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Frigidaire Refrigerator History

Frigidaire has been creating innovative designs in home refrigerators for over 90 years . Why is Frigidaire such a popular brand, and what are some of the best Frigidaire refrigerators available on the marketplace today?
The Frigidaire Co. began in 1916. Alfred Mellowes designed the first genuine home refrigeration unit that was not merely an icebox. Mellowes along with a group of investors created the Guardian refrigerator company. Though his invention would revolutionize the industry, it took nearly a week to manufacture one unit. Made out of wood, these refrigerators were literally handcrafted one by one.
Frigidaire General MotorsWithin a few years the Guardian refrigerator company would find themselves in the red nearly $30,000. With bankruptcy looming, the company was acquired by the General Motors Corporation. The president of GM, William C. Durant renamed the company Frigidaire. Durrant decided to transfer the business to a General Motors offshoot named Delco Light. The headquarters and manufacturing plant were moved to Detroit. Under the guidance of Delco president Charles F. Kettering, Frigidaire thrived.
During the recessive economy of the late 1970s, Frigidaire suffered along with its parent company General Motors. Competitive pricing and inferior brands sold at deep discounts created fantastic losses for Frigidaire. In 1979, Westinghouse Consolidated Industries (WCI) acquired Frigidaire. This merged subsidiary included popular brands such as White Westinghouse, Kelvinator and Gibson.
In 1991 Sweden’s well-known company called Electrolux purchased all of the brands within the WC I subsidiary. It was there that Frigidaire was repositioned as a company providing luxurious and upscale brands only.
Frigidaire sells several common household appliances including washers, dryers and microwaves, as well as their best known product, the refrigerator. The Frigidaire products can be purchased at many fine retail establishments. Still well-known for its high-caliber products with fantastic durability and warranties, this company maintains itself at the top of the heap.
Perhaps the best place to find Frigidaire refrigerators, or a standalone Frigidaire freezer, may be on their official website. There consumers can informatively shop for the highest quality product at the best price. Virtually every design in modern day refrigerators – from top mount to side by side – can be found on Potential buyers can compare prices and shop responsibly for the best deals.
There are several different units available such as Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers, gallery units, standalone refrigerators and Frigidaire freezers that come in a plethora of styles and colors. There is a refrigerator or freezer to fit virtually any kitchen. The website offers a user-friendly option that allows browsers to customize their searches for the optimum refrigeration unit.
Frigidaire refrigerators remain second to none in the competitive world of home appliances. In over nine decades there quality and commitment to excellence has not waned. The company has seen tough times come and go, and it is a testament to the American spirit not to mention the desire to maintain the best in quality. Frigidaire also engages in many charitable works. Save The Children is their latest effort to give back from their many years of great success.
By visiting the Frigidaire website, consumers can find out more regarding the companies charitable efforts and apply to win a Frigidaire professional dishwasher as well.

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Compact Freezer Uses And Options

A compact freezer or a compact refrigerator with freezer is great to have when your larger size fridge or freezer is not enough. Sometimes you buy too many cases of hamburgers or chicken to fit and you need another place to put them.
Since these items need to be frozen in order to stay fresh, the only place you can put them in is a freezer. If you have a separate compact upright freezer, you can just throw the surplus frozen goods in there either until you need them or else have room in your larger fridge freezer.
Compact fridge freezers are also great for your children’s room or in the living room. The kitchen can seem pretty far away when you are watching your favorite show and you are dying for a drink. Maybe you are playing an intense game of Monopoly and no one wants to grab the cold sandwiches out of the fridge because they do not want to risk someone cheating. For these situations, having a mini refrigerator freezer in the living room will make it really easy to grab these items quickly when you need them.
Another convenient place to put a small freezer or fridge is in your college dormitory. In most cases, colleges do not provide this item for you, so if you want one, you have to bring one on your own. Many colleges have restrictions on how large or small these appliances can be. To solve this problem, there are many different sizes that you can choose from to meet the limitations that your college has.
The best option for a college dorm fridge would probably be a compact freezer fridge combination appliance. One of these will allow you to bring frozen items from the supermarket back to your dorm, and also other non-frozen items like drinks and sandwiches.
If you go out to eat at the college cafeteria and do not finish your food, you can just take it back to your dorm and keep it cold in your fridge. It will be there for you to warm up in the microwave whenever you want it.
Some of the most popular brands of compact freezers and refrigerators are Haier, GE, Sunpentown, Danby, Magic Chef, Kitchen Aid, and Sanyo. The sizes range from about 1.4 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet. Some of them can even be powered by a simple USB cable if you are short of power outlets. The price for compact freezers ranges from about fifty dollars to well into the hundreds.
The most common two colors this type of fridge or freezer comes in are black and white. Also available are more stylish options like Sunpentowns stainless steel fronted compact freezer.
If you do not have a use for a large freezer or have too little space in your current freezer, then a compact fridge freezer might be a great option for you.   Compact freezers can also be a great option for not just a college dorm, but for small apartment living also.
Some people just do not have the space, money, or necessity for a large fridge. If this sounds like you, investing in a compact refrigerator or compact  freezer might be the right choice for you.

