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Ice Maker

An ice maker is a very handy product to have, whether built into a refrigerator or used as a standalone appliance on a counter top.
There are many different ice makers available, with differing capacities to make varying amounts of ice.
They can be used in many places – such as in a kitchen, in a mini bar, for entertaining on a patio, or various other outdoor setting.
Some icemachines are designed specifically for outdoor use, as an addition to a barbecue area or outdoor bar.
These products can cost well over a thousand dollars, but are designed with a covered back to keep out rain, sand and other elements that could cause damage over time. They come in various finishes, including stainless steel.
Some of the more expensive units have an ice generating capacity that is enough to serve an entire party; these are great for special occasions and celebrations.
For indoor use, there are many different options. You can select an under the counter ice machine or a portable ice maker that rests on top of the kitchen counter.  Either one of these products is a useful addition to the home.
An under the counter option is priced higher than a counter top model. Prices for counter top products can range from $150 to $450 depending on size and brand, while under the counter models can range in price from $500 up in to the thousands.
Even more expensive are large ice-makers designed for commercial use such as Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines.
An under the counter ice cube maker may require a substantial amount of work in install. Depending on your kitchens design there might be a need to removing or remodel existing kitchen cabinetry to create an appropriate sized space. This is essential if you want your ice makers’ installation to have an attractive professional look, and not exhibit visible gaps.
You can find many different finishes in undercounter icemaker. Many people will choose one that best matches their existing appliances – like the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. There are even some icecube makers available with two toned finishes, in a combination of black and stainless steel.
Many of these products have large storage bins under the countertop. This allows them to hold plenty of finished cubes while still allowing the appliance to make more.
Counter top models vary in size. They can produce small quantities for a family’s daily use, or larger amounts for many more people. Some counter top models take up little space, while producing plenty of cubes for the day.
A smaller 17 X 15 X 17 inch ice cube maker can make up to 35 pounds per day. Such ice makers for the home typically have a water reservoir, which will require periodic filling. Additional features may include automatic timers and digital programming, so the machine can stop working when it is not needed.
These smaller models do not require adding a water line, so they can be used in any room of the home where an outlet is available. They make a great addition to a pantry, covered patio, sunroom or dorm room.
In many cases, purchasing one of these products is a less costly solution that purchasing a new refrigerator. Some people may be happy with their current fridge freezer, and simply want this product so they do not have to rely on plastic or steel cube trays for the creation of ice.
A small portable ice maker is a great option for apartments, where running a water line to the fridge may be forbidden. Portable ice makers are also popular for use on camping trips, and can be found in large recreational vehicles or remote cabins.
With most of these small models weighing less than 50 pounds, they are fairly easy to move to a desired location.
As we have seen, there is an ice maker suitable for most scenarios. A wise purchase will ensure sufficient ice wherever you may need it.