint has gotten rid of the need to do this by including an auto defrost feature that detects ice buildup and defrosts the freezer and freezer shelves before the buildup becomes a problem. of One of the ways the Hotpoint fridge prevents this build up is by circulating air properly, instead of letting it sit in pockets that cause the initial build up.
With proper circulation, your food stays at the correct temperature longer, meaning your foods are preserved for their maximum freezer/fridge life, resulting in higher quality foods that have been kept in the fridge for a few days, or foods that have been frozen for a few months.
The included refrigeration control options built into any Hotpoint fridge freezer allow you to fine-tune the temperature to your specifications for keeping the items in your refrigerator perfectly cool.
Hotpoint Fridge Freezers – Storage And Exterior
With perfect circulation and climate controls, Hotpoint fridges also contain several shelves for storing your food. With so much storage space, you can better organize your food into categories for finding it easily.
Some models allow for even better organization by dividing the fridge and freezer compartments into two doors in side by side refrigerators models. Hotpoint also offers four door French door style fridge freezer units. This ensures you can quickly find everything you need.
Aside from offering some of the best climate controls and storage money can buy, Hotpoint Fridge Freezers also offer a sleek exterior finish that fits in well with any kitchen decor.   Many of their units also score well on their energy efficiency ratings, with very reasonable levels of energy consumption.
One of the best benefits of Hotpoint appliances is that they are less bulky the competition’s offerings, giving you more space to maneuver around the kitchen while retaining the same storage capacity in your refrigerator.
There is also an extensive range of Hotpoint freezers available.
While Hotpoints’ small fridge models tend to be smaller than some other kitchen appliances, you still need to take into consideration the dimensions of your own kitchen before you purchase to ensure you have room for the appliance.

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My hotpoint fridge/freezer is freezing everything in the fridge and the freezer is not keeping food/ice cream frozen. Any help?

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