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Ice Maker

An ice maker is a very handy product to have, whether built into a refrigerator or used as a standalone appliance on a counter top.
There are many different ice makers available, with differing capacities to make varying amounts of ice.
They can be used in many places – such as in a kitchen, in a mini bar, for entertaining on a patio, or various other outdoor setting.
Some icemachines are designed specifically for outdoor use, as an addition to a barbecue area or outdoor bar.
These products can cost well over a thousand dollars, but are designed with a covered back to keep out rain, sand and other elements that could cause damage over time. They come in various finishes, including stainless steel.
Some of the more expensive units have an ice generating capacity that is enough to serve an entire party; these are great for special occasions and celebrations.
For indoor use, there are many different options. You can select an under the counter ice machine or a portable ice maker that rests on top of the kitchen counter.  Either one of these products is a useful addition to the home.
An under the counter option is priced higher than a counter top model. Prices for counter top products can range from $150 to $450 depending on size and brand, while under the counter models can range in price from $500 up in to the thousands.
Even more expensive are large ice-makers designed for commercial use such as Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines.
An under the counter ice cube maker may require a substantial amount of work in install. Depending on your kitchens design there might be a need to removing or remodel existing kitchen cabinetry to create an appropriate sized space. This is essential if you want your ice makers’ installation to have an attractive professional look, and not exhibit visible gaps.
You can find many different finishes in undercounter icemaker. Many people will choose one that best matches their existing appliances – like the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. There are even some icecube makers available with two toned finishes, in a combination of black and stainless steel.
Many of these products have large storage bins under the countertop. This allows them to hold plenty of finished cubes while still allowing the appliance to make more.
Counter top models vary in size. They can produce small quantities for a family’s daily use, or larger amounts for many more people. Some counter top models take up little space, while producing plenty of cubes for the day.
A smaller 17 X 15 X 17 inch ice cube maker can make up to 35 pounds per day. Such ice makers for the home typically have a water reservoir, which will require periodic filling. Additional features may include automatic timers and digital programming, so the machine can stop working when it is not needed.
These smaller models do not require adding a water line, so they can be used in any room of the home where an outlet is available. They make a great addition to a pantry, covered patio, sunroom or dorm room.
In many cases, purchasing one of these products is a less costly solution that purchasing a new refrigerator. Some people may be happy with their current fridge freezer, and simply want this product so they do not have to rely on plastic or steel cube trays for the creation of ice.
A small portable ice maker is a great option for apartments, where running a water line to the fridge may be forbidden. Portable ice makers are also popular for use on camping trips, and can be found in large recreational vehicles or remote cabins.
With most of these small models weighing less than 50 pounds, they are fairly easy to move to a desired location.
As we have seen, there is an ice maker suitable for most scenarios. A wise purchase will ensure sufficient ice wherever you may need it.

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Wine Refrigerators – Choosing a Fridge for your Vino Collection

A wine fridge can be the perfect appliance for the wine aficionado. Wine fridges are specially made to keep wine perfectly chilled until just the right moment, giving you the perfect wine experience.
You can find a wine cooler fridge from many brand names including Avanti, Cuisinart, Danby, EdgeStar, Frigidaire, General Electric, Haier America, Marvel, Samsung, Sanyo, Summit Appliance, Sunpentown and Vinotemp.
You may find some specially made wine refrigerators that exclusively hold wine for less than $100 or you may get luxury cabinets that cost more than $1000.
For instance, Haier America’s 12-bottle freestanding wine refrigerator only costs around one hundred dollars. This design boasts a soft interior light as well as adjustable thermal control so you can have your wine at the temperature you like.
The double pane insulated glass door has a recessed handle. The interior contains five full-width chrome wire shelves to hold the wine bottles.
On the other hand, Marvel’s beverage and wine refrigerator has two temperature zones to accommodate four wine bottles in one and sixty 12-ounce cans in the other. Digital controls and an LED panel allow you to adjust and monitor the refrigerator’s internal temperature.
This design also includes a MicroSentry system that alerts you when your desired temperature is higher or lower for an extended period of time. This Marvel model also has two adjustable shelves, one pull-out wine rack and a removable tempered glass shelf. The dual-paned tinted glass door protects wine from UV rays and provides insulation. This model costs from $1200 to $1300.
You could also go with a countertop design such as Avanti’s 16-bottle countertop wine cooler. Although it can fit 16 bottles, it is a compact design that can adjust the thermostat for red and white wines.
The slide-out chrome shelves also keep your wine secure as does the vibration free operation. A reversible thermopane glass door lets you observe the softly illuminated interior.
The Avanti refrigerator costs between $90 and $125, which makes it a great option if you are looking for a wine refrigerator but have a limited budget.
Another more upscale option is the GE Profile 29 inch Wine Center.
For wine collectors who need a little more storage space for their collection, this particular wine fridge can be an excellent choice.
Koolatron has designed an even more compact four-bottle wine cellar that can be either free-standing or mounted to the wall or a cabinet. This design holds four 25-ounce bottles. Like other wine fridges, it has a thermoelectric cooling system, removable shelves and a transparent door to see the softly illuminated interior. Koolatron compact designs cost from $100 to $140.
Edge Star also carries a slim-fit wine cooler with its 12-bottle freestanding wine refrigerator. It has all the features of many other refrigerators except this design is only ten inches wide. The EdgeStar also has a modest price tag from between $120 and $140.
Whether you are looking for luxury, compactness or simply a good way to keep your wine at your desired temperature, a wine fridge may be just the thing you need. There are many options available to you, so you should be able to find the right refrigerator at just the right price. You are sure to enjoy the wine the way you have always wanted when it is chilled exactly to your liking.
